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Chapter 565: A Shocking Visit

Chapter 565: A Shocking Visit
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Vinci managed to force a smile.

"See...this is why I wanted to bring all of you for a visit."

The Academy of Magic was a concept that was not completely unbelievable. However, they were clear that considering Benjamin’s personality, he would probably do something completely out of their expectations. The Magical Talent categorizing was already something extraordinary, yet there were more surprises... still hidden somewhere within this small city.

Look, as they just walked in here, surprises after surprises came rushing toward their faces, making them feel as though they were country bumpkins entering a city for the first time.

"Mage Vinci, what do they all mean? Do you understand any of it?" The young mage was confused. He tried to keep his voice down and said this next to Vinci’s ear with some degree of shame.

"Most of it." Vinci showed an emotionless face, saying, "That...these things are hard to explain, you will all understand them soon enough."

Luckily he was mentally prepared and managed to react fast enough. He did not expose himself in front of his mages and instead pretended to be a wise and knowledgeable person.

However, in his heart, he had no idea what these things were all about!

The young mage scratched his head: "Now we are…"

"Going to meet Mage Benjamin, I’ve contacted him beforehand. They know that we will be arriving today." Vinci finished the other person’s sentence.

The few mages heard this and nodded, showing expressions of relief.

Facing a city that was a complete stranger to them, not even having a familiar person they could consult gave them a lot of mental pressure.

Vinci took out a letter, written on it was Benjamin’s home address in the city. Thus, they followed the road signs and looked for it, and at last, they saw a familiar face.

"Mage Benjamin! Long time no see! We are here to visit your academy."

A black-robed young man was heading towards the academy, hearing that voice, he stopped in his path and turned around, looking at Vinci and his followers with surprise.

"Mage Vinci, you’re here earlier than I expected!"

"Considering it is such a grand event that the entirety of Ferelden’s mages has been looking forward to it. Of course, we have to be the first to come have a look." Vinci smiled and replied.

At the same time, the mages behind him showed curious eyes and looked at the young man, guessing that this was the famous Mage Benjamin.

...Was this the Hero of Ferelden? He looked so young.

The few mages exchanged looks and saw the awe in each others’ eyes.

"If so, I was about to head to the academy, all of you are welcome to follow me to take a look!" Benjamin said as he was walking towards them, shaking hands with the mages.

"To have you as a tour guide is our pleasure."

"How could it be? You, sir, have contributed a lot to the academy, it is only right that I bring you around. Come, this way please."

Benjamin was familiar with the roads, he headed towards the center of the city. Vinci brought the other mages along with him, following Benjamin’s footsteps closely. They walked and had discussions about their surroundings out of curiosity.

"That...Mage Benjamin, what are teaching tools?" The young mage could not help but finally asked.

"It’s the books that are specifically written for our academy." Benjamin smiled and replied," To ensure the quality of teaching, we have to use the same book, otherwise the teachers will teach as they please. Since every teacher has different levels, that would be unfair."

After saying that, he took out a thick book from his bag and handed it to the young mage.

"This is the first edition of our teaching material, the content is still being modified. IF you are interested, you can have a look, then you should be able to understand when I mean."

The young man took over the book and stared at it, ‘Magic Essentials’ was printed on the cover.

‘Magic Essentials, is this the latest discovery? I have yet to hear about it before." The elderly mage went over to look and asked," I rather like this kind of theoretical books, I have already gone through the collection of the Mages Freemasonry before. However, I have yet to see this field of knowledge before."

Benjamin smiled and replied: "You can’t exactly say it’s a field of knowledge, it is only a course that was made for our academy. Inside, it contains how to control magic, magic for battle, and magic for daily life and that sort of stuff… It was just a rough shape of most of the things, the main purpose of it is to expand the paths for students, ensuring everyone who learns magic can use it at its highest efficiency."

The people hearing what he said were stunned.

...Can you do it this way?

The young man flipped open the book and quickly browsed through the contents.

Indeed, all of it did not look complicated, it was just simple guides on how to use magic better. However, owing to how simple it was, the more they read the more shocking it was.

The magic stated inside was all known by him, but the way it described fluently how they could use magic was not really thought about by him.

"Mage Benjamin, can you lend me this book?" After flipping it for a few minutes, the mage seemed to have discovered a brand new possibility and asked excitingly.

"Of course." Benjamin smiled," If you have any ideas, feel free to suggest them to me, it might help us perfect this teaching material!"

The young mage showed a happy face and quickly put away the book into his bag.

"Right, Mage Benjamin, did you say this was a course?" The elderly mage seemed to have thought of something and asked, "Unless...the academy has more courses and teaching materials?"

Benjamin nodded and said: "That’s a given. Magic Essentials is only a compulsory subject. We have to offer students other classes such as stuff like meditations, curses, that kind of basics, and even Basic Magical Knowledge, Mental Energy theory, Elemental Energy Discovery and so on."

The few mages looked back at him with a stunned face.

There were so many things...to teach.

They did not know how to describe it anymore. Regarding the magical academy that was being described to them, every detail was shocking to them. With all these details put together...they were completely clueless as to what they were visiting.

The knowledge of magic that had always been familiar to them suddenly seemed to have become something alien right now.

They felt that if this ambition could be fulfilled, the Academy of Magic from Benjamin’s mouth could become a potentially really terrifying.

The whole world of magic was able to be shuffled.

"Alright, we’re here."

The few mages were still immersed in the surprise. Suddenly, Benjamin stopped in his tracks. The few other mages also stopped. However, they had yet to recover and still looked at Benjamin dumbfounded.

Benjamin pointed at the main door and turned around, smiled at them and said, "Fellow mages, welcome to the Academy of Magic."