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Chapter 531: Icor’s Messenger

Chapter 531: Icor’s Messenger
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The few mages revealed a confused look.

"This... must we intervene in the war between Icor and Carretas?"

It seemed like these mages did not have the same outlook as the people. No matter how time had changed, or who the political ruler was, as long as the Church was not in power, they did not care.

Benjamin was helpless and could only reveal the news about the Queen using the magic potion to control the Mage Guild to these people. The mages of Carretas were more of an advocate of freedom, so hearing the situation in Icor, their attitude was no longer nonchalant.

"We will not join the Mages Guild. Can’t we just hide from them?" One of them asked.

"Then you will live a sufferable life." Benjamin answered, "Back in Icor, those who did not join the Mages Guild would be suppressed. I know of a potion mage who hid in a remote town. He was often harassed by those of the Mages Guild."


"I do wish to force you up to the battlefield but under this circumstance, we are all in the same boat." Benjamin took the opportunity to advise, "Of course. If you are willing to help us, we will provide you with incantations and better ways of meditation."

These local mages were not the same. They did not have the obligation to help fend against Icor. Hence, Benjamin had to come up with some benefits and principles to lure in their participation.

"Mage Benjamin, what you say makes sense but we need to think this through." In the end, these mages came out with such a response.

Benjamin could only nod in acceptance.

After he thought it through, he asked again, "Right, about the other local mages within Carretas, I’m sure there are more than you. If possible, could you help me get in touch with more mages?’

"Regarding this, we do know a few of them. We could write to them to tell them about this matter. But we are unable to guarantee their willingness."

"It is alright, as long as you are willing to help."

And that was how Benjamin ended the conversation with the few local mages. The result did not go as well but at least he gained some results. That was why he was in an okay mood. Carretas was huge that even if there were a few hundred mages, surely more than ten of them would be willing to help.

He then returned to his new home to continue with his meditation.

After the general led the troops over, he slowly took over the job of publicising magic. The mages temporarily had a break to teach their apprentices and took most of the time to heighten their skills.

This was especially for Benjamin. Every time he went out to deal with something, the officials of Amber City would show a stance of "Sir, please meditate and let us commoners take care of the rest", which made him quite helpless.

But of course, resisting Icor would require a large amount of magic. Such short amount of time may not be enough for him to meditate on anything but... Increasing his strength even by a little bit would also help.

Ever since the appearance of the blue ripples like Spiritual Energy in his space of consciousness, Benjamin’s process of meditation went through another slight change.

Three runes had started to close up once more but their speed was shortened by a large margin as compared to before. Each time a water element rain amassed, not only would it be absorbed by the System’s two smiley faces, it would also be absorbed by these blue Spiritual Energy. The amount the triangular rune that could be absorbed had lessened as well.

Benjamin was helpless in this situation but could do nothing about it. Useful items would have a higher demand but the experience he gained every day would only be this much. Naturally, the speed of things could not be any quicker.

He could only slow it down.

However, what caught him by surprise were the officials of Amber City, who came cutting off his meditation that hadn't begun long ago today.

"What’s up? Aren’t the troops of Icor still far away?" Benjamin frowned.

"Not the troops but... the messenger from Icor has arrived." The official replied, "They requested a meeting. There could be a possibility of a peace talk. His Majesty is prepared to join this meeting and specially sent men to Amber City to inform you in hopes that you would join this meeting too."

... Messenger? Meeting?

Benjamin couldn't help but raised his brows.

What game was this blind queen playing?

Icor had earlier sent a messenger to the Church, bearing unknown scheme but Benjamin’s involvement foiled everything. Now, since the Church was almost weeded out completely from Carretas, Icor sent their messenger again, what motive did they harbor?

Peace talk? If they had something to talk about, Icor would have pulled their troops back. Then, what was left of the war?

Benjamin found it suspicious.

However, suggesting a meet up at a crucial time like this could be good for them. The meeting would surely delay Icor’s attack and gain more time for Benjamin to gather the power of mages in preparation for any mishaps that may follow.

Hence, after deep consideration, he did not feel the need to reject the request.

"Alright, I will immediately return to Gealorre and take off with His Majesty."

After he notified the mages here, Benjamin quickly began his journey.

He reached Gealorre in the afternoon and met with the King. He had even met with the messenger sent by Icor. The messenger was courteous and did not portray an attitude of an invading nation.

"This must be the famous Mage Benjamin. It’s a pleasure to meet you in person."

Benjamin expressionlessly nodded.

Let’s not forget that he was once on the wanted list of Icor. This messenger would have definitely seen before. From what he knew, the arrest of him and his subordinates was still in effect in Icor. To date, they were still marked as spies from the Kingdom of Havenwright.

"Why the sudden meet up with Her Majesty?" He questioned.

"Her Majesty is, after all, a blood relative of the King. Growing up together, surely there is still some sentiment. Even if the circumstance has come to this, Her Majesty still has yet to forget their siblinghood."


Benjamin was on the verge of shouting "scam".

He had to give it to the messenger who spoke this sentence with such righteousness and confidence. He was professionally well versed. However, by the looks of it, it was going to be hard to coax the truth of the Queen’s true motives.

Hence, in the end, he let out a fake laugh, "I see. I really look forward to meeting Her Majesty. I have matters to attend to so I will not be taking up your time."

The messenger was then dismissed and the hall was left with Benjamin, the King, and a few trusted guards.

The King looked at Benjamin with helplessness.

"You see, this is how a messenger is like. You can’t obtain any answers." He sighed, "But... It could be that the messenger knows nothing. No one can see through my sister."

Benjamin shrugged and changed the topic, "When is the meeting set at?"

"A week later." The King responded, "The location is fixed at an arterial road in the East. The area has yet to be seized by Icor. We will both send out a certain number of people to ensure safety on both sides before the meeting."

Benjamin could not help but shoot him down, " This is such a troublesome meet."

The King couldn't help it, "Isn’t going to war... always like this."

"But, if the intent is really to talk, then Icor will surely come up with some conditions." Benjamin continued, "Your Majesty, we are still at the disadvantageous end, have you thought about the bottom line for the negotiations?"

The King nodded.

"So what if we’re at the disadvantageous end." His tone was never this confident, "I will not give her an inch of Carretas's territory. If she doesn’t retreat, we will fight it back inch by inch."

Hearing this, Benjamin let out a smile.

"If this is what Your Majesty is thinking, then I am relieved." His opinion was the same as the King, "If Icor does not back up, then we fight. We fight until they retreat from Carretas, just like the Church."