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Chapter 583: The Operation of the Academy

Chapter 583: The Operation of the Academy
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Even after Benjamin left the Pure Blue World, he did not manage to find any clues about Miles and Grant.

He deeply felt that the Pure Blue World existed in pure randomness. He had visited countless times but had always discovered different things on each trip. More importantly, he could not deduce a reliable pattern about its behaviour.

Miles sneaking into the cathedral and being spotted by Grant... will that really happen in the future?

Benjamin was sceptical but not dismissive.

After looking through the light beams for many more hours, he could no longer find anything worth investigating. Eventually, his body grew tired because of the extended amounts of time he spent in the Pure Blue World.

In the end, he fell asleep. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he had returned to reality.

The moment he woke up, he rushed into the Space of consciousness.

"What happened? It seemed like I had entered the Pure Blue World again just now. Nothing happened over here right?"

The System hopped here from afar and replied coldly, "Nothing much, you just fell asleep. It’s already morning now, though. You’re lucky nobody came to look for you in the academy, or they would have thought you dead."


Benjamin felt helpless.

However, he was rather surprised that he had spent such a long time in the Space of consciousness.

After much thought, he told the System about what he saw. However, the System seemed quite baffled by his experience. It expressed that its omniscience perspective was completely different from what Benjamin had experienced and suggested that Benjamin could very well have just experienced a hallucination.

But, Benjamin did not think so.

After he returned to reality, he quickly used the transmission wood piece to send Miles a message to confirm the situation. In the event that this was the future, then he should at least notify him and try to prevent it from happening.

Other than that, he also tried to touch the runes again. The runes flickered but he did not enter the Pure Blue World again. It seemed like the runes were not doors that he could use to freely enter and leave.

What a pity...

After doing all of that, he turned around and stared at the System grimly.

"Are you done with arranging the incantations yet?"

This matter was still his priority.

The System answered impatiently, "How can it be so fast, do you think I’m some kind of supercomputer? I have to compare various regulations in the study of incantations and analyse them one by one - it’s a very complicated job alright?

"... It has already been a day. Do you know how many lectures I could have prepared in the same amount of time?"

"This is a very professional matter, you wouldn’t understand."


Benjamin could not do anything; the System had always sounded like a mad scientist. Moreover, he really did not understand much about the incantations and could not determine if the System was telling the truth or if it was secretly failing again.

Thus, he could only hurry the System casually before leaving hastily.

Benjamin slowly walked into his room as he flung open the big doors.

It was still daytime and the air was warm. There was a small peaceful trail outside of where he lived where almost nobody passed by – Benjamin considered it the quietest place in the academy. But as he looked on from afar, he could feel that the Mage Academy was no brimming with life.

Young faces were seen everywhere walking along the pathways and corridors of the academy. It was almost time for first period and some of them were seen carrying their breakfast, eating as they hurried towards the academic building.

It was now the third day of class.

Before the opening ceremony, the students had already gone through some pre-school training, class allocation, lectures, self-introductions... These were all done over the past few days. After the opening ceremony yesterday, they were supposed to have done some course arrangements but due to the accident that took place, yesterday was taken as a day off instead.

But today, the Mage Academy would operate as per usual.

Personally, Benjamin felt that this was a little overboard. As the attack had just happened recently, everyone must still be experiencing some trauma. It would have been inhuman of him to force classes to go on like nothing happened the next day – at the very least he would have given them a couple of weeks of to recover.

But truthfully, the students had volunteered to continue their classes immediately.

The attack from the Church did indeed make them feel uneasy. But as students who were beginners to the world of magic and that had no experience in fighting, their hearts burned with a strong desire to grow stronger. Many of them had actually expressed that if there was a next attack in the academy, they had hoped to be more useful instead of looking on disheartened like dispirited cheerleaders.

With such burning passion, how could Benjamin reject them?

Of course, they were also hoping to nurture the first batch of mages as soon as possible - They owed too many people money and needed to repay them soon!

While he continued to let his thoughts flow, Benjamin walked out of his room and headed towards the academic building.

As the director of the Mage Academy, he realized that he actually had quite a lot of free time. The trivial matters relating to classes were overseen by other mages whilst Varys was also doing a good job in managing the administration. Benjamin was only needed in the really huge decisions. So as of right now, he was only responsible for the daily diplomatic matters of the academy.

After all, he was the face of the academy, people would have to look for him if they were looking to strike any type of deal.

However, his job in foreign affairs would have to be put on hold for the time being. It would probably be a long time before anyone would visit again, so he could now spend his days enjoying some well-deserved R and R.

He could actually stay indoors and meditate privately. Although the incantations had not been found yet, at the very least, he could still use the water elemental energy to strengthen the new runes – who knows, maybe something interesting would come from that.

But before that, he still wanted to walk about outside to have a look around the place.

He was still the leader of the organization, after all, so he should be conducting inspections when he had free time.

As he leisurely strolled around, Benjamin arrived somewhere not far away from the academic building. The students were almost all in class, ready to start their lessons. It was just the beginning of the lessons, so everyone was seated randomly to go through their basic theories together. After some time, once the students gained a better understanding of magic and discovered their expertise, then they would be sorted into their specializations.

But, speaking of subdivisions, they still did not have many of those either. Battle mages, potion mages, magical instruments makers... there was not much else besides the six major fields.

After all, how detailed could they possibly get?

"Director Benjamin, we meet again."

As he was walking around the academy, he suddenly heard a voice calling him from behind. When Benjamin turned around to look, he saw the elderly mage that had expressed interest in runes and elemental planes during the ceremony standing some distance behind him.

"Oh, it’s you... Are you getting ready to join the academy, sir?"

Benjamin could not recall his name at that moment, and the System was not answering him, so he could only laugh nervously as he greeted the man.

"Yes, Mage Varys has already settled accommodations for me in town. It’s quite near so I’ll be able to enrol in the academy at any time." The elderly mage smiled and said as he walked over, "Mage Benjamin... since the Mage Academy is on the right track now, I would like to ask you, when can we start our research on runes and elemental planes?"