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Chapter 550: Maneuvering the Castle

Chapter 550: Maneuvering the Castle
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"Of course."

General Stuart patted Benjamin’s shoulder heavily as he laughed, "I heard what you did in Carretas a week ago. An Academy of Magic, what exciting news!"


Benjamin felt very out of place amidst the forced friendliness. He remembered how the General sat on the throne and complimented him the last time they met, pride colouring his voice. He then used a slightly threatening voice to invite Benjamin to join his side. Now, he seemed to be flattering him too much.

What had caused the difference?

Forget it…. No matter what it is, Benjamin had no plans to intervene. He just wanted to do what he was tasked to do.

As his thoughts finished trailing, he opened his mouth and asked, "If that’s the case, you wouldn’t be against a publicity campaign in Ferelden, right?"

"Uh, about that." The General behaved strangely. "What would happen to the mages who graduate in your Academy of Magic?"

Benjamin smiled. "Rest assured, General. They will not be used to threaten the sovereignty of Ferelden. Although we’re located in Carretas, we’re actually very close to the border of the two nations, and we would never take part in any political disputes. After the mages graduate, they will have complete freedom in deciding what they want to pursue."

"Carretas is not against this?"


The General turned to exchange glances with the Prime Minister. After that, he turned back to grin at Benjamin. "If that’s the case, then we would have no reason to be against your Academy. Go do whatever you want, it’s always a good thing to have more mages in this world."

Benjamin looked at them closely and finally nodded when he was certain that they had no ulterior motives.

Although their attitude was indeed peculiar, it did not necessarily mean that there was something sinister brewing underneath, no?

He could not think of a single reason that would cause the General to object to the Academy of Magic.

"If that’s the case, then here is a document that I have carried along on my journey that I would like Her Highness the Princess to read." Benjamin took out the prepared agreement from his bag and passed it to them. "If you have nothing against the activities of the Academy of Magic, then I would like Her Highness and the General to sign this document."

The General took the document and read it thoroughly before passing it to the Prime Minister. He then turned to speak to Benjamin, "Let him read it. We’ll sign it once we are sure there’s nothing wrong with the document. Mage Benjamin, it’s a rare and precious occurrence for you to return to the City of Snow, and Her Highness ordered us to offer you nothing but the best hospitality. We have prepared a feast in your honour, so would you be so kind as to grace us with your presence?"

After some considerations, Benjamin agreed. He could really use some networking anyway.

And so, the Prime Minister left with the agreement to examine it properly while the General led them to the dining hall in the castle. On the way to the dining hall, Benjamin used the Water Elemental Sensing Technique to scan the castle as well as the surrounding areas. He did not find anything out of place, so he followed the whims of the General.

"Long time no see, Mage Benjamin," greeted Mikel awkwardly as he approached Benjamin as the latter was walking to the dining hall.

"Long time no see." Benjamin smiled at the man before asking, "Where’s Lance, the knight? Didn’t he return to the castle to become the Head of Knights after the last incident? Why didn’t I see him around?"

If the General wanted to form close relations with Benjamin, he should not have only invited only one familiar face, right?

Miked looked around before lowering his voice and saying, "Lance…. Lance is no longer the Head of Knights." Mikel shook his head as he spoke, "He spoke against General Stuart quite a number of times and was eventually demoted to the rank of ordinary knight."

Benjamin’s eyes widened, and he whispered back, "Help me pass a message to him. If he does not wish to provide his services to Ferelden anymore, he could seek refuge at my place in Carretas."


Their exchange was done under their breaths so that the General who led the crowd while speaking to his grandson would not overhear their conversation.

After Benjamin assessed the current situation, he asked once again, speaking extremely softly, "We have a close relationship and have shared many experiences together. I consider you a close friend, so, please, tell me what the General’s real goal is behind this fiasco?"


Just as Mikel was about to speak, a voice from behind them interrupted their conversation.

"Mage Benjamin, what are you talking with Sir Mikel about? I am very interested, could I join in?" Guild Master Steve approached them with a grin.

He was not particularly subtle in his greeting and eventually alerted the General. The General turned to look curiously at Benjamin.

This wasn’t good…..

Benjamin answered without batting an eyelid, "Nothing much. I was just asking if there are any famous mages in Ferelden that I should visit over the next few days."

"You could ask me that question; after all, I’m the Guild Master for the Mage Guild. Anyway, why do you intend to pay these mages a visit?"

"The Academy of Magic seeks to welcome more mages into its institution."

"There shouldn’t be a need for that, no?" Steve shook his head. "You’re the reputable Mage Benjamin that commands respect wherever you go. However, the Mage Guild still exists here, and it isn’t appropriate to approach and recruit our people for your plans."

"I didn’t mean that. Besides, there was no conflict of interest between the Mage Guild and the Academy of Magic." Benjamin laughed nervously, "We would also welcome members of the Mage Guild with open arms on the condition they pass the selection process. They are free to study in our Academy."

"Is that so? However, I feel that it is inappropriate…."

Tension abruptly rose in the hallways of the castle.

General Stuart hurried over to the two men. He patted the shoulders of Mage Steve as he smiled apologetically at Benjamin. "Mage Benjamin, he didn’t mean what he said. Please don’t take his words to heart."

Steve went quiet. Benjamin peered at the General but did not comment.

This Guild Master seemed to dislike him quite a lot, huh?

If the General seemed to be too friendly in his mannerisms, the Guild Master was the direct opposite and seemed to display an incredible amount of jealousy in his words. Was it because Benjamin nearly took his place of power? Benjamin wasn’t sure.

Suddenly, Benjamin had a feeling that the Academy’s enrolment drive would not be as easy as he had hoped.

The strange atmosphere carried on throughout the feast. The General was trying his best to form amicable relations with Benjamin. He even dragged his grandson over and asked the child to refer to Benjamin as his teacher. His efforts were awkward even for the bystanders. The others patrons were mostly silent and would only murmur their agreement periodically throughout the feast. The whole experience was horribly awkward.

Benjamin started to regret his decision to stay for the feast.

Thankfully, the Prime Minister approached them after the feast with the agreement in his hands. The General and the Princess signed without any hesitation and Benjamin put away the document afterwards. The purpose of his visit had been fulfilled without a hitch.

Because of this, he politely rejected the offer to stay the night in the castle and left as quickly as he could.

"Mage Benjamin, this is a carriage that our Prime Minister has prepared for you. He does not wish for you to be exhausted due from travelling and ordered us to send you back to your lodgings." Benjamin suddenly met a man standing in front of a carriage at the entrance to the castle.

He arched an eyebrow.

"Of course. How could I reject the goodwill of the Prime Minister?"

He slowly boarded the carriage, and just like he expected, saw a letter on the seat resting on the velvet seats.