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Chapter 540: The Out of Control Elemental Energy

Chapter 540: The Out of Control Elemental Energy
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The entire cave was not very wide. The few hundreds of the Queen’s mages remained in a battle stance, in an unexpectedly imposing manner. By comparison, although the numbers on the King’s side were not anything to laugh at, there were only twenty or so mages, so they seemed to fall in terms of firepower.

After the Queen grand gesture, the two parties now stood facing each other. There was tension in the atmosphere and it felt like a battle might break out at any time.

"Your Majesty, please stay behind us." Benjamin’s face did not change. He lowered his voice and whispered to the King.

The Queen was right; most of the manpower in Gealorre had been sent out. Now, they have left their defences exposed. The mages opposite of them right now were ten times more numerous than they were; they were not in a very good situation.

But then again, the Queen would not have purposely put herself in danger unless she was sure of the situation.

Likewise, if Benjamin was not confident, he would not have chosen to appear at this moment.

Hearing this, the King nodded, and quietly backed off.

"Oh? It looks like you are really planning to start something with us." Seeing this, the Queen raised her eyebrows curiously, "Mage Benjamin and my beloved elder brother, I had actually intended to let you live for a while longer. Too bad though... you won’t live long enough to regret this decision."

From her words, it was obvious that she was extremely confident the abilities of her mages.

"I really doubt you could make regret anything." Benjamin smiled and answered.

Hearing this, the Queen did not care to speak anymore. The situation before them was no longer something that could be resolved by words. They had long become enemies and conflict was inevitable.

Because of this, she waved at the mages behind her.

The mages walked forward; some of them had already started chanting spells. In the same way, the twenty over mages on Benjamin’s side also started to chant. At that moment, the elemental energy in the cave began to stir crazily, like a storm.

Benjamin squinted.

"Are you sure... That this place is incapable of containing such large-scale casting of magic?" He suddenly asked in his heart.

"I am absolutely sure." The System replied lazily, "With the density of the elemental energy here, any more than twenty magic users casting spells will cause the elemental energy to change, resulting in a quite a bad backlash."


Benjamin silently let out a sigh of relief.

The confidence he had shown was not because he believed that he could take on the army of mages head on, but in knowing that under this special environment, the Queen’s battalion of mages was totally useless.

Otherwise, he would not have put himself at risk and brought the King and his mages here regardless of how many elemental crystals they stood to lose.

Before they had appeared, Benjamin had already told this fact to his mages. Because of this, their chanting right now was all for show. The mages on the Queen’s side did not notice anything and were still stirring up the elemental energy all around them, gathering the energy towards them.

Very soon, they encountered a problem.

"This… What is this?" An elderly mage who was not casting any magic had observed the strange movements in the cave; suddenly his expression changed, and he hurled his arms out to protect the Queen.

The Queen had not even reacted or realized what was going on when suddenly...


A thunderous noise blasted out from the secret underground cave, as though someone had lit up a match in a room full of gas. The elemental energy here was already present in shocking amounts - with the channelling of the mages, they had gone into an uncontrollable state. The various elemental energy rapidly clashed with each other, eventually causing an explosion in the cave!

The chaotic spots of lights burst in midair, as though gigantic fireworks were exploding before their eyes.

Benjamin was slightly taken aback.

Motherfucker, wasn’t there just supposed to be some backlash? Why was it like a nuclear bomb had gone off in their faces?

This rascal of a System…...

Under such circumstances, he had to move via muscle memory alone. He acted before the blast of explosion hit them, quickly moving the water elemental energy in his space of consciousness to create a huge film of water in front of them, trying his best to protect everyone on his side.

Moments later, the blast hit the shield. Smoke and dust went flying everywhere; the water film Benjamin had summoned was shaken so much that it was nearly blown out of shape, as though it would break at any moment then.

Benjamin’s spiritual energy also went under enormous pressure, and he felt like he was holding back a tsunami. But thinking about the people behind him, he could only grit his teeth and forced himself to maintain the water film, refusing to let his men get exposed to the blast of the explosion.

Benjamin was already shocked; the mages behind him were even more stunned. Some of them subconsciously opened their mouths, intending to summon shields to help Benjamin cope with the shockwaves created by the explosion of elemental energy.

"No! You cannot use magic, it will cause a second explosion!" Benjamin suddenly turned his head and roared at them, desperately trying to prevent a disaster.

He couldn’t believe his mages. He could cast magic only because of the existence of the space of consciousness; he did not need to interact with the elemental energy around him. If these elemental energies had already exploded like this, wouldn’t trying to interact with them be a deathwish?

Benjamin could stand alone in the front, sweating blood to try to maintain the shield.

However, this was not even the entirety of the explosion caused by the magic casters.

Spots of light in various colours were flying in the air; most of them were concentrated over on the enemies’ side but some light spots were slowly flying towards Benjamin and the rest. Even though there was some distance between them, Benjamin could still feel the dangerous aura emitted from them.

Were those... The hybrid of the different elemental energies?

Like fire and water elemental energies; they must not be mixed together. There existed a strong repulsive force amongst all elemental energies; normally, no conflict would occur, of course. But when they were forcefully blended together because of some sort of freak accident…...

Benjamin did not know what would happen.

Seeing the unstable light spots in front of him, he was very clear that he could not let them come into contact with his water film. They would not survive.

Under such a crisis, Benjamin could only continue to move the water elemental energy stored in the space of consciousness; he summoned countless tiny ice needles and passed them through the water film, aimed straight at the light spots. In the intensity of the moment, he could not think of a better solution, he could only try to burst these light spots before they got any closer.

In seconds, Benjamin’s ice needles hit the light spots.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Like controlled explosives, the light spots erupted one by one. The aggravation from the ice needles caused the light spots to undergo a new type of reaction — they burst open. So great were the shockwaves that it started sending sharp pains through Benjamin’s mind. Benjamin gasped for air as he watched the ground rumble aggressively as if there was an earthquake or a cave in.

Wait... a cave in?

Benjamin gulped.