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Chapter 564: Visiting Guests

Chapter 564: Visiting Guests
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"A Magical Academy...is it an idea suggested by the legendary Benjamin? To think that anyone with natural talent could enter the academy, why did he come up with such a weird idea?"

From Ferelden to Carretas, Vinci brought along a few mages in the sky. Suddenly, a young man turned around and asked Vinci, confusingly.

Vinci laughed and said, "His way of thinking is unique. Before this, the ‘Freedom of Promoting Magic’ was thought out and distributed by him and his friends."

The young mage was taken aback by what he just heard.

"‘The Freedom of Promoting Magic’? That book is really popular, all the friends I know are trying to copy it, an original copy can be sold at the black market for at least fifty gold coins."

"Yeah…" Vinci nodded, with some regret," Who would’ve thought? When he first sought me out to help him promote this book, I was rather unwilling to do so. Plus, with this kind of stuff being spread around, fewer mages would turn into organizations."

He realized that once the fundamentals of magic were shared out, most of the huge mage groups would be affected, some might even disband because of it.

The development of things was just as he thought.

Following the continuous spread of ‘The Freedom of Promoting Magic’, the Church had been chased out, the inside hypocrisy of the mages was exposed and the whole mage circle of Ferelden was reset. With just Rayleigh, at least six mage groups disbanded and caused quite a commotion.

Luckily, the knowledge in the book was rather basic and did not cause a lot of change among the higher ranks. Otherwise, he could not imagine how Ferelden would be right now.

Much like Vinci’s own property, all the mages under him had a high-income thanks to his generosity. Even after ‘The Freedom of Promoting Magic’ was spread out, no one left. Thus, he was not really detrimentally affected by this incident. Instead, he used his huge amount of capital to attract even more people.

Those who relied on the fundamentals did not stay behind, and so the money was used for new, better things.

Vinci felt that the magic circle of Ferelden was undergoing another change. He was unsure what the future would bring about, but he felt that he would be able to benefit from it.

Thus, he felt that it was not a bad move for Benjamin to create this magical academy.

--Who knew what this fellow had in mind that could change the world of the mages once more?

Vinci was rather panicked.

"Yet, you still decided to support ‘The Freedom of Promoting Magic’, this foresight is respectable." An elderly mage beside said so.

Vinci heard this and came back to his senses, shaking his head.

"It’s all because of the Church. If he didn’t want to chase the Church out, I would not have helped him.

The other mages were shocked and nodded. The Church’s ruling was a historical event. No matter what the price was, so long as the Church was chased out, it was worth it at the end.

Thus, Benjamin was considered a hero for getting rid of the Church, even though a lot of higher-up mages were not happy with ‘The Freedom of Promoting Magic’. However, in Ferelden, no one dared to badmouth him.

Only that...this visit to the Magic Academy made them rather confused.

"Isn’t the orientation ceremony one month later? Why are we rushing there now?" A young mage asked.

"We are rather free now, so might as well go have a look and prepare ourselves," Vinci replied.

The young mage was confused.

Prepare... for what?

Even though a magic academy was something new to them, it should not be that surprising, right? It was just magic and academy combined, to suggest a place for mages to learn.

He still wanted to continue asking, but at that moment, the elderly mage flying in front spoke, breaking his chain of thoughts.

"We’ve arrived."

With that said, all of them looked in front. a city rose in the middle of a flat landscape, it was the city of Academy that was newly built.

They flew nearer. They could see that the city was not huge, but it was rather vibrant. There were people walking here and there on a few streets that were nearby. There was not even a single street that was empty. The countless horse carriages carrying priceless goods hurried over, heading towards Academy.

Even though they have yet to see the Academy of Magic, but seeing this sight, they realized that the academy could become a source of income for this small city.

There were countless people who wished to join the academy, and more people meant more cash flow. Even though the requirements of the academy was strict, and even though most people were already aware of that, the people who still wished to join were nevertheless a lot.

Plus, it was not about power or wealth, but rather about the hidden talent as a mage.

About talent…

They were shocked about this new thing regarding mental energy capacity and affinity to elemental power. All of the applying students were handed a magical tool to test their magical talent, even though they were past the age of enrolling, but they still went ahead and undergo the test--they were all capable of enrolling.

They even stated, the magical academy requirements for natural talent was not high.

If the requirement was not high, then they could still give great amounts of knowledge and a wholesome education, would that not mean people would come flooding here one by one?

The young mages were curious, did they just view one’s natural talent?

What about children from the poor families? If they were extremely talented but could not afford the fees, would they still accept them? If it was like that, would the magical academy not go bankrupt after a few years?

Other than that, he still had a lot of questions in his heart. With a belly full of curiosity, he and Vinci landed on Academy and walked to the Academy of Magic.

"Quick! Clean up the place! There are way too many visitors nowadays, the inns in the city are almost full. The sir mage has ordered to quickly form more rooms."

"Out of the way! Out of the way! The teaching tools of the academy can be delivered by today, please clear the way!"

"Hey, have you gone to test your natural talent? My mental energy is only a C, but the teacher that tested me says I have a wind elemental affinity of A, I can join the wind elite class when I enter!"

"Are you still frustrated over being unable to pass the magical talent test? Enter the tuition class now, for only ten gold coins, even if your magical talent is low, you can still pass! Wait...the people from the magical academy are here, run!"

"Swindlers, give me back my money!"

"Mother...I think I don’t have enough magical talent. But, they say if I give some money they can give me a set of novice learning materials for me to learn magic, should we try…?"

Walking into Academy, Vinci and the mages he brought along felt a lot of pressure.

Elite classes? Teaching tools? Teaching materials?

What were all of these?

All sorts of sounds entered their ears, making them confused as they listened. It was not as though they were unfamiliar with how academies work, as the academies for the nobles were fairly common.

Yet...they were unsure if, this ‘academy’ was the academy they actually had in mind.