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Chapter 572: The Unexpected Guest

Chapter 572: The Unexpected Guest
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About halfway through his speech, Benjamin had sensed this figure suddenly approach the academy. Because of this, he was not at all surprised by his intrusion, just a little wary.

He had already expected that the Church might send people to come and disturb them at the school opening ceremony, but to really create trouble... At least have some respect for your opponents and send another ten of them.

A lone ranger… was he here to die?

"This man... The cloak on him is a bit strange, I cannot scan pass it. You had better be careful." However, the System sounded a warning at this moment.

Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows and tried to use water elemental sensing technique to check him; However, his results were the same, he could not get through the cloak of the unexpected guest.

This was a little weird...

He had initially thought that the Frank debunking a Divine Charm had provoked this man into appearing recklessly. But upon closer inspection, there seemed to be more to the situation.

Furthermore, what about the town’s secret patrol team? Had they completely missed this person?

Thinking about this, Benjamin felt a sudden tightness in his heart. Because of this, he did not wait for the mysterious man to speak further, but chose to strike immediately instead!

In the space of consciousness, a low mutter of a spell drifted through.

Suddenly, tens of ice shuttles suddenly appeared in the hall, and shot towards the mysterious man at the door without warning, — Benjamin’s movement was very fast; he had done everything in the blink of an eye, most of the audience in the hall had not even realized what was happening.

"My heavens... That man can’t be a priest, can he?"

Seeing the ice shuttles flying past, some people snapped back to their senses only to realize that the man at the door was no friend.

At the same time, Benjamin’s mages reacted just as quickly. At the moment Benjamin had struck, they mobilized to their positions; some of them stood outside the entrance to prevent the enemy from escaping while others took up attacking positions alongside Benjamin.

However, even when faced with Benjamin’s sudden attack, the man did not seem to have any intention to escape.

"I... I am here to deliver God’s punishment upon you sinners."

His voice was still shaking, but it did not seem to be out of fury, rather... from the body struggling with intense pain?

Benjamin suddenly had a bad feeling.

What was this man trying to do?

In the blink of an eye, the ice shuttles had hit the mysterious man. However, a strange force field appeared around his body. As the ice shuttles had flown near to him, they began to slow down mysteriously before finally stopping a few inches away from him.

The students and the guests’ jaws dropped as they saw this – they had no idea what was going on.

They craned their necks to looked over at the door; some people even began to cast spells to attack. But their attacks had the same result; the spells froze in midair, unable to proceed further.

Meanwhile, the man’s body started to convulse more.

Benjamin became very uneasy. He knew what the enemy was probably doing, but the cloak was blocking his senses. It was very difficult for him to confirm the situation.

But as Benjamin was struggling to assess the situation, the man immediately tore the cloak off, revealing to everyone the disturbing image underneath.

The man was topless underneath the cloak; his head was shaved and his body was covered with thick drawings of runes that ran from his face all the way to his fingertips. His body was also riddled with various puncture marks, giving some of the onlookers a sense of tropophobia.

But what was most disturbing was the man’s face. Tears were dripping from his eyes and his face was flushed bright red, which Benjamin suspected were the results of dealing with the immense pain he was supposedly suffering.

Seeing this, Benjamin grit his teeth.

This stance... Was he about to blow himself up?

"Everyone! The back door is open, get out the hall right now!" Before the situation developed further, he shouted at the top of his lungs.

He did not know what the other person was about to do, but with the hall, any dangerous attack would cause immense fatalities.

The shout jolted the audience awake and they began to stand up from their seats. Varys and Frank hurriedly herded them out, maintaining order as they rushed to bring them out the door.

At the same time, Benjamin had used a few water ball spells to create a gigantic water bubble. He completely enveloped the shirtless lunatic inside until there were multiple layers around him.

What kind of a joke was this? It was not easy to build this hall, it could not be destroyed in some random, mysterious terrorist attack on the very first day of school!

But right then, the man’s painful shaking suddenly stopped.

"No one can escape God’s punishment."

A voice so cold and emotionless that it sent shivers down everyone who heard it. He suddenly stood up and straightened his body, like a puppet whose soul was being sucked out. The runes on his body suddenly began to shine, causing the light elemental energy in the air to start moving.

After this, a strange magic seemed to befall the main entrance and the back door of the hall; a Holy Barrier suddenly appeared, blocking everyone who wanted to leave and trapping them inside.

"Damn it... He, he wants to shut us in here and bring us all down with him!" Seeing this, the King immediately turned around and ran towards Benjamin.

Benjamin, however, was just as stunned.

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! What was he supposed to do?

He racked his brains, trying to understand what was happening before his eyes. However, the only thing he could feel was that some sort of invisible substance had quietly dispersed and that the scope of the area he could scan using water elemental energy seemed to be slowly decreasing.

"What have you found out?" He asked in his heart.

The System answer wasn’t encouraging, "I have found out nothing. My inspection has been limited by somebody… or something; there is some powerful spiritual energy at work here."

Spiritual energy huh...

Benjamin looked at the fellow, whose entire body was now shining brightly.

Without a doubt, this spiritual energy did not originate from this priest. The light elemental energy around them was surging towards him like crazy; to control spiritual energy at this level, where the state of spiritual energy could be changed, was not something a human being could do.

This energy was just too complex.

"Quickly, think of a way! Where is your ball? Take it out quickly!" The King saw Benjamin not speaking and began to urge rather anxiously.

He was only here to attend a school opening ceremony; it had not been easy to reclaim his throne, he did not want to die in such a place!

"Crystal ball? Oh yeah..."

Benjamin came to his sense and did not have time to consider things carefully— he needed to stop the other person immediately! Because of this, he hurriedly took the crystal ball out from his bag, and, after activating it, fiercely threw it towards the unexpected guest at the door.


There was a dull thud as the crystal ball seemed to have hit something and suddenly stop in mid-air. The man opened his eyes right at that moment and said quietly.

"No one can stop God’s punishment."

At that moment, the runes all over his body stopped shining and disappeared. His eyes which were a shade of light brown suddenly began to radiate a white light.