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Chapter 571: School Opening Ceremony

Chapter 571: School Opening Ceremony
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The days leading up to the ceremony passed by quickly.

"We are so honoured to have all of you join us here today for our school opening ceremony." Standing on the stage in the hall, Benjamin took a deep breath and took a sweeping glance of the audience; under the sound amplification magic of a few mages, he began to speak slowly.

In the audience, other than the two thousand students who were sitting upright in their seats, there were also celebrities from Carretas and Icor, wealthy merchants, famous mages, representatives from the Mercenary Association... Benjamin had done his best to invite the land’s most renowned people.

Although these people might have only come out of curiosity, just their presence cemented the academy’s social status in the land.

Because of this, Benjamin very excited.

"To many people, today is a momentous day." He continued to speak, "The first Academy of Magic open to the public - the first widespread attempt at normalizing magic. Thanks to the many sponsors who are present today, a lot of talent has been discovered and will now begin a new life on the road to magic. You, our sponsors, have changed their lives."

Hearing this, the students in the audience showed determined expressions and began to applaud.

Benjamin smiled at the audience and continued speaking, "In truth, before founding the academy, many people had asked me the same question— what was our purpose? A lot of people did not understand why I wanted to commit so much time and effort to build an academy. So, I figured that the opening ceremony would a very good opportunity to help everyone understand the meaning of this Academy of Magic."

After saying this, he took out the mages’ edition of the ‘Bible’ that he had brought from the Kingdom of Helius from underneath the pedestal.

"Maybe some people still don’t know that I come from the Kingdom of Helius, the kingdom silently ruled by the shadow of the Church. There, all known mages will be hunted down and executed. I know most of you feel that Helius in miles away, and in a way, feel that this situation is not something you should be worried about. But unfortunately, the Church does not share your logic."

"Icor, Ferelden, Carretas... The traps that the Church have silently laid out are plenty. Carretas originally had many local mages, but, the thousands of them have all been assassinated by the Church. If you doubt this information, seek me out after the speech and I will even list their names out for you. Do not let down your guard just because the Church has temporarily retreated. They are always watching us, looking for an opportunity to strike."

Loud murmuring ensued in the hall.

"My god... A few thousand mages, is this true?"

"No wonder I had never seen Mage Joseph again, it’s because he..."

This was the genuine death toll of the local mages in Carretas. It was a number Benjamin had obtained after clearing up the remnants of the Church and reading through their documents. It was real; he did not make it up.

Benjamin was also shocked at the time. The Church had, in a mere few months, went on a killing spree that claimed the lives of thousands.

Benjamin felt that the opening ceremony of the Academy of Magic was the time to release his findings. He needed to alert everyone here of the dreadful news, especially the mages — for every day that the Church continued to exist, there would live in constant danger.

And this was the reason behind the Academy of Magic.

"Perhaps, you feel that the things the Church has done in Carretas are brutal. But believe me, there are things happening in the Kingdom of Helius at any given moment that are much, much worse than this. And they want to spread these horrors to any nation they can get their hands on."

Benjamin paused for a while before continuing, "Because of this, I have founded the Academy of Magic."

"We need to cleanse this poison that is the Church from the land. Everyone knows that they are forever singing the same tune. Whatever they want, they will take away in the name of God. Whoever they do not see eye to eye with, will be labelled a degenerate devils and purged with fire and "holy light". I don’t know about everyone else, but I am done with these fuck*ng phonies!"

Saying this, he slammed his palm on the podium. Frank saw this and walked onto stage right on cue.

Benjamin took a deep breath and guided Frank to the front of the stage, "I will now show everyone what the Church means by ‘the will of the Holy Light’."

Following Benjamin’s words, Frank recited a spell. A magical oscillation spread out and light elemental energy came together... Very soon, a grenade of holy light, as big as a fist, appeared in his hand.

Seeing the grenade of holy light, many people gasped and started chattering.

"The so-called Divine Arts is only a type of magic, controlled by the same spiritual energy we use, and cast the same way. This so-called Holy Light is not different from the fire elemental energy, water elemental energy, and wind elemental energy that we are so used to." Benjamin continued, "The Church hides behind lore and stories, but in reality, they are mages just like us. Because of this, our academy will also be teaching a class on light elemental energy magic. I hope that the students will find this beneficial."

Hearing this, the students and the guests alike could not help but fall into a discussion.

"So, the so-called Holy Light is just a lie?"

"I have long wanted to examine the Church’s Divine Arts, but those priests have always been so tight-lipped; the Divine Charms are not allowed in the hands of the outside world at all. I don’t know how Mage Benjamin did it..."

The fact that divine arts and magic were linked was no secret within the Church, but in the outside world, nobody could confirm the rumours. This was probably the first time it was confirmed to the public

At this event, where the land’s most influential members were present.

Benjamin was prepared well.

The Church had been investigating them anyway, so they might as well take the initiative and strike. Once talk like this got out, the Church will no doubt be angered. Benjamin could imagine what sort of expression that damn Bishop in Havenwright would show when he hears the news.

The Church would definitely retaliate, but, with so much distance in between them, Benjamin was not too worried.

They prepare defences, lay out all sorts of traps… whatever it was, they were not afraid.

"Enough! You... You devils! Not only have you robbed us of the Holy Light gifted by God to the world, but you have twisted it into the will of the devil. Your sins have surpassed that of even the devil himself!"

However, at that moment, an unexpected voice cried out.

Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

…...Had they come?

At the main entrance of the hall, an unfamiliar figure suddenly appeared. The man was entirely covered in a cloak. He slowly walked in from outside the door, his slight tremble revealing his rage.

The audience in the hall all turned their heads, dumbfoundedly watching that mysterious man, still confused about the situation.

Benjamin, on the other hand, burst into laughter.

"You come alone? Doesn’t your God preach against committing suicide?"