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Chapter 529: New Circumstance

Chapter 529: New Circumstance
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"Your Majesty the Queen, the Church seemed to have vacated Carretas."

In a tent of Icor troops at the east of Carretas, a spy who rushed in and bowed before the Queen sat in front of a desk, then promptly reported.

The Queen lifted her head up from a desk filled with paperwork, her expression subtly changed.

"So... My good for nothing brother is back up on the throne?"

"It seems so." The spy nodded, "Based on the news we gathered, a few days ago, the King led troops to defeat the Church and seized back Gealorre. There’s a notice all over the nation and the celebratory feast is over. It must be true."

"Celebratory feast?" The queen let out a cold snort, "How carefree of them."

"They said it’s a celebratory feast but they were just rewarding the victorious troops for winning a battle. Based on the information we gathered, it was a simple event. After that, the few ten thousand troops swiftly garrisoned Gealorre. To date, we have not investigated a confirmed number."

The queen nodded as she fell deep into thought.

Troops, huh...

"What about the mages? How many mages do they have?" She suddenly asked.

"About this... We have yet to investigate thoroughly."

"Well, go and investigate thoroughly then." The Queen’s voice bore an irrefutable tone, "I am not sponsoring you every day so that you can just head to some tavern to listen to unfound rumors."

If the Church had retreated from Carretas, then the stage would be left with these two forces. Although the queen was confident with her army, however, she would not rush into things.

She wanted to learn more about the mages’ strength in which the King possessed.

The spy understood this and quickly lowered his head as he nervously responded, "I-I understand."

Just as he was about to leave, the Queen called him back.

"Wait... Don’t rush to leave." The Queen’s brows locked into a knot after thinking for a while, "Also, send a messenger to Gealorre to meet with my brother."

"Send a messenger?" The spy was dumbfounded. He hesitantly questioned, "Your Majesty... What should the messenger speak of once he is there?"

The queen curled her lips, "Just say that we have grown up together after all and as your sister, I am willing to provide Carretas a chance for a peace talk."

The spy was confused. He obviously could not comprehend the Queen’s intention of doing so, but an order was an order, and he did not question further. He nodded and turned to leave the tent.

The queen gazed at the spy’s receding figure with a twinkle in her eyes as if thinking of something.

At the same time.

In the city of Carretas, Gealorre.

In the palace, a meeting on how to resist penetration was solemnly carried out.

"Anyone here knows how many men of Icor have arrived?" The King took a deep breath and eyed the officials in the hall around before gravely posing the question.

In the past few days, they had been busy on rewarding the army as well as on the recovery of Gealorre. With the efforts of many, some of the people who ran away turned back. The functioning of Gealorre and the palace were slowly getting back on track. The officials who sought refuge had once again gathered together; the almost-paralyzed-political system was rebuilt and was exerting the same role as before.

The notice on this entire matter had been announced to the nation and now everyone knew, the real King had returned to the throne.

This sent the whole nation’s mind at ease.

After a series of measure, the King secured his position and did not need to worry about any Tom, Dick or Harry to question his royal identity.

However, he was clear that the real issue at hand had not been resolved. The troops of Icor had seized almost a quarter of the land and the battle line was almost burning its way to Gealorre. If he did not stop the invasion, he would not be able to warm his seat on the royal throne.

Hence, it came to a situation where the people of Gealorre gathered together to discuss on plans to resist the enemy.

"The soldiers mobilize by Icor….. should not exceed a hundred thousand," One of the knights replied.

"What about the mages?" The King asked.

The people in the hall looked at one another and there was no response for a period of time.

The King could only sigh at this.

He must retrieve the part of their land that was hands of the enemy. But judging the military forces of Icor as well as his failure to display during the divided nation, he was uncertain on the odds.

Would he lose to his sister again?

"No matter how many mages Icor has brought over, Your Majesty must make a move at a situation as such." Benjamin opened up, "The people of Carretas are watching us and we cannot pull back any further."

The King nodded, "Indeed, we must dispatch the troops as soon as possible."

Resisting the enemy was everyone’s wish. If they didn't dispatch any troops, what difference would having them or the Church in power make?

They would lose the hearts of the people which, to begin with, was not easily gained.

"Your Majesty, I’m willing to lead fifty thousand soldiers to take on the arriving troops of Icor." This moment, the general finally stood up and with a stern countenance, "Icor would be reaching Amber City in a matter of days. I may not be able to crush them face on but I can hold the fort and not let any of them pass through!"

The King was touched by these words.

"Alright, I will give you fifty thousand men. Please hurry to Amber City. We have defenselessly lost too many cities and cannot let this continue on."

As he said those words, he glanced over at Benjamin with requesting eyes.

Need he say more? There were many mages in Icor and if there were no backup mages in standing at the fort, guarding over Amber City would be wishful thinking.

Benjamin felt a wave of helplessness.

Honestly speaking, their career of teaching mages had just begun and the number of apprentices had grown significantly. At a time like this, he could not divide out that many mages to help with the battle.

But... it was true that if the King was unable to withstand the troops of Icor, the environment of them taking in apprentices would deem futile.

Hence, after giving it a thought, Benjamin spoke, "I will bring along a few mages and head out with you."

He was confident in his ability. Sending out a whole lot of his mages may not be as effective as sending just himself. Moreover, the magic school needed someone to be teachers and Benjamin was not keen on being one.

If that was the case, then he could head up the front line. The remaining mages could remain here and nurture more magic talents.

Not to mention... Amber City was where he once stayed for a period of time. Although there weren't sentimental attachments, he hoped that he could guard this city away from the hands of Icor.

"Then I will leave it to you!"

The King was satisfied with this answer. He smiled as he nodded.

And with that, they discussed more of drafts and weapons before the meeting ended. The officials dismissed and went about their business. Benjamin too returned to the mages' area in which the King had divided out to them in order to prepare on stationing at Amber City.

He was not in a hurry to discuss this matter with the mages. Instead, he took out a transmitting wood piece.

"Morris, how is the situation at Desert City looking like?" He activated the wood piece and a weak magic oscillation transmitted a voice to another nation, "The magic tool I had you prepare to use in a large scale war, how is it coming along?"