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Chapter 537: The Repeating Truth

Chapter 537: The Repeating Truth
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That night, the soldiers in Amber departed for the territories that Icor had seized.

Since the death of the Queen was now confirmed, most of the officers decided to vote for war. It was as if everyone had the same idea now as all the troops were immediately mobilized to begin claiming back their land that was seized.

They even wanted to send troops directly to Icor.

It was a rare opportunity and since the King was the Queen’s older brother, it was naturally his right to rule Icor after the Queen’s death. But, the Queen’s murderer would not stand idly by and let Icor slip through their fingers, thus, the King had to prepare himself and strike first.

They planned to say that the Church had plotted the Queen’s death and before she died, she had decided to relinquish her right to rule to her older brother. They hoped to justify their actions to the people by adding some "bonus" details.

To make it more believable, they planned to also say there was only four of them present during the discussion. The Queen was now dead, her bodyguard mage had probably died due to the effects of the potion as well, so only Benjamin and the King remained.

If they claimed that she handed over her ruling rights to the King before she died, no one would have any proof to refute them.

Of course, this plan also required them to use military force to take over Icor first. If someone else took over Regina first, it wouldn’t matter if everyone believed that the Queen appointed her older brother, the King would still struggle to conquer it.

This was the reason for them sending out so many troops now.

"Will the Guild Master of the Mages guild really help us?" the King turned to ask Benjamin as they watched the soldiers depart the city.

"He will." In truth, Benjamin was not sure, but replied confidently anyway, "Before this, he helped me escape the Queen’s manhunt. Not to mention it would be beneficial to him if Icor was under Your Majesty’s rule."

"Is that so…" The King gave a hollow reply, "But he was already the Guild Master before the empire collapsed, and at the time he did not seem to really like me that much. Every time my father invited him to the palace, he would berate me as he drank alcohol with my father. I was still a child back then and I would get so angry that I would secretly draw on his clothes."


Benjamin was speechless.

Benjamin laughed silently at the thought. No wonder the Guild Master chose to help the Queen during the split and not the rightful heir. Why would he help an annoying child?

"Don’t worry Your Majesty, it is all in the past, I think the Guild Master isn’t one to hold small grudges like this." Benjamin tried to comfort him, "I will think of a way to persuade him."

"...Then it’s all up to you."

After leaving the palace, Benjamin did not hurry to leave Gealorre but instead remained at the Mages Quarters in Gealorre, patiently waiting for a reply.

He was waiting for news from the Guild Master.

Right now, Benjamin really wanted to just fly over to Icor to meet the Guild Master, but, this would obviously be too rash. He was not sure of the situation in Icor right now, if it had already been infiltrated by the Church, then he would be going straight into the hornet’s nest.

In addition to that, Mikel had yet to return. The King had lost his personal bodyguard and the soldiers had all been deployed, so it was not safe in the city at all. The King had begged Benjamin to remain in Gealorre to protect him and Benjamin had nervously obliged.

Under these circumstances, his movements were severely restricted.

Thus, he remained in his own house, patiently passing the time with some meditation.

According to his predictions, the news from the frontline would arrive first. Icor has already been retreating in secret so it would not take much effort to conquer them. If all goes according to plan, Carretas will be whole again within four to five more days.

However, he did not expect to receive news from the Guild Master on the afternoon of the next day.

"Hello...excuse me, where is Mage Benjamin?"

The news did not come the communication wood or his followers from the Desert City, but from a complete stranger. He acted as if it was his first time in Gealorre as he constantly looked around and asked for directions until he eventually found Benjamin’s whereabouts.

Benjamin opened the door, looked at the stranger and frowned.

He was a mage.

"I am mage Benjamin, why are you looking for me?"

Hearing this, the man suddenly put on a wide grin and said, "Oh good, I have finally found you, sir! I am Hack from Icor, a new disciple of the Guild Master. My teacher has passed me a letter he wanted me to give to you."

He immediately took out a sealed letter from his satchel before handing it to Benjamin.

Benjamin was confused.

The Guild Master actually made a mage send a letter directly to him?

Not even three days had passed since he the request of Morris; even if Morris was fast and Vinci was cooperative, the speed of the reply was shocking.

"Did you fly all the way here?"

"Because of the urgency of the message, my teacher asked me to deliver this letter as soon as possible to you. I am specialized in wind magic, it took me a day and night to fly all the way here."

Benjamin heard this and nodded, "Did you... drink that potion?"

"I didn’t." The opposition seemed to understand Benjamin’s tone and replied in hushed low voice, "My teacher told me about the state of affairs in the Mages Guild right now, so I did not officially enlist, I am a secret disciple."

No wonder…

Benjamin nodded and did not ask anymore.

He then quickly opened the sealed letter.

The fact that the Guild Master was willing to send his secret student to deliver a letter directly, proved his friendliness towards Benjamin - he had high hopes for cooperation. Maybe... just maybe the situation in Icor was too chaotic, so the Guild Master needed Benjamin and the King’s help.

In short, the other person viewed him as important, which was a good sign.

But, after opening the letter and reading it, Benjamin’s face changed.

"What the letter says...is it all real?" He looked at the student and frowned.

"I do not know." The mage was confused, "My teacher only asked me to deliver the letter, I am not aware of its contents."

Benjamin took a deep breath.

After some deep thought, he came back to his senses and spoke, "Find the person in charge of the Mage Quarters and mention that I am offering you a place to stay; they will find you a room. You came here in a rush, so please rest up. I have something urgent to attend to and cannot accompany you any further."

The mage was still confused and could not really react to what was going on. But when he came around, Benjamin had already taken to the skies and was now disappearing in the direction of the palace.

Three minutes later.

"Your Majesty...Your Majesty! I have news from Icor – this is all a trap!"

The King was surprised and jumped up. He looked at Benjamin in a blurred state and sputtered out, "What... what happened? What news?"

"This is a letter from the Guild Master of the Icor Mages Guild." Benjamin landed the throne room and took brisk steps towards the King, "He claims that the Queen had used potions to fake her own death and has likely led a huge group of mages to infiltrate Gealorre. Her real destination is the grounds underneath the palace."