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Chapter 543: Underground Mutation

Chapter 543: Underground Mutation
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Benjamin was taken aback by the sudden change.

What happened? Did someone attacked? Why did the water element sensing technique not find anything?

He had no time to think about that, so he quickly summoned an ice wall on top of them. The other mages also started casting a spell, getting ready to counteract this sudden attack.

Boom! Boom!

Two muffled sounds came from the ice wall, it seemed that a shadow hit the top and suddenly bounced away. After seeing that there were no cracks on the ice wall, Benjamin was relieved.

Fortunately, this "thing" was not that strong.

Looking at it carefully, Benjamin found that the strange species attacking them was very similar to the bat corpse they found underground, it might be the same kind of magic beast. However, what made him felt a little weird was when he used the water elemental sensing technique to scan through the place, the bat's position was empty.

These bats ... They tricked the water element.

This was somewhat surprising.

After thinking about it, he summoned two ice blades and gave them the order to kill the bats, then he released them. The bats flew at a very high speed, but no matter how quick they flew, there was no way to outrun the automated tracking ice blades.

Benjamin made use of this process to carefully observe why the water element sensing technique failed.

"Wait... this "thing" is an elemental creature?"

However, after observing it for a while, he raised his eyebrows and surprisingly muttered to himself. Unfortunately, before he can deactivate his magic, the two bats were stabbed by the ice blade, fell to the ground and turned into carcasses.

Benjamin walked forward and looked at them.

He did not get to look at it closely just now, but now he get to sense it properly, he found that the bodies of these bats were indeed different from the usual magic beasts. Various complex elements intertwined together which formed its body and blood. Just by looking at it, it was no different from ordinary creatures. However, under the system’s analysis, their flesh and blood were not actual flesh and blood, but their structures and magic were very similar, but were made up of hundreds of complex elements.

Therefore, the water elements cannot sense their existence... To the elements, the bats were just a group elements just like the water elements.

What exactly were they? Authentic summonned magic?

The underground cave which he accidentally fell into suddenly became very mysterious to him.

"What happened? It’s just two magic beasts, why are you so obsessed with it?" The king who stood at the side looked at the carcass and asked.

"They are not magic beasts, they should be elemental creatures." Benjamin explained. "To be exact, these "things" did not form naturally."

The king was horrified: "Someone is controlling it to attack us?"

Benjamin shook his head and said: "I don’t think so. I think they are in a wild state ... In short, this place is indeed a little weird, this is not just a simple place, we better be careful."

He picked up the body of the bat lying on the ground, planning to study it slowly when he get back.

However, at that moment, there was a sudden strange wave of fluctuation coming from a distance. It was similar to magic wave, but mixed with signs of elements being out of control. When the waves passed through the bat's carcass, the body suddenly vibrated uncontrollably.

...what was happening?

Benjamin frowned.

It seemed as though it echoed along with the fluctuation, the body resonated and began to disintegrate. The gorgeous spot of light from the dark body of the bat disappeared and dissipated into the air. Soon, the bodies of all the bats turned into elements and left without a trace.

"What? What happened?" The King was surprised by this scene, so he quickly asked.

"Not sure, but..." Benjamin suddenly looked up and looked towards the direction of strange fluctuations, then slowly said, "I think there might be something in front, let’s go and have a look!"

Everyone was stunned. Benjamin had already used magic to fly over there while they were stunned.

"Protect your Majesty, I'll rush over first. All of you move faster too!" After saying that, he disappeared into the dark cave.

The rest of the people looked at each other helplessly.

While Benjamin was flying over there.

"You... ... you don’t think that this place is the real God’s abandoned valley, right?" Suddenly, the System asked in a skeptical tone.

"Maybe?" Benjamin had a stern expression, "The terrain here is very unusual, and there are also all kinds of unheard-of elemental creatures that exist here. Moreover, the letter that was sent here also said that the Queen came to search for God’s abandoned valley."

"That... the key to God’s abandoned valley, did it respond to it?"

Benjamin was stunned, then he immediately remembered the bracelet that he got from the border of the desert.

It was not something particularly heavy, so he always had it with him. At that moment, he immediately took out the silver bracelet, while flying, he held it in his hand and started pouring spiritual energy into it.

Unfortunately, nothing happened.

"See, this is definitely not God’s abandoned valley." The System said.

Benjamin shook his head and kept the bracelet.

To be honest, he had already went through so many places that might possibly be God’s abandoned valley. From the mountain of Candela until here, the bracelet had not reacted at all, so he can’t help but to wonder if the myth about the "bracelet" was true.

However ... ...What can do about the myth?

Suddenly, a fluctuation like before coming from in front of him, Benjamin came back to his senses and accelerated forward.

In any case, this place was certainly not simple. This fluctuation, he felt like it might be related to the attack from the Queen’s side. Everything here was too weird, he need to quickly get over there as soon as possible to see what the Queen was trying to do.

Therefore, he left the rest of them, since they were too slow. With the protection of more than 20 mages, it should be enough.

About two minutes later...

"Your, your Majesty, quickly get out! If this goes on, you will die!"

He quickly flew through the florescent light on top of the moss, Benjamin looked up and finally found a different light appearing in front. At the same time, he vaguely heard someone saying that in panic.

Suddenly, Benjamin was excited.

He finally found it!

He used the water element sensing technique and clearly saw everything from afar.

About a hundred mages, squeezed in a narrow cave, everyone's face had a panicked look. In front of them, there seemed to be an invisible barrier, all the mages were separated outside, it also blocked out Benjamin's sensing technique.

Therefore, he did not sense anything from the other side of the barrier. Whereas here at the barrier, among the crowd, he did not see the Queen.

The Queen ... was she on the other side of the barrier?

Benjamin hesitated. He did not want to fly there directly, because he will most likely be discovered by the mages, but if he hid from afar, the water element sensing technique alone cannot sense everything clearly.

But he had probably guessed what the Queen might be doing.

Another strange fluctuation started emitting from the barrier. Benjamin felt that the volatility of this fluctuation was stronger than before. Not knowing why, he can even sense a sense determination from it.

The mages’ persuasion can be heard from afar.

"Your Majesty, Icor needs you! Please do not be impulsive! Come back!"

"Quickly break off this barrier! Bring Your Majesty out..."

From hearing what they were saying, at that moment, the mages were all in panic. Benjamin looked at the twinkling glimpse of light in the darkness in front of him, he helplessly took deep breath and landed on to the ground.

Then, he slowly walked over there.