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Chapter 521: Gealorre in Chaos

Chapter 521: Gealorre in Chaos
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While the Paladins were in chaos, no one noticed a figure quietly approaching the gates of Gealorre.

His placed his hands gently on the closed door.

At that moment, a gust of damp wind rolled up and seeped through the gaps into the other side of the gate before slowly pushing open the door latch sealing the gate. Since the Paladins who was supposed to be guarding the gate were being blown away, they did not notice what was happening to the gate.

With that, under the force of the strong gust of wind, the gate that was closed for nearly half a month started creaking as it slowly opened.

Instantly, the people’s attention diverted from the waterfall on top of the city wall to the sudden opening of the gate.

"That is..."

Everyone was stunned.

"The true Majesty has appeared in Long River Town, gathering all the brave warriors to go against the Church that has conquered the palace. People of Gealorre, what has the Church done for you? The gate has been opened and the choice is in your hands!"

At that moment, a voice suddenly came from the sky and echoed across Gealorre.

The people looked up to see Benjamin flying in mid-air with countless papers falling from his bag all over the streets of Gealorre. The people’s eyes widened when they picked up the paper to have a look; the contents of the paper were very simple, it was just line after line of words repeating what he had just shouted.

This was the weapon that Benjamin had the King prepare to use for the debate; since they had already printed a large amount, he decided to use it now.

While the guards were being killed by thousands of water birds, he flew back and forth above the city, making sure his voice reached every corner of Gealorre.

Soon, there was a commotion in the crowds.

Many people started carrying their bags and weapons before running out of their homes and rushing in droves toward the opened gates - they were obviously prepared for this moment. The Church had sealed the city for way too long, many people had already made up their minds about what to do, they even packed their luggage, waiting for an opportunity like the one presented to them now.

Not only that, Benjamin also noticed that some people were rushing out of a dark alley, with their face covered and with knives in their hands, rushing directly towards the palace in the centre of Gealorre.

By the looks of it, there seemed to be hundreds of them.

They should be the rebels in Gealorre, right?

Benjamin was amused.

Being able to rush out during such a situation was indeed courageous. Unfortunately, if it was so easy to invade the palace, then Benjamin would not need to waste his time doing what he had just done.

He glanced at the direction of the palace.

"Are they coming out yet?"

At that moment, Benjamin who was flying in the sky suddenly turned around and accelerated away from Gealorre.

Since the Church had made their move, he did not hesitate to flee, leaving the people and the Paladins in the dust. The thousands of birds that were attacking the top of the city gates suddenly also stopped, before turning around and chasing after Benjamin. They looked like a convocation of eagles worshipping their Phoenix.

"You sinful bastards... Do you really think that Gealorre is a place where you can come and go as you please?" A voice that had been modified by divine arts roared out from the direction of the palace.

Suddenly, a holy light came down from the sky and completely drowned the group of masked rebels who were rushing towards the palace, totally annihilating them. Then, a large group of priests came out of nowhere and immediately started chasing after Benjamin.

Bishop Cameron was their acting leader and wore a grim look, as soon as he went straight for Benjamin.

Benjamin turned around and glanced at Bishop Cameron.

"Goodbye for now, I’ll look for you next time for a one-on-one battle."

He smiled and waved goodbye and he sped off with the thousands of water-shaped birds trailing behind him. But the birds suddenly changed direction again, this time turning around to start swarming the priests.

Seeing this, the priests immediately summoned a Holy Light shield to protect themselves.

However, the combined strength of the birds could not be underestimated. Even if the impact of water was the most basic method of attack, experiencing it in such high volumes would be difficult for anybody.

And in such a short time, the bishop could do nothing but summon a shield to stop himself from being swept away.

As for Benjamin, he took advantage of this opportunity to fly further away. The group of priests chasing after him were completely occupied.

Soon his figure vanished from their sight; the birds also soon turn around and flew away. The priests looked in the direction of the birds with a discontented look.

"Bishop, we ..."

"Stop chasing." After being continuously attacked by thousands of birds, the bishop looked a little embarrassed. He shook his head and said, "Stabilize the situation in Gealorre first, then we will slowly deal with that guy."

Benjamin's speed and strength made them feel a little hopeless. They doubted whether they could actually challenge him face on.

After the priests heard his command, they also understood that this was their priority. They turned around and looked at Gealorre; the city in front of them was in a complete chaos. Countless people were trying to run away, even though the guards at the gate had recovered slightly, they could do little to suppress this frenzied crowd.

In fact, the situation had reached such the point where it was beyond their control. However, Gealorre was their last biggest bargaining chip. Without Gealorre, the whole of Carretas would no longer be under their control.

They needed to calm all the enraged citizens, even if they had to do so by resorting to using violence.

Therefore, the priest nodded, turned around and flew back to Gealorre that was in a chaos.   

Bishop Cameron also hurried back to the palace.

"This cannot go on anymore, we need backup."

He mumbled to himself as he quickly moved toward the King’s room.

He took out a book-like magic tool from a drawer and flipped through the pages, trying to use it to send a message to the Kingdom of Helius.

However, right at that moment...

"Do you know how much time I have wasted waiting for you to be left alone?"

Suddenly a voice came from behind the bishop. The bishop jumped up in fright and instinctively reacted.

He took the cross out from his pocket, crushed it and turned around. However, all he saw was a dark figure flashing across the room.

Suddenly, the bishop felt something cold in his throat.

"H-how… how did it not block..."

His vision started to blur and he slowly lost consciousness. He fell feebly on to the ground as liquid poured out from his throat. He struggled to open his eyes to look at his assassin, but the darkness in the room made it impossible to do so.

Miles calmly looked at the corpse, before leaning over and wiping the blood off his dagger with the bishop's robe. Then, he turned around and slowly walked out the corridor.