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Chapter 518: The intellectual Water

Chapter 518: The intellectual Water
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Benjamin was in shock while he looked at his surroundings. He was still not used to the new space of consciousness.

"Hey, what have you done?" The System also ran over from not too far away and said, "Despite disappearing in the ray of light for more than half a day, what kind of weird thing did you do? Can't you let me have a peace of mind? You causing trouble will greatly lower the quality of my life!"


Benjamin was too lazy so he ignored it.

He wanted to put more attention on the changes in the space of consciousness.

At first, he suspected that he activated some trap in the pure blue world, disrupting the water elements in the space of consciousness. Therefore, the water element stored in the space of consciousness was getting out of the blisters and became the ripples in front of them. However, after the observing it for a while, Benjamin found that these ripples were not water elements.

It was some solidified spiritual energy fluctuations.

Benjamin was incredibly amazed. The thing about spiritual energy, it was something that cannot be seen or touched, it was a very mysterious existence. However, in the present space of consciousness, the discrete spiritual energy was faintly reverberating, forming circles of blue water waves.

More importantly, those were not his spiritual energy.

After noticing that, Benjamin was creeped out.

His space of consciousness was being infiltrated by someone else’s spiritual energy, it was not something that can be done easily. Whose spiritual energy was that? How did it get into his space of consciousness? For what purpose?

Benjamin looked at it carefully for a long time. After he confirmed that these spiritual energies have lost control, they were just floating freely in this space and it seemed like it was not a threat, then only he gradually lowered his guard.

He tried to communicate with these water waves-like spiritual energy, but these spiritual energies just moved around the triangular rune, not responding to him.

Instantly, Benjamin thought of the rune in the Pure Blue World.

This weird situation happened because he made the triangle rune get into contact with the rune in the Pure Blue World. Whereas the runes from that world do have consciousness, that was a conclusion that he had made.

Could it be... These blue spiritual energy fluctuations, it was brought over here from that rune?

After having this thought, Benjamin felt a little strange.

The rune that said "Leave" and "Don't Touch Me", after being rubbed by his triangular rune, it created a spiritual energy and was brought into Benjamin’s space of consciousness. What?

"Hey, I know you must think that I’m annoying, but I feel a sense of familiarity from these spiritual energies." Then, the System opened up and said again, "This is definitely not a human’s spiritual energy, it is too large, and too pure. Don’t tell me you stole something from the elemental plane again?"

Benjamin did not care, and asked: "Do you understand what they are?"

"Not really, but ... they have most probably lost their owner, if it’s possible, you can make use of them and it will be awesome."

"Do you have any suggestions?"

"That depends on you. How did you bring them here?"

Benjamin was quiet for a while, then he turned to the three triangular runes.

... Can he control these spiritual energies with the rune?

However, in reality, he cannot actually control the runes. All he can do was to cast a spell, then the runes will be activated and guide the water element to create magic.

However, after observing for a while, he found that the distance between runes seemed to have gotten closer than before.

Benjamin was shocked.

The issue with the magic strength... it was solved?

He did not know what does these blue spiritual energies do, but from the look of it, the triangle rune seemed to have gotten stronger, he can continue to meditate like before!

After being pleasantly surprised, Benjamin tried to chant a spell.


The water element started flushing out after being summoned by the water rune, it gathered in air, forming a water ball. However, it was different from before, the resonating spiritual energy seemed to have also participated in this process. The blue ripple flew along with Benjamin's spiritual energy and incorporated into the water ball that he just summoned.

Benjamin was astonished.

The huge water ball floating in the space of consciousness was floating lightly, and looked the same as the usual. However, he felt that the spiritual energy consumption used to summon the water ball had reduced by a little.

And, there was more to it...

After thinking about it, Benjamin did not deliberately control the water ball, but used his spiritual energy to convey the idea of "compression".

As a result, the huge water ball began to slowly compress itself.

"So it seems..."

After seeing that, Benjamin took a deep breath and can’t help but whisper.

The incorporation of the blue spiritual energy allowed his magic to have a little more intellectual capacity. Benjamin can send a simple message and after that, the water ball will continue with his instructions without the need for him to deliberately manipulate it.

In another word, his magic ... got smarter?

Benjamin was very excited, so he immediately summoned a water ball and began experimenting with it.

Under his control, the water ball turned into a water bird, flying in the darkness of the space of consciousness. Then, Benjamin stopped control and the water bird, although the flying speed of the bird slowed down, it maintained its flapping motion of its wings, and the direction that it was flying did not change.

Instantly, Benjamin felt a burst of excitement.

Manipulating magic was something very troublesome, especially complex forms of magic, it requires the consumption of a large amount of spiritual energy, and it will require the mage’s full attention. However, the presence of the blue spiritual energy solved all these problems.

In the future when he’s getting into a fight, he can use the water element to form an army and launch it towards the enemy. Whereas he himself can sit back and watch leisurely.


Moreover, Benjamin wondered, can their level of intelligence be improved?

He used his spiritual energy to issue an "Funny Attack" order to the water bird, and the water bird suddenly collapsed and turn into a big pool of water, splashing directly onto the defenseless System.

"...What are you doing?"

The System jumped out of the pool of water and asked with a helpless tone.

However, after seeing that, Benjamin was a little disappointed.

It seemed like their level of intelligence was not very high, they can only mechanically repeat their previous movement. These blue spiritual energies did not seem to understand commands like attacking.

However, at that very moment, the pool of water suddenly rose from the ground and re-converged in the air to form an almost identical water bird like the previous one.

The water bird flapped its wings in in the air and turned into water currents, and launched at the direction of the System again.

Instantly, Benjamin eyes lit up again.

...Could it be?

Looking at the water-filled birds chasing after the System that was running around, he ignored the System’s call for help, held his chin instead and thoughtfully nodded.