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Chapter 545: The Ceremony That Was Interrupted

Chapter 545: The Ceremony That Was Interrupted
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When the mages saw this, most of them had a puzzled look. They were not like the church, they have not seen the power of this crystal ball, but... since it was taken out at this moment, they have probably guessed the power of crystal ball.

Therefore, their expressions immediately became frantic.

"Stop him, do not let him hurt Her Majesty!"

Therefore, an overwhelming amount of fireballs was thrown towards Benjamin and he had no way to avoid it. However, he also did not plan to hide. The water birds that he summoned just now have covered the whole cave with numbering nearly a thousand water birds. The water birds were harassing the mages just now, but now they have all turned into another direction and flew back to Benjamin's side.

All water birds fused together, compressed into a giant water curtain, lying across the cave and protected Benjamin.

Obviously, Benjamin was trying to forcibly block their attack.

It was not an easy task, but if he had to do this, or he will not have a chance to retaliate.

At that moment, the fireballs fired by the mages were very densely packed like a sea of ​​flame, it was violently boiling the water curtain that he summoned. However, Benjamin did not even look at it. He only focused on staring at the changes in the invisible barrier, the flames penetrated the water curtain, which caused Benjamin's face to be flushed.

He activated the crystal ball in his hand.

As the crystal ball light up, Benjamin smiled slightly, then he held crystal ball up and smashed it in the direction of the invisible barrier!


A huge noise was heard from the impact, everyone was stunned. The entire cave vibrated, and gave those in the cave a feeling that it might collapse.

The moment when the crystal ball collided with the barrier, the invisible barrier flashed like before, but it was not able to successfully withstand the attack. Instead, it started cracking after a sudden flash and a crisp sound of broken glass was heard.

The mages were dumbfounded.

"It... ... it really can be broken... ..."

While they were still stunned, the crystal ball penetrated the barrier and moved deeper. But because Benjamin was not aiming at the Queen, it did not hit the Queen, instead, it flew through her shoulder and hit the strange creature that the Queen held which resembled a dead wood.

A strange sound was heard again, but this time, the Queen was finally startled. She turned around in astonishment and the light surrounding her left like a frightened bird.

Her body was still shivering, it seemed a little painful, but she still saw Benjamin in the cave.

Therefore, she soon realized what was going on.

"You... why you..."

Her remaining eye was radiating with intense anger. However, even after being glared at, Benjamin sneered and was too lazy to talk, instead, his focus was on the strange object that was hit by the crystal ball.

However, since Benjamin was aiming at it, this magical being had been destroyed.

Like a fragile tree being shot, its upper portion was completely broken. The broken section fell onto the ground and the metal-like broken half shattered all over the place. Whereas the other half was intact, still being held by the Queen, but it no longer emitted the same kind of white light like before.

What exactly was this?

It existed in this mysterious cave and was emitting an unknown kind of white light along with that weird fluctuation, it seemed like the elemental creatures in this cave were at its command...

If it was possible, Benjamin did not want to destroy it, but he only had this opportunity, he was afraid that even after breaking the barrier, he still could not stop the Queen's strange ceremony. Therefore, he can only destroy it along with that thing.

"No! D-don’t go! Come back ... come back!"

At that moment, the Queen's attention was diverted from Benjamin. She was in panic as she watched the light diminishing, she stretched her hands out to try and grasp them back. Her determined and fanatic look was a little frightening.

The mages at the side had given up on attacking Benjamin and surrounded at the side of the Queen.

"Your Majesty, are you okay ..."

Seeing that, Benjamin quietly retreated into the air.

After the attack of the mages, the water curtain that he summoned was almost broken. If not for the sudden change made by the crystal ball which caused most of the mages to withdraw their magic, the water curtain might be completely burnt.

There were still some powerful mages among them....

Taking advantage of the situation, now that the mages were busy taking care of the Queen, Benjamin quickly evaluated the spiritual energy of these mages.

Most of them were just ordinary and will not be difficult to deal with, but... ... there were a few older mages with very sharp spiritual energy, they could probably be able to cast high-level spells, so they should not be underestimated.

When Benjamin was sensing their spiritual energy, they also seemed to have noticed it, they turned around and glared at Benjamin.

"This damn bastard..."

Two of them with a bad temper stared at Benjamin and seem to have gotten ready to make a move.

"Why are you blaming me?" Benjamin saw that, shrugged and said innocently, "All of you obviously want to break the barrier, now that I have helped you, and did not hurt the Queen, you should be thanking me instead."

In the mind, he was thinking if they were to really start a fight, what was the success rate of both parties?

... ... He felt like he need to use delaying tactics and wait for his reinforcements so he will have a greater chance.

However, this situation did not give him the chance to drag out the time.

In just awhile, the white light had completely disappeared. The Queen gradually came back to her senses and had accepted the truth, then she glanced at Benjamin with a hostile look, then turned around and whispered to the elder mage at the side.

Subsequently, the elder mage looked at Benjamin and suddenly began to chant a spell.

A strong magic fluctuation echoed in the cave.

Benjamin eyes turned cold and immediately summoned an uncountable amount of water birds and sent it towards the mage that was chanting. The mage was casting a high-level magic, if he successfully used it, it will be very troublesome.

"Stop him!" There other mages shouted.

At that moment, all the mages began chanting. Shields, fireballs... ... they were large in number, so they were able to block the attack of the water birds and attack with fireballs, interfering with Benjamin's actions.

Therefore, Benjamin was stopped by them.

Resisting it forcibly was a strain on Benjamin’s spiritual energy, it might not be able to handle it, and so he chose to dodge. But while he was dodging, it will be more difficult to prevent their chanting.

——From what he saw, the number of mages who were chanting a high-level magic had increased to five.

"This guy... he must die." The Queen said with a feeble voice, "Since his reinforcements are not here yet, finish him."

After hearing that, Benjamin was frightened.

Despite his decision to not take their lives. If he had thrown the crystal ball slightly higher, all of them would have been long dead.

——Even though he kept them alive to make use of them.

"Do you really think I was still the mage that escaped from the Crusader Gateway?" Benjamin smiled. "You want to kill me? Get more people."

He suddenly stretched out his arms and ice fog started spewing out of his collar, completely immersing him.