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Chapter 535: News of Death

Chapter 535: News of Death
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"What are you all trying to do?"

After being surrounded, Miles felt rather surprised. But, he still pretended to be weak and asked panickingly.

"We don’t welcome messengers from Carretas, get lost." The leaders of the squads all walked out, angrily staring Miles down, saying," If you don’t leave, we will bury you like those who came before you in the wilderness."


Miles looked at the blockade, remained stunned for a while, and finally turned around and left, under the soldiers’ supervision, he quietly rode away on his horse.

He did not consider to start a conflict with the soldiers, after leaving, he helplessly walked into the underground path to find Benjamin.

"What happened? Did they chase you out?" Benjamin has already seen everything with his elemental sensing technique, he saw Miles helplessly walk to him, and smiled while saying so.

"They don’t want to let me in, and said that they would kill me." Miles shook his head and said," I can’t start something with these people, so I came to find you."

"Can’t you find another way to enter?" Benjamin asked.

"I can, but it will be troublesome. Your tunnel has to be dug anyway, so I might as well tag along."

"...As you wish."

Benjamin shook his head and conjured another automatically digging ice pickaxe, and continued digging quickly forward.

But, at least Miles tried, and he knew what the soldiers were viewing them as--enemies, full of hatred. The messengers sent before him were all killed, and a new messenger coming, they did not express to meet at all.

After the discussion, what happened here?

The magic tool had a mind of its own, so it dug really diligently and did not need Benjamin to tell it what to do. Thus, he could use devote his time to leaving the water elemental sensing technique fully open to sweep the area in front of the.

The tents of soldiers, the weapons cache, moving carriages...after crossing the blockade, every part of Icor’s land was checked thoroughly by Benjamin. Till now, he has yet to find anything interesting.

The whole area seemed to be filled with killer atmosphere, the troops that passed by all seemed ready for far.

But...after observing for so long, Benjamin did not see one mage at all.

Benjamin was curious.

Maybe because of their bordering location, so it was not common to say any mage. But...thinking of the possibilities, he could not help but take a deep breath and continued forward.

After an hour, they passed through the blockade, and dug to a rather secluded area. Thus, Benjamin used the ice pickaxe and changed its direction, with no one noticing, he dug out.

"Phew...feels bad to be underground." Miles went out first and stood amongst the trees, observing the area.

Benjamin got rid of the pickaxe and fly out from the passage.

"Stop looking around, there is no one nearby, we won’t be noticed." He said so.

Miles heard this and nodded, saying: "Since we’re both in, we can split up. I can think of ways to infiltrate the cities near here, to see if I can get some useful information. You can...do what you like."

"...I can go to Icor’s encampment."

Since they were past the blockade, it was better to split up. Miles could only do solo infiltration, and Benjamin had the water elemental sensing technique, so why not just go to the encampment where the Queen could be at right now.

In short, their move was not only to see if the Queen was dead or alive, they had to find the cause of the accident that day. If they were to find the person responsible for it, they had to find clues.

"Don’t lose contact this time."

With this, Benjamin gave Miles a piece of communicating wood. They covered up the tunnel and looked at each other, nodded, and left towards separate ways.

"You really don’t detect any magical waves around here?" As he walked to the encampment, Benjamin opened his mouth and asked in his heart.

Not seeing any mages...made him worried.

"Not even one." The System replied," I might as well say, the Queen could possibly be dead, bringing the rest of Icor’s mages along with her. If not, as long as there are mages around, there would definitely be mild magical activity."

Benjamin could not help but rub his solar plexus.

If it was really like this, they had to quickly act. Icor’s power has dropped significantly, being conquered by the Church was something that could happen anytime. They had to quickly seize back Carretas’ territory, and prepare for the Church’s attack, this was the most important thing they had to do next.

But...until there was proof, he hoped that the System made a mistake.

He turned on his water elemental sensing technique, and search around this area for two hours or more, and finally found the encampment where Icor’s troops were at.

The guards were rather strict, he could not go near, and could only sense from outside. But, right when he neared it, a soldier riding a horse came out of the camp, full of panic.

Benjamin saw this and quickly scanned the person.

Who knew, this soldier had a letter on him.

The letter was short, rather than a letter, it was just a short message, some sort of message strip. On this small piece of paper, the words on it shocked Benjamin.

"Guild Master, Her Majesty has passed away, quickly lockdown the borders, and stabilize the country before Helius finds out."

Benjamin could not help but take a deep breath.

She...really died.

This was really huge news!

No wonder Icor was keen on keeping all the information here secured and did not make contact with the outside world--they were afraid that if news spread out, Icor would be conquered in an instant.

That "Guild Master", was probably the guild master of the Mages Guild.

Benjamin has met him before, them being able to leave Icor successfully was because of much of his help. In the Mages guild, only the Guild Master did not drink that potion, so he was probably the only one left in Icor that had the power to deal with this situation.

But...this Guild Master has not been on good terms with the Queen for a long time, just for the sake of the other mages in Icor, he did not directly go into conflict against the Queen.

Right now the Queen was dead, what would the Guild Master do.

This moment, Benjamin realized that he had to contact this guild master!

He took out a communicating wood.

"Morris? Think of a way to contact Vinci at Rayleigh. He and the Guild Master of the Mages Guild of Icor are old accomplices. Right now the Queen of Icor is dead, the Guild Master was the only one that had the right to make decisions in Icor. You have to quickly contact this person, say that a mage called Benjamin wants to see him.

Following a weak magical wave, the news was sent from Benjamin’s hand to a faraway place.

He took a deep breath.

These news would decide the fate of a few countries next.

He did not maintain in contact with the Guild Master, and it was through Vinci only then did he regain contact. Under these circumstances, Benjamin had to contact the Guild Master of the Mages Guild.

The Guild Master did not see them as enemies, maybe...with this contact, it was enough to gain a shocking amount of harvest.