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Chapter 591: The Power of the New Spell

Chapter 591: The Power of the New Spell
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Accompanied by a subtle magic fluctuation, all the people surrounding were stunned. They did not see any gleams of magic flashing from Benjamin, but they felt something different.

There was a… a feeling of moisture.

"Hasn’t Dean Benjamin always been using the three introductory magic? Did he change his approach today?" Some of them were surprised and discussed softly.

"Who knows…?"

While in the mages in the crowd had their own doubts, both of Benjamin’s feet left the ground with his eyes closed; his clothes flowing freely as he slowly rose into the air. Then, a blue ripple suddenly appeared, spreading out from his body, leaving those in the crowd were dumbfounded.

What was that again?

Under their confused gaze, the ripple spread across the middle-aged mage who was chanting and his men, as well as some of the closeby onlookers. After spreading outward to an approximately ten-meter radius, a ‘ding’ sound was heard. It was as though the ripple had reached to the edge, then it began to rebound, swiftly returning to Benjamin.

Benjamin opened his eyes at this moment with seemingly blue lights flashing in them.

At that moment, the people who were swept by the ripple felt something pressuring them and they instantly felt a surge of tightness in their chest, causing their spiritual energy to fail to the point where they were almost breathless.

A rich surge of water element had been blown to their faces; it was as though they had fallen into the water.

"What... what is this?"

The crowd of onlookers were shocked and took a few steps back. After they left the circle made by the ripple, the tightness in his chest eventually subsided. The people looked at each other, not knowing what happened.

Was it another magic that they had never heard of?

"Humph… tricky bastard."

The middle-aged mage raised his head, looked at Benjamin who was flying in mid-air and said. Of course, the group of mages did not leave the circle, instead, they continued chanting under the pressure.

There were stone guns, earth blades, petrification light in their hands... They should be users of the earth element. After they were ready, they did not hesitate to launch their attacks toward Benjamin.

Obviously, they held no mercy as they did not plan on keeping him alive. Dozens of magic combined together, the impact was stunning.

Benjamin stopped mid-air.

The bystanders at the side were calmly watching this scene. Anyhow, they had absolute confidence in Benjamin. As for the ordinary people in the town who were watching from afar, they could not help but break into a cold sweat of anxiety, worrying about Benjamin.

"The dean cannot die... if he is dead, what will happen to this town?"

Of course, the townspeople were on Benjamin's side. However, they never watched Benjamin's battle. Therefore, even though Benjamin was famous, they still had doubts in their hearts.

However, at this moment...

Just when the overwhelming amount of soil magic almost hit Benjamin, there was suddenly a burst of blue light surrounding him. The blue light spread to the stone gun that was just half a meter away from him and the stone gun that was flying at a high-speed suddenly stopped in mid-air.

Everyone was stunned.

Not only stone guns, all the attacks made by the group of mages suddenly came to a halt under the influence of the blue light. The attacks just stopped abruptly without even slowing down. It did not look like it was being blocked by a magic barrier, rather, it looked they were frozen in time.

The power of magic was still there, it was as though the second the blue light disappear, they will rush forward again.

However, they couldn’t rush forward.

Benjamin waved his hand toward a large amount of magic attack in front of him, suddenly, those stone gun and blade with a blue light attached to it quietly dissipated into the air returned into elements and disappeared without a trace.

"Th-this… What magic is this?"

Everyone was staring so intensely that their eyes almost popped out.

Not to mention the townsfolk crowding at the side, even the mages of the academy had an unbelievable expression and did not understand what Benjamin had discovered this time.

"Dean, this magic, can we learn this in the future?"

Some students pulled Varys’s sleeve and asked weakly. Other than forcing a smile, Varys did not say anything else.

After following Benjamin for so long, he was well aware that no matter what level of approach that this young man took, no one else could reenact it.

All they could do was look up to him.

Those who were watching at the side were dumbfounded, among them, a middle-aged mage was looking at Benjamin, and he rubbed his eyes, looking as if he thought he was hallucinating.

After making sure that it was not an illusion, his expression looked as though he was being stepped on, and he had no words.

"You... what did you do?"

Benjamin laughed.

"It’s nothing, it’s just that your magic is not that proficient, and its structure is too fragile. Therefore, I can easily suppress them with water element and then break them down."

His tone sounded as though he was a teacher who was giving a lecture, and the people from the mages organization were dumbfounded, they had an even more confused look than when they were in an advanced mathematics class.

What... was this person saying?

Breaking up other people’s magic in just a blink of an eye, was it something that most people can do?

However, the whole process happened right in front of them, how could they explain it? Hallucination? Or did God appear and broke them off?

At that moment, their will to fight had long disappeared.

"Do you still not understand? Forget it if you do not, I should have known that you are not that smart just by looking at you." Benjamin shook his head and went on, "So... are you going to tell me who instigated you, or do I need to force you to say it?"

"Damn it, there must be something weird with this guy." The middle-aged mage clenched his fists and commanded, "Continue attacking, keep him busy for a while, I will deal with him!"

After hearing that, his men were shocked. However, it was their leader’s order, after all, they followed the command of the middle-aged mage and started chanting, despite it being useful or not, summoned all their courage to continue attacking.

As for the middle-aged mage, he quietly began to chant, probably trying to cast a high-level magic.

Seeing that, Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

They were really a stubborn group of people.

Did they really think that he would watch as they chant until the end? He did not interrupt them just now merely because he wanted to try out the new spell in actual combat and its power.

Unfortunately, his opponent was too weak, he did not get to try anything much.

"It’s game over."

With that in mind, he clapped his hand and said calmly.

Accompanied by crisp clapping sound, the blue light flashed and the mage organization who was still chanting instantly turned into dozens of ice sculptures.

"Oh my God..."

No one saw how Benjamin attacked, and no one saw how these people got frozen. The bystanders around him felt like they saw a flash and before they knew it, the fight was already over. Before the people from the mage organization could even be surprised, they had already turned into an ice sculpture, and their facial expression was frozen while they were still casting their spells.

At this moment, Benjamin clapped his hand again.

"Ding" sounds were coming from the ice sculptures as it started shattering, exposing the mages trapped inside. However, at this moment, they lost the imposing manner that they had just now when they were chanting spells together.

Since they lost support, these mages immediately fell to the ground. All of them were shivering with their faces pale and eyes dim. It seemed like just a few seconds of freezing was enough to cause them to unable to get ahold of themselves and say anything.

Benjamin indifferently watched the group of mages and suddenly spoke, chanting the unfamiliar spell that he had chanted in the beginning.

The blue ripples started spreading again, it swept around the surrounding before returning to him again.

At that moment, the crowd was stunned, they felt the damp feeling in the air disappear. Whereas Benjamin, who was floating in the air, slowly got back to the ground.

"These mages attacked the academy with an intention, lock them up first and investigate them before deciding how to settle them."

After Benjamin finished talking, he turned around and leisurely walked back to the academy.