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Chapter 533: Intent to Poison

Chapter 533: Intent to Poison
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The Queen suddenly collapsing shocked the people around.

At first, Benjamin thought there was a sneak attack, so he used his water elemental sensing technique to sweep the area. After confirming there were no enemies around, the King was only stunned, and did not spit blood and fall over, only then Benjamin calmed down.

Of course, the old man was the one that panicked the most.

When the Queen collapsed, he almost jumped up from his seat, he fumbled to pick up the Queen to check on her. It must be because of potions, the Queen and the mages in Icor were closely related, a mage like him would naturally panic.

But...he was still alive.

Benjamin came back to his senses, and knew what this meant, he narrowed his eyes to look at the other side. As he expected, like he thought, after inspection, the old man seemed to have calmed down and was not panicking as much as before.

The Queen seemed like she was about to die, but has yet to die.

Benjamin had the System check on the Queen’s situation.

"She...seems to have eaten something strange?" The System was not sure," In short, from a scientific view, a bunch of elemental and poisonous is stuck in her circulatory system, causing her to become like this."

"...Isn’t that just being poisoned?" Benjamin asked.

"I suppose you can see it like that."

Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

He came back to reality, the old man seemed to be trying to save the Queen, the King just sat beside, a face full of confusion, not knowing what happened. To this, Benjamin did not really know what to do.

Why did she have to collapse right when they were about to start a discussion?

It feels like they were involved even though they had nothing to do with it.

Thus, he looked at the old man and the Queen, hesitating to say that" well...I think that…"

"Enough, you shameless man, did you place a curse on the Queen?" But, the old man interrupted him, both eyes staring him down," Don’t hope for too much, it’s just a curse, we will not make our forces retreat just because of this.

Saying that, he started chanting, a tide of violent wind was conjured and almost flipped the tent over.

Benjamin was confused.

What was his accusation based on? What did the Queen collapsing have anything to do with him?

But, under these circumstances, he could only use his magic to conjure bubbles to protect himself and the King, to prevent this old man from causing any trouble based on his rash decisions.

Then, he tried to communicate with the opposition.

"This is all a misunderstanding, Your Majesty, I did not place any curse on the queen. Plus, she looks like she was poisoned, it is very different from being cursed. As you both can see, the moment we walked in here, we did not have any opportunity to poison her. It must be when we were about to start the discussion, someone did it to her."

The old man heard this and stopped his magic, but still looked at Benjamin as an enemy.

Benjamin saw this and said: "Don’t be rash, let me look at the Queen. Are your lives all not bounded to her? Maybe I can saw her."

The old man glanced at him and hmphed, saying: "Stop pretending, Her Majesty is not in any condition to have this discussion continue. We’ll see each other on the battlefield.’’

Saying that, he chanted, an even more violent storm was conjured, blowing the tent away. In this storm, the old man and the fainted queen fly off, disappearing into the direction where Icor’s encampment was.

Only the King and Benjamin was left there, standing on the empty ground, both confused.

"I...think this is all too strange."

After that round of confusion, the King came back to his senses, his expression was hard to describe.

Benjamin nodded: "I think so too. No matter if it was poison or something else, the time it triggered was all too coincidental. And with the Queen’s caution, how could she be tricked?"

Maybe because of too many possibilities, to him, the whole thing was eerie.

What was going on?

A lot of guesses popped out in his head, but even after a while, he could not decided which was right, so he remained silent and did not do anything.

But, with the tent gone, they stood in the empty space, which made it look awkward. Behind them, the guards of Carretas quickly hurried over.

"Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Are you alright?"

The King turned around and nodded, saying: "I’m alright."

"What about...those Icor people? Has the discussion ended?"

The King laughed bitterly:" You can say so."

The General was as confused as the King was.

Benjamin shook his head, saying: "Your Majesty, we should go back first. There was no hope for peace talks in the beginning, there is no point staying here. Plus, with this kind of thing happening, Icor will not be in the position to attack for now, it is beneficial to us."

"Well...should we be happy?"

Benjamin shrugged:" I don’t know, there must be some conspiracy, or maybe this is only the beginning. No matter what, we should discuss after we return."

The king heard this and nodded.

He turned around and looked at the direction where Icor was, his eyes full of complication. Following that, he left quickly for Gealorre under the protection of his soldiers and Benjamin.

But what he did no expect was, even before returning to Gealorre, there were already strange news reaching their eyes.

A lot of people have said, after the Queen and the King met, they could not come to terms. Thus, the King made his mage curse the King, making her fall into a state of danger.

Hearing this, Benjamin was in disbelief.

Where did all this come from?

There were tons of strange talks and news spreading amongst citizens all the time, he was not surprised by this anymore. But, the discussion has only ended for about a day, they were hurrying for Gealorre, yet this news have started fermenting amongst the citizens. Unless there were people pulling strings, Benjamin could not believe this.

He told the King what he thought, and the King agreed as well.

"This is a framing!" He seemed angry," What would do all this? Unless, there were still remnants of the Church in Carretas?"

Benjamin lowered his head and thought for a moment, not being able to come up with an answer.

He did not really understand either.

Poisoning the Queen, then putting the blame on Carretas’ King, what benefit did this bring? To stir things up between the two counties? They were already at war, how good could they relations be? Was it really necessary to do this?

Plus, that sentence made the whole thing seem far fetched.

There has to be some conspiracy.

"Mage Benjamin, do you think...Scarlett would die because of this?" The King interrupted Benjamin’s thoughts and asked with hesitation.

"I don’t know myself." Benjamin came back to his senses, slowly saying," The Queen seemed to have been poisoned by some sort of method before this. That poison seems to be really deadly, if her mages could not save her, she might actually die because of it."

"But, according to you, the potion effects that she had on her, if she died, half of the mages of Icor would die as well."

"That’s right." Benjamin nodded.

The King took a deep breath, his face was rather serious.

"Well...looks like we have to fight the Church very soon once again."