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Chapter 560: Gamble

Chapter 560: Gamble
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Facing the stubborn front of the old man, Benjamin would have been long gone by now. However, the old man’s attitude did provoke Benjamin’s fighting spirit in some ways. He simply wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he were to give up.

Therefore, he decided to seek some drastic measures.

"Senior, I’m not sure if you know, but the mage guild is getting ahead of themselves. You may be able to hide in a remote town and live a peaceful life in this shop, but this life will not be for long."

The old man didn’t even bother to lift his head, "What are you trying to say?"

Benjamin replied, "Not much. It’s just some news I happened to hear of while passing by Regina — The Queen could no longer stand the mages in Icor who refuse to obey her. In a few days, the mage guild will be sending more people. Your shop... would probably close down soon by then."

Upon hearing that, the old man finally lifted his head once again.

"Stop lying. Do you really think that I don’t have eyes and ears of my own?" He spoke with disdain, "There hasn’t been any activity at the mage guild. They will not send anyone over."

Instead, Benjamin flashed a smile, "Oh really? What if they really did send people over to wipe out all the free mages?"

"Then I will head with you to Carretas."

"Okay, if these people really turn up, you better own up to your promise."

The old man showed slight reluctance when he saw how confident Benjamin was. However, perhaps the pride in him stopped the remorse and instead he bluntly agreed.

"Since when have I ever blown off a deal? The mage guild can’t be arrogant to this extent. I know what they’re like after dealing with them all these years."

Benjamin shrugged, "Well that just means that you don’t know them enough. Wait and see. I have an insider’s tip, they will be coming."

The old man shook his head and stroke the cat with his head down. He was obviously sending a goodbye signal. Benjamin did not say after that and left the shop.

Exiting Hank Town, he immediately flew to the air and headed towards the direction of Regina.

The old man was right, the mage guild could not possibly wipe out the free mages of the nation. The most they would do would be oppressing and bullying... These were within bearable range so long as they didn’t cross the boundaries. Hence, the old man was confident enough to agree to this gamble.

But, Benjamin was familiar with the guild master of the mage guild!

All it took was a word with the guild master, and the next moment the people from the mage guild would be rushing over to Hank Town to tear down the old man’s shop.

"You’re really despicable." The System spoke in disgust.

Benjamin smiled, "Thanks for the compliment."

He didn’t want to resort to such tactics, but he did not mind being despicable if that was what it took to decipher the Queen’s magic potion. To attack the Kingdom of Havenwright, they needed to cross Icor. As long as the Queen was still in power, they could never cross Icor in peace. It was either do or die.

Having the fight with Icor till the end would, in turn, benefit the Church. By the time Benjamin got to attack the Kingdom of Havenwright, who knew how many years would have been prolonged, and who knew how many men and mages would have to be sacrificed?

One could call him despicable, but he was used to it.

It was the old man’s fault for having the confidence to gamble with him.

And so, Benjamin returned to Regina after spending more than a day and contacted the President of the mages guild. In the beginning, the guild master was perplexed by Benjamin’s request, but after listening to his explanation he understood the need for such extreme measures.

He then said there should be no issues with it.

"Mage Mor has the best skills in terms of magic potion that I know. I have once asked for his help but his temper is too much to deal with. I didn’t think you could provoke him to gamble with you. I will send someone immediately."

He would never back down and reject this since all of this was done to decipher the Queen’s magic potion.

Benjamin nodded.

Although the guild master was kind of stripped away from his authority, no matter what, a guild master was nevertheless a guild master. Oppressing the free mages was an order by the Queen, he merely used his position as the guild master to perform some dirty tricks.

After the meeting ended, Benjamin swiftly left Regina and flew all the way back to the Town of Hank before the people from the mage guild arrive. Back in town, the old man’s shop was still blatantly open without a hint of closing doors to lay low.

The old man’s confidence could be easily seen — He did not take Benjamin seriously.

Given much thought, as the people from the mage guild have yet to arrive, Benjamin entered the shop once again.

"A tail of a rabbit’s carcass, a leaf of a flying grass… But, can these items be combined together? What could the refining technique be…"

Near the back door, he indistinctly heard a voice.

Benjamin was stunned at first but quickly realized that the materials mumbled by the old man was what was written on that potion formula. Although he seemed lackadaisical about the research, he did not actually give up.

The contents of the formula had been memorized by this old man.

Benjamin was comforted by that fact.

He gently knocked on the door.

"Who is that?"

"It’s me, senior. Are you still researching that formula?"

There was silent behind the door for a moment. An embarrassed old man exclaimed, "What are you doing here for? I don’t welcome you here."

Benjamin didn't mind. Instead, he opened the door with magic and walked in. In the room, the old man was in front of a table that was full of materials written in the formula. There was also an odd machine that was rumbling with purple smoke blowing out of it.

The old man stared at Benjamin with glaring eyes.

Benjamin shrugged, "I just thought to remind you to pack up the stuff in the shop to avoid any loss."

"Oh really? Talk is cheap until they really come. Now scram!" The old man coldly rebuked.

"Senior, what’s the point of doing this? You’re really interested in the magic potion. If you’d just leave for Carretas, you can research however you wish. All the expenses would be covered by me. Isn’t that great?"

"Save your breath. I have already made a bet with you. Unless the people from the mage guild arrive, I will not take a step out of here."

Benjamin could only shake his head.

What more could he say? Seeing the old man now, he would be bashed with a potion bottle if he continued on. He had to leave him some space for now, as there would be cooperation in the future. Hence, he nodded and turned to leave.

He stayed in an inn in the Town of Hank and waited two days. At last, the people from the mage guild, as discussed with the guild master, had arrived.