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Chapter 519: Spies Who Snuck into the Town

Chapter 519: Spies Who Snuck into the Town
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Benjamin conducted a detailed study on the intelligence of this type of magic.

First of all, he was very sure that the blue spiritual energy would not be used up. When Benjamin deactivated the magic and scattered the elements, the blue spiritual energy would return to the triangular rune, blending into the freely reverberating blue water ripple, ready to be used again.

In addition to that, when Benjamin once again condensed a water element rain to moisten up his space of consciousness, the spiritual energy inside would also be nourished. Even though they did not increase in number, their level of condensation seemed to increase.

Would it continue to become more intelligent in the future?

Benjamin did not know. But in any case, their growth was very slow, all he can do now was wait and see.

Even so, the things that they could do at the moment were already surprising to Benjamin. The spiritual energy now required to maintain spells had become much lower - Benjamin could even go to bed whilst maintaining certain spells without having his spiritual energy reserves completely depleted.

And regarding commands, the water ball that Benjamin summoned could perform some simple orders.

After experimenting with it, Benjamin found that he could control his magic to automatically attack, move and stay still.

Even though these commands were not very reliable, the fact that the System was still hiding far away, not daring to go near the blue spiritual energy showed that the blue spiritual energy’s "attack" command was rather persistent.

It would not be insane to say that there was life in Benjamin's magic.

"This is by no means traditional summoning magic; I think you might have opened up a whole new type of summoning magic." The system carefully crept over and whispered in Benjamin’s ear.

Benjamin smiled.

"Rest assured, as long as you do not mess with me, I will not let the water ball bully you."

"Thank, thank you…" The system hopped away and hid in a dark corner, remaining as quiet as a church mouse.

After seeing this, Benjamin helplessly shook his head. Then, he left the space of consciousness and returned to reality.

The whole process, from his entry into the pure blue world to the derivation of the blue spiritual energy, only took him just over a day's time. He walked out of his new home in Long River Town and looked around. The town was still very lively; the church had yet to send their troops over and the excitement surrounding the King has yet to pass.

However, after closing his eyes to scan through his surroundings, Benjamin’s face became stern.

The Church was already starting to play their little tricks.

"Your Majesty, we come from Uther Town. Because of the invasion of Icor, we have nowhere to go; we have no choice but to come to you. We do not have anything except a small sum of money which we hope your Majesty can use to help to restore your kingdom."

In the city hall, several middle-aged men were respectfully speaking to the king.

Meanwhile, the king sat on his throne with a warm smile on his face as he received them.

"No choice? Why not just go back to serving the church?" Benjamin flung open the doors to the town hall and brashly announced.

Immediately, the men’s’ expressions changed.

The King was also startled and spoke hesitantly, "... Are they from the Church?"

Benjamin nodded, "Go and have a look at the smallest iron box in their second cart. There's a file there with a list inside - a list of mages that the church wants them to assassinate."

The King was taken aback upon hearing this. Before he could react, however, the few men suddenly turned around, pushed past the stunned guards at the door, and hurriedly rushed out.

The guard managed to stop one of them, but the remaining three headed straight for the hills.

"... I can’t believe they are actually spies." The king wondered aloud with his eyes wide open. However, he quickly came back to his senses and shouted at the guards by his side, "Quick! Catch them, don't let them get away!"

However, Benjamin shook his head.

"Your Majesty, don't worry, they will not get away."

As he said this, the water element suddenly appeared out of thin air and split into three balls. Then, the waterballs cracked open like eggshells, allowing three eagle-shaped birds to fly out. The birds rose into the sky, then quickly jerked downwards and split off in three directions.

After that, they heard screams of pain.

The king rushed out the door to investigate and saw the three church spies lying on the streets outside, completely drenched in water. They were trembling and obviously in shock; it was obvious they could no longer escape.

However, the water on the ground reformed itself in mid-air, once again assuming the bird-like shape before quickly crashing down onto the three spies again. The birds did this over and over again, continuously tormenting the three of them.

People around the street started gathering around to curiously watch the magic birds torture.

"If this goes on, will they die?" The king asked, frowning.


Benjamin nodded and suddenly clapped his hands. The three pools of water immediately rose into the air, flew back to Benjamin, then disappeared.

These spells had a command range, in order to deactivate the blue spiritual energy, Benjamin first needs to get close enough to it.

The spies now lay unconscious in the street. The guards went over and arrested them while the king walked over to explain the situation to the crowd. Before long, the crowd dispersed and everything went back to normal.

"Interrogate the four of them nicely." Benjamin turned around and said to the king.

"Yes." "The king nodded with a dignified expression, "But... I’m afraid there are more than four spies who had snuck into Long River Town."

Benjamin nodded at the information.

He was aware that the hustle and bustle of the crowd was not easy to manage. He could only assume that many spies must have snuck into Long River Town by now.

"People will be coming in, either way, just be more cautious." He shrugged and said, "By the way, what about the spies that you sent out? Did they get any information yet?"

The Church had spies everywhere, so they likewise also needed to have some spies. Benjamin had talked about this game of espionage from a long time ago and the king agreed with him; thus, he started sending out spies the moment he conquered Long River Town.

"Gealorre was too heavily sealed, no one could get in." The king shook his head and replied, "Quite a number of our spies have snuck into other cities, but they couldn’t really get any information. All they heard was some rumours which were not really verifiable."

Benjamin raised his eyebrow curiously, "What rumours?"

"Some rumours are going around saying that I have surrendered and Carretas had been sold to Icor a long time ago; others claim that Icor’s invasion is here to help me get rid of Gealorre’s imposter King, so they are not to resist the attacks. I have a hunch that these two rumors were spread by my sister. There are also that the King had been assassinated, or that overseas cults have now occupied the palace. Basically, nothing substantial."

As he listened to the King, a thought suddenly sprang into Benjamin’s mind.

The King had been assassinated...

He remembered that the Church had once sent out a messenger who told him that the imposter king in Gealorre had not appeared for several days. The people of in the city were very uneasy, which led to all kinds of riots. Furthermore, there was no news of Miles who had snuck into Gealorre to help Benjamin get information.

By connecting the two dots, Benjamin started to put together some thoughts - did Miles get an opportunity to assassinate the king which led to him getting into trouble? Could this be the reason why he was not appearing?