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Chapter 582: An Omniscient Image

Chapter 582: An Omniscient Image
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After being stunned for a brief moment, Benjamin realized that he had unexpectedly entered the Pure Blue World again.

Gigantic runes drifted in the sky while odd beams of light moved back and forth beside him... This time, however, he found that the Pure Blue World looked different. Other than the usual pure blue background, the scenes around him were now constantly changing; the unreal feeling of awe was still present but this time it was coupled with an inexplicable familiarity.

What was going on?

It was not like he had not touched the runes before, the runes would usually just flash and that was it. It was not his first time touching a fused rune either. But for some reason, this time he was brought into the Pure Blue World.

He could only assume that the System was really not deceiving him, and the new runes had somehow become a "key".

It could open the door to another world.

This time, however, there was no attack from weird syllables – possibly because he had used a ‘key’ to enter. But as he tried to move forward, he found that he could not move an inch, as if every muscle in his body refused to budge.

Besides, after a while, he suddenly felt a gradual feeling of warmth wash over his body.

It was like... he was melting?

After realizing what was happening, Benjamin was shocked. However, he could not do anything. The colour of his body looked like cotton soaked in water, it just started flowing into the surroundings. In a few minutes, he found that he had become blue in colour, slowly becoming one with the background of that world.

Benjamin had no idea what was happening, but he did not feel any pain and his consciousness was still clear. Thus, he remained calm.

It was not like his real body had actually melted, so what was there to be afraid of?

As he calmly observed the changes, he realized that he was slowly becoming a certain fluid, drifting about randomly in the Pure Blue World. This was followed by some very intriguing developments; one second he was caught in between the two runes, and the next he saw a number of concentrated beams of lights, somehow forming flickering images.

He looked at the images carefully.

Bloody hell...

Was that... Was that person Grant?

In the image interwoven by the beams of light, Benjamin saw a familiar yet strange scene. At the St. Peter’s Cathedral located in Havenwright, at the end of the solemn corridor, Grant and a strange Priest were standing in the shadows seemingly conversing about something.

Benjamin felt disbelief.

Was this real? Or was it his imagination? Why would an image in the Kingdom of Helius appear before him, all the more so that it was specifically St. Peter’s Cathedral?

He looked around him again and saw all kinds of images floating around him. Scenes of St. Peter’s Cathedral from various time periods floated gently in the air, looking delicate and somewhat magical. Benjamin even saw an image of him meeting the Bishop in the cathedral a long time ago.

He recalled when he had first entered the Pure Blue World, the System described it as an omniscience perspective of God.

Could this be what it meant?

He immediately changed the image and looked for a more valuable scene. However, most of what he could find were all meaningless empty shots - undisturbed wilderness, deep mountains filled with magical creatures... The fluctuations caused by the interwoven beam of lights were random and had no clear pattern. One second he saw the deep mountains of Icor from three months ago, a second later he saw scenes from the Kingdom of Helius just yesterday.

But Benjamin himself was not sure exactly what time zone each image he saw belonged to.

Previously, how was the System able to look at whatever it liked?

Unfortunately, this time, he had entered the Pure Blue World alone. The System was still doing calculations for the incantation matter in the Space of consciousness – or at least, he hoped that it was.

Benjamin could only go with the flow.

After looking around for some time, his vision once again returned to the corridors of the St. Peter’s Cathedral. After rifling through numerous unoccupied timelines, he finally found something interesting.

It was already night-time at the cathedral in the image. Benjamin watched as a shadow crept stealthily through the corridors.

Wait a minute...

Wasn’t that Miles?

Benjamin was stunned, Miles previously said that he had some job to do and had to go to the Kingdom of Helius. But... What was he doing sneaking into St. Peter’s Cathedral in the middle of the night?

Moreover, it was only a week ago when Miles had left, even if his pace had been borderline perfect, it would be impossible for him to have reached Havenwright today. But if these indistinct images formed by the interwoven of light beams were real, then it meant that...

Benjamin’s heart jumped.

Was he looking at images of the future?

After realizing the possibility of this, he was creeped out. He never believed in things like fate, and would not even consider that all things were already predestined. In his mind, even if this place contained beams of light from the future, it could all be overwritten.

The future was a piece of white paper, waiting for them to draw on. Fate and destiny was nothing but spiritual mumbo-jumbo.

However, Benjamin did not have time to think so much at that moment.

Because almost immediately, he saw another figure appear hidden in the shadows of the corridor.

It was Grant. He was standing not far away from Miles, silently watching him. At the same time, Miles was still sneakily walking about as if totally oblivious.

Benjamin suddenly felt nervous.

Regardless of whether it was a scene from the past or something that would happen in the future, as long as it appeared in the Pure Blue World, the authenticity of that image should be genuine.

Was Grant really going to launch a surprise attack on Miles?

But... Miles did not seem scared at all.

And yet, it did not seem like he would turn around and kill Grant. Benjamin felt confused.

To be fair, he actually did not bear any grudges towards Grant. Based on Grant’s character, there was no way he had come up with the scapegoat plan, so he was not to blame for the incident.

And after leaving Havenwright, Benjamin had almost no idea about what had happened over there. Grant... He probably lived on using Benjamin’s name, but was he really contented? Would he not also resent the Church?

Benjamin did not know if he should treat Grant as an enemy, or as a fake brother that he used to play war simulation games with.

He also did not know if he should hope that Miles would spare Grant.

In the image, Miles continued walking forward, very quickly leaving the frame of the image. But Grant was still following him from far behind, in a while, he too disappeared down the end of the corridor.

Instantly, Benjamin's eyes widened.

That was it?

He immediately turned around to continue searching for the images, desperately trying to find an image that would connect to the previous scene. But there were too many images piled up here that it was a lost cause.

It turned into one of the taverns in the Havenwright City, where Dick Fulner was drinking. With his left hand holding the chamber pot and his right hand holding a wine glass, he was obviously wasted and singing loudly in the bar with his retarded brother.

Benjamin was speechless.

You got to be kidding me...

He felt as though he had reached the most interesting part in a novel with the outcome to be revealed in the next chapter, only to find out that the author had never returned from buying instant noodles and that the story would never be continued.

This cliff-hanger was driving him insane.