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Chapter 576: Familiar Memories

Chapter 576: Familiar Memories
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The golden halo constantly went after him, it even condensed in the air into a needle-like beam, hovering around Benjamin, rhythmically cut off the water-ripple shadow protecting him.

The water ripple-like shadow... it looked like it was gradually getting weaker.

"Hey, what are you doing, I told you to figure out ways to control your own spiritual energy, why are you trying to control the priest’s spiritual energy?" For some reason, the System sounded particularly angry.

"I... ... this is considered as controlling these golden spiritual energy?"

"You finally understood." But the System said, "A matador holding a piece of red cloth can control a bull. You drew a rune and are about to be knocked over by these spiritual energy, whose fault is it?"


Although what the System said was not easy to take in, but Benjamin can still understand what it meant.

He can guide these spiritual energies?

While there were in the middle of their conversation, the shadow had gotten increasingly weaker, but Benjamin had no time to think about it, instead, he looked towards the rounded rune that he made out of water.

Then, he crumpled it.

Suddenly, there was a buzzing sound about the golden halos. Then, the halos stopped their cutting attacks, instead, they directly headed towards Benjamin. The shadow was not able to withstand it and a glimpse of light leaked through. Benjamin immediately felt a needle-like piercing headache.


He covered his head with his hands and almost fell onto the ground.

"You, cannot, fool, us." At the same time, the priest's voice travelled to Benjamin’s ears, and his cold voice sounded extremely taunting.

Mother fucker.

What kind of shitty description was the System making! Bulls are stupid, they will only run after the red cloth, but these spiritual energies... there was at least a will controlling them, how can he control them instead?

"You cannot blame me, I am just casually talking about it." The System said.

Benjamin really wanted to bring the System out and give it a beating, but at this moment, he felt his spiritual energy being harshly attacked by the halos. The piercing pain was hitting him like a tsunami, he had lost the ability to focus his spiritual energy.

He felt a strong sense of danger.

If-if this went on... his brain will be fried!

However, there were already a group of mages who were struggling to stand up in the auditorium, and they were astonished when they saw the state that Benjamin was in —— he was holding his head with one hand, grabbing the priest's throat with another and was roaring painfully. Benjamin and the priest looked like a religious-themed sculpture.

"Teacher Benjamin, you..."

"Don’t go! Do not get near those halos, or we will collapse like before again!"

"But... Teacher Benjamin... he..."

Those mages had a pained look on their faces. Probably because of their tenacious spiritual energy, they recovered faster than others, but when they saw how Benjamin had fallen into the same situation that they had just been through, and they felt an unspeakable grief.

Just when their magic got close to the halos, it was being dissipated into elements immediately, and was of no use at all. At that moment, they felt like a group of ordinary people who did not know anything.

But Benjamin... Benjamin’s skin had begun to turn red.

"Da-damn it..."

Probably because of the stolen blue spiritual energy, he still managed to remain a little conscious, and not collapse and struggle on the ground. But at the moment, he wanted make another circular rune using a water ball, but he was not able to do so.

Casting a spell was a process that required a steady state of mind, and with the state that he was in now, it was clear that he cannot complete the process.

The golden halo constantly penetrated the shadow and drilled into his mind. He felt like there were 10,000 bombs being ignited in his head, and his whole body together with his soul was being shattered. He dare not order the System to activate the intangible state, those halos were in his mind, once they enter the inner world, they will obtain a physical form, and his brain will be squeezed, right?

He hid in his space of consciousness, however, the space which used to be a complete darkness, now it was filled with golden halos everywhere. The water elements in the storage were all being released and they crazily rushed towards the halos, while the halos counter attacked.

The amount of water elements that he kept in store was enough to drown a whole city, but now it was being constantly destroyed at a visible speed.

The three triangular runes that was floating in mid-air were flashing continuously. Quite a number of halos surrounded the rune, trying to attack the runes. All the runes can do was to release Benjamin's purest spiritual energy to defend against these halos.

But... How much of Benjamin's spiritual energy will there be?

Just by looking at this scene, his heart was burning anxiously.

No, shouldn’t the runes be connected to the pure blue world? At this moment, why not mobilize spiritual energy from the pure blue world, instead of extracting Benjamin's spiritual energy?

However, before he did not have time to think about the reason to it, the golden halo that was spreading through his space of consciousness, they were like a shark that smelt blood and rushed towards him!

It was too late for Benjamin to leave his space of consciousness, and he was instantly flooded by the halos.

At that moment, he heard a huge roar in his ears which he almost lost consciousness from the bombardment. The entire space of consciousness was shaking, and the three runes were vibrating one after another, producing chaotic rings.


It was even more intense than before, it felt like he was hit by a flood.

Benjamin collapsed in his space of consciousness, rolling back and forth. At that moment, he had now lost all sanity and can no longer stay conscious, his limbs started convoluting violently and his mouth issued a meaningless roar.

"Do not lose consciousness! Do not lose consciousness!"

Just when he almost fainted, and plunge into boundless darkness, the System’s voice continued to ring in his ears, reminded him that he need to hold on to his last breath.

In a trance, probably because the System’s voice was too noisy, so he did not lose conscious.

The pain was getting stronger, the halos continued to drill towards him. Benjamin felt like he was about to get cooked... or maybe he had already been cooked, or why he still had a little consciousness left in him... he did not know the answer to it either.

At that moment, he suddenly had a subtle sense of familiarity.

It was like... like the rhythm played in the pure blue world... it was this feeling

The tidal-like rhythm... he still could not recall the rhythm..

... The rhythm that represented "water".

This idea reverberated in Benjamin's vague space of consciousness, slowly... slowly... waited until Benjamin's remaining tiny little consciousness noticed it, and it was like a thunder exploding in his head!

This feeling... it was the same!

The memory was like a tide of water flowing towards him, at that moment, Benjamin unconsciously opened his mouth. Suddenly, an ancient pronounced rhythm spoke out of his mouth.


A light sound ended all the lingering noises.