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Chapter 520: Flying Birds Attacking the City

Chapter 520: Flying Birds Attacking the City
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Benjamin had no idea about what the situation was like with the imposter King and Miles. But in his opinion, this was an opportunity too good to let go.

If the imposter King had really died, then Gealorre’s situation would definitely be worse than they had imagined. If the Church had so much to deal with right now, why not make a move now to make things more difficult for them?

"The rumours need to continue to spread, it will be advantageous for us if the situation becomes worst. Amongst such a chaotic situation, the desire of the people to seek support from Your Majesty will grow stronger." Benjamin said as he rubbed his chin. "Besides, we need to speed up the process."

The King was puzzled, "Speed up? What do you mean by that?"

"They sealed the gates and took control of the army because they are afraid that they wouldn’t be able to control the riots, right?" Benjamin laughed maliciously, "If I can escalate tensions over there, then they will no longer be able to keep Gealorre under control."

The king was stunned.

"... I think it will work."

Gradually, the King came back to his senses and started smiling at Benjamin.

Therefore, Benjamin set off for Gealorre straight away.

In reality, after they had conquered the Long River Town, most of the stuff had been taken over by the King and the reconstituted leaders, therefore, there was no need for Benjamin to guide them anymore. In addition to that, the newly launched magic lessons were going rather smoothly so he also did not need to intervene in them as well.

Thus, after being busy for such a long time, he finally had some time and the freedom to do his own things.

Of course, he could just hide at home and peacefully meditate. But he may have been busy so long that he was no longer accustomed to this kind of leisure. Therefore, since there was a good opportunity in front of him, he decided to go forth and seize it.

He flew all the way there and arrived near Gealorre the next day.

The gate was closed as usual, and... he was not sure if he was being paranoid, but Gealorre seemed to have a worse atmosphere than it did a few days ago.

From what he could see, there were more soldiers on the walls of the city and there were also quite a number of priests walking around.

"What are you planning to do, barge in?" The System asked.

"You’re thinking too much, I’m still not that ballsy." Benjamin shook his head and said.

He looked at the gate and suddenly thought of an idea.

He hid a distance away and entered his space of consciousness before starting to summon water balls; He then formed each of the balls into a bird-like shape. Now that his spiritual energy had gotten stronger, he could manage a large number of water birds at the same time.

After about 10 minutes, his space of consciousness was full of water birds flying around, with the System was hiding in one corner, scared out of his wits.

This... should be enough.

He then returned to reality, took a deep breath, and brought all the water birds he had prepared into reality.

"... Huh? What the hell is that?"

There were squads of paladins patrolling the walls of Gealorre city, all very tense and continuously scanning the horizon. However, when a paladin turned his head and looked towards the sky, he was suddenly stunned.

He saw a large strange shadow in the sky diving straight towards them.

"Is that ... is that a magic beast attack?" More people slowly started noticing it and started asking each other nervously.

To be honest, magic beasts were not rampant in Carretas, it was not common to be invaded by magical beast, even in remote villages. But... looking at that large shadow in the sky, if it was not some kind of flying magical beast, what else could it be?

But as the shadow got nearer, the Paladins on duty finally saw exactly what the shadow was.

From their view, it was like a group of transparent bird creatures, flapping their wings and heading toward Gealorre. Each bird was almost as big as an eagle and their bodies seemed to be made of some kind of liquid, which refracted abnormally under the sunlight.

When they looked at the creatures closely, the Paladins were stunned.

What kind of monster was this?

Their movements were somewhat odd – almost robotic. It somehow reminded them of weaving looms in the textile mills. However, the feeling of danger that these birds emanating was anything but stiff – it was like they were facing a group of prehistoric magic beasts.

More importantly, there were so many of them!

"There has to be more than a thousand of them, right?"

As the flock of birds got nearer, their numbers even started to block out the sun. Thousands upon thousands of strange birds moved like a dark cloud the sky as a wave of darkness started to wash over Gealorre.

"This is bad. These things ... They seem to be heading towards us!" A priest looked at it for a moment before exclaiming loudly, "Quick! Go and inform the bishops!"

Several paladins immediately turned and rushed into the city. The priests at the top of the city gate started casting spells and summoning holy barriers, desperately trying to protect themselves from the sudden attack.

As the large flocks of birds in the sky was flying over their heads, they suddenly changed direction and headed straight down towards them instead.


The paladins heard an extremely loud sound from the impact of the birds on the shield.

Under their stunned gaze, thousands of birds disintegrated at once, turning into flowing water which crashed straight down on the city gate; It was as though a huge waterfall had appeared in mid-air. The loud noise startled the whole of Gealorre and people walking on the streets dropped their jaws as they saw the odd scene. The atmosphere instantly turned dead silent and everyone was shocked.

"What... What is that?"

In their eyes, the huge stream of water was pouring down from above onto the city gate. However, the gate was protected by a thin layer of holy light which was desperately trying to block out the water.

The whole scene had a mythical vibe, like a battle between ancient gods and demons.

However, very quickly, the situation changed.

Under the impact of the current, the barrier which was summoned by the dozens of priests did not last long before collapsing. After breaking the barrier, the water started to reform into the shape of birds before rushing towards the group of guards on top of the city gate.

Looking at the group of water birds rushing towards them, the Paladins could only raise their shields and try not to be blown away by the water flow. The birds slammed into them, and they crashed onto the floor.

However, the top of the city gate was not spacious, with so many guards standing together on it and the surrounding floor now extremely wet, the Paladins acted like headless chickens as they tried to move, scurrying around and constantly knocking each other down.

The people on the streets were dumbfounded.

"Oh my God ... What the hell is that?"

In their eyes, the mighty Paladins looked like a bunch of drunkard struggling to even stand up straight, their powerful aura had completely disappeared.

With this, the whole of Gealorre fell into chaos.