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Chapter 530: Defending Amber City

Chapter 530: Defending Amber City
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Benjamin had always been in contact with the Desert City of Fereldan.

During this period when Carreras was taking hit after hits, the situation in Fereldan was stabilizing. General Stewart who seized the city did not take the throne. Instead, a cuckoo Princess was named Queen, then he himself held the reins in his hands and became the true ruler of Fereldan.

However, there were still rebels on the run and General Stewart was preoccupied with dealing with them and so, he had not noticed the base that Benjamin had set up in Desert City. Hence, Desert City remained calm. Morris took the mages farming in Desert City and had made quite the development.

Based on the news that was previously communicated, they had nurtured more than ten talents that could build magic tools. The first batch that surpassed apprenticeship and could skilfully summon low-level magic was equipped with a certain degree of combat effectiveness.

Previously, Benjamin had requested that they made a few of those magic tool that could be used in large-scale war.

Morris gladly abided to and quickly went into production.

In the beginning, this request was to deal with the Church. But now, the Church should be aware that they stood no chance and so, they retreated from Carretas. They would not be causing any trouble within such a short time frame. Hence, Benjamin could use these things to go up against Icor.

The way he saw it, Icor’s overall strength could definitely suppress them. If they wished to claim victory, they had to resort to guerrilla tactics.

After he had sent the message, Benjamin selected a few of those with higher combat skills from the mage's team and took them out, flying onward towards Amber City.

The general was still preparing the dispatch. Their marching would not be as fast as the mages’ flying, and so Benjamin decided to forgo waiting for them and went ahead to Amber City to start the works.

"Those mages from Icor... Any luck of us reeling them over?"

While flying midway, Joanna regrettably asked.

"That would be virtually impossible." Benjamin shook his head, "It’s not that you don’t know about the exclusively esoteric magic potions. Moreover, that odd submissive vibe going on with the mages’ circle in Icor is now a norm. When the mages guild was at the summit of its power, some people were simply forced while others were willing."

"So it has come to where it is irreconcilable..."

"We’ll see." Benjamin helplessly shrugged, "The situation now is not looking good. Let’s wait for Icor’s next move. We may not have exhausted all options."

His intent was of course not to wage a war between mages. They would end up in a lose-lose situation and the Church, hiding out in the Kingdom of Havenwright would be laughing their ass off.

Not to mention about switching the mages over to their side, at the very least... before the issue of the Church would fully settle, it would be best for the mages to avoid any internal dispute.

A few hours later, they had reached Amber City.

Within the city, the King had already arranged their accommodation. The stronghold for the mages freemasonry was banned, providing Benjamin and the rest a place. Benjamin took out the handwritten directive from the King and had an exchange with the local officials. Only then were they warmly welcomed in.

But, he really was not in the mood for a sweet talk with the officials at a time like this.

Benjamin rejected all suggestions on any sort of feast and they quickly started their mages acquisition work within Amber City.

After all, it was a major city in the nation, and they had a Declaration of the Freedom of Mages demonstration here, so for sure, there were some talents to dig out. The troops of the enemy could attack at any moment. Hence, an extra mage meant an additional set of strength.

During the evening of the same day, Benjamin had also received news from Morris.

"We are almost done with the preparation. Two hundred single-use fire element bombs, one hundred automatic life-saving wood chip, large-scale screen equipment..."

Listening to the voice coming from the transmitting wood piece, Benjamin was surprised but yet, he nodded with satisfaction.

During this period of time, these many items were already made?

Instantly, he had adequate confidence. Although there were more men in Icor, defending Amber City with these magic tools would pose no issue. Perhaps they could even give the opposition a "surprise".

"Send a team to deliver the items." Benjamin spoke at the wood piece, "Have the first batch of newly trained mages come over too. It’ll strengthen them. I will summon a few people to coordinate them at the side borders."

The situation at the side borders between Carretas and Fereldan was not intense. He did not have to attend personally and the items would arrive safely.

After taking care of the matters, Benjamin felt a huge weight lifted off his shoulders.

He walked out the door to check on the situation with Icor’s troops. The distance between Amber City and the troops was close to a hundred kilometers. Therefore, they would not arrive in such a short period of time. The soldiers were patrolling here and there so the situation in the city was still stabilized.

Hence, he went around Amber City with a few of the mages to publicise in order to solicit more mages.

A few days had passed.

The general who led fifty thousand soldiers had reached Amber City. They then went on heightening the defense equipment within the city. There were also more men patrolling. Instantly, this caused the people in the city to panic; they might have realized that the war was near. Therefore, many of them left the city to seek refuge.

Benjamin did not stop them.

It was not unusual to seek refuge, and hey could not handle it the same way as the Church did. When Icor would start their attack, these people would surely suffer. Perhaps it was best for them to leave the city. As long as Benjamin and the rest could defend the city, these people would return.

Of course, many of them still remained in the city and had confidence in the King and his army. A few who had the ability to become talented mages were also found by Benjamin, allowing him to form a thirty-forty men team.

Among them, Benjamin even found a few of the earliest local mages of Carretas.

"We were once people of mages freemasonry. Half a year ago, when things in the nation took a downturn, the other mages escaped. We quietly left the freemasonry and changed our identities to live in hiding in Amber City. We were even shocked by your demonstration in Amber City."

After seeing Benjamin, the few mages revealed a huge smile as if saying they were glad to be back with the organization. Some were overwhelmed with emotions as they spoke.

Benjamin gratifyingly nodded.

He initially thought that there weren't any local mages of Carretas left or they were hiding deep in some remote mountain or forest for good. By the looks of it, there were still some mages who remained.

"Don’t worry, the Church has already been chased out." Benjamin smiled at them, "As long as we put a stop to Ivor’s invasion, the mages of Carretas will resume their freedom again."