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Chapter 590: Provocation

Chapter 590: Provocation
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Varys saw this and could no longer be on good terms with them. If they were so determined to meet Benjamin to the extent of causing trouble, then the magic academy could not afford to lose to them.

"From what I observe, I don’t think Your Highness is sincere about the collaboration. Our academy is a quiet place for students to learn. Please bring along your people and leave quickly. Otherwise, we will have to force you to leave."

While he was talking, the teachers in the academy who were not having classes had come over and gathered a group of mages with dozens of mages. They were confronting the group of mages outside, and the atmosphere was very tense.

The mages organization had no intention of backing off.

"So what? Are you trying to make us leave with just this many people? It seems like the rumor about how the magic academy is deeply profound have turned out to be lies."

Varys shook his head and said, "This many people would be enough to deal with you."

Accompanied by a wave, the teachers behind him started chanting. The elements of the heaven and the earth started surrounding them. The group of mages led by the middle-aged mage, naturally, could not be outdone, so they began chanting spells too.

A strong yet messy magic fluctuation started spreading at the academy’s gate.

"Look, are they going to start a fight?"

"It is Dean Varys, he is actually getting into a fight with other mages!"

Many students were startled. They had gathered at the window to watch the fun, making the teachers in class very angry as they had to hectically maintain the classrooms’ discipline. Meanwhile, the townsfolk on the other side of the town were also attracted by the fight and gradually gathered here.

"We will show them the power of the magic academy."

When the chanting was finished, Varys uttered a cold sneer and said so.

Along with his words, dozens of mages cast wind-elemental magic at the same time. Wind Blades, Wind Storms, Tornadoes and so on... The amount of wind spells concentrated into a massive, formidable force. It was obvious that they were trying to "send" them away.

Meanwhile, the mages organization in front of them conjured a number of huge, protective earth walls.

It was probably to test the strength of the academy, so they chose to stay on the defensive at first. Layers and layers of walls protected all the mages in the mages organization. Not only that, shining ice crystals were deposited onto the wall. These people also used a large amount of ice armor to further strengthen the wall's defenses.

This level of cooperation, it was obvious that they had practiced for a long time and they had come fully prepared.

However, when a wind storm formed by dozens of wind magic swept through the shield, even the earth walls were not able to withstand it.

"This... how could this be?"

The wind blades attack were so compact that it was like rain droplets, cutting through the earth walls and ice shards, sending the surrounding sand and rocks flying. What was even more impressive was that a few tiny tornadoes were shot like a drill. When they got into contact with the wall, it caused the one-meter-thick wall to shake furiously.

The middle-aged mage's expression instantly changed.

"How could it be... That guy said that these people are not that strong..." He murmured to himself, looked at the wall and suddenly took a bottle of potion out. He hesitated for a moment before drinking it.

After drinking the potion, he began chanting again. Accompanied by an astonishing magic fluctuation, a wind wall rose up, shielding the front of the earth walls, and its momentum was so shocking that it blew apart at least half of the opposing wind magic. When a large number of wind blades pierced into it, only some managed to fly out.

The thick earth walls finally stopped shaking.

Varys saw this and revealed a strange look.

The sudden burst of spiritual energy... Did he drink a high-quality potion?

"Your Highness, what is the point of this? I do not know why you came to the academy. However, if you forcibly want to go against us, you will definitely not gain anything in the end."

They were so stubborn that it made him suspicious.

"What? Are you scared now? If you are, then bring your dean out, don’t let him look like a scaredy-cat." The middle-aged mage did not plan to give up and immediately provoked him from the other side of the wall.

"What an idiot..."

Varys shook his head and said silently.

The first battle had ended and the storm gradually calmed down, the wind wall summoned by the mages organization had also slowly dissipated, leaving only the huge earth walls in the middle which had already appeared very much destroyed.

At this moment, more mages in the academy had gathered.

"What's happening? Why did you not inform me of the fight?"

"Who are these people? Forget it, hurry and chase them away! Their being here only makes students lose focus in class!"


Seeing more and more people gathering near the academy gate, beads of sweat trickled down the middle age mage's forehead. Another mage behind him patted his shoulder and said, "They... they seem to have a lot of people, how about we leave first?"

The middle-aged mage turned around and said firmly, "No, if we were to go back now, we will not have a place in Ferelden."


The middle-aged mage waved his hand and interrupted him. He suddenly ordered the mages under him to dispel their magic and take down the ruined earth walls. Then, he looked at the growing number of people in front of the academy gate and said coldly,

"So, the magic academy is a group of guys who win by outnumbering your opponent? How can you teach students like this?"

"If you want to fight, then just fight. What is with all these nonsense?"

The middle-aged mage heard it and was a little embarrassed. However, he stood firm and said, "What is the point in fighting? One of you come out and fight with me one-on-one. If you cannot even beat me, you should stop operating this academy. "

After saying that, the teachers of the academy looked at each other teasingly. The students also slowly gathered, anticipating a good show.

"Will you leave after the fight?" Varys shook his head and said.

"Of course."

"Okay, let me go..." Joanna almost jumped with excitement, she hopped forwards to accept the challenge.

However, a voice came from behind them and interrupted Joanna.

"What are you hurrying for, leave some for me."

The teachers of the academy turned around and the students opened their mouths in surprise. The bystanders who were watching suddenly opened up a trail for Benjamin, who rubbed his temples while he walked.

Joanna saw this, her excitement disappeared and revealed an expression as though she was thinking "Booooring!"

"…Dean, are you done meditating?" Varys asked.

Benjamin looked tired and he vaguely said, "Mhm."

The people from the mages organization looked at Benjamin.

"You're the legendary mage Benjamin?" The middle-aged wizard stared at Benjamin, he seemed a little nervous, yet continued saying slowly with a low voice.

Benjamin ignored him.

"Hey, you are already a teacher, can’t you behave yourself?" He pulled Joanna back and said, "Leave these people to me, I just finished an experiment, so I want to try it out."

Joanna did not say anything, she nodded and disappointingly returned to the crowd.

Benjamin walked forward, affixing his gaze to the middle-aged mage.

"Wh-what are you trying out? You’re just a child, are you looking down on us? Do not think that you can be so smug just because you’re a little famous. Be careful, your reputation might be tarnished!"

Benjamin looked at him and suddenly said: "Who told you to come?"

The middle-aged mage was stunned for a moment and shook his head.

"So you do not want to say? Well then, make a move." Benjamin yawned, looking as if he had not slept for a long time. "Hurry up, stop wasting time."

The middle-aged mage was stunned and said: "You want to... fight all of us?"

Benjamin shrugged and said reluctantly: "If I fight you one-on-one, after losing, you will definitely not accept it after losing. So, it’s better if all of you come together, it will save us all some time, and the students can still proceed with their classes!"

The middle-aged mage looked a little strange. He glared at the men behind him and said with an indifferent expression, "You asked for it."

After saying that, they began chanting together.

Benjamin saw this and smiled. Subsequently, he opened his mouth and cast a strange and short spell before his opponent.