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Chapter 594: The Exams Begin

Chapter 594: The Exams Begin
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News of the midterm examinations quickly turned to skepticism.

To this world, what the Mage School had brought forth was beyond contemporary. Midterm examinations? What could this be? Given its novelty, even if it was just a normal midterm examination, news of it spread to every corner almost like it had the same level of significance as the news of a king’s passing.

Besides, news of a fallen king might not even affect the daily lives of the people. A Mage School, on the other hand, provided an opportunity for even the most poverty-stricken people to learn magic!

"Do you really intend to go spectate the midterm examinations in the Mage School?"

In the city of Fereydun[1], a meeting spot for a certain guild of mages had a few mages who disapproved of the Mage School, gathering and discussing this latest piece of news.

"Of course I have to. Not only by the order of the higher-ups, a good number of respectable, high-leveled mages have invited me. How can I not go?"

"But… didn’t we act against them several times?"

"What of it? How would they know that it was us?" The mage snickered to himself, "A Mage School, huh? It just so happened I’m curious myself, I want to see what kind of horrible establishment they have here."

This kind of scenario happened commonly in every internal structure of mage guilds. Benjamin emphasized greatly in his letter to invite all mage guilds, even those with little influences. As the hero of Fereydun and Kereydes[2], it was hard for anyone to reject his invitation.

In truth, the elderly, high mages were in decent terms with him and even witnessed his feats during the opening ceremony. Who would dare go against Benjamin?

Those who were secretly against him belonged to many smaller mage guilds. After all, none of them could stand Benjamin.

As such, invitations had been given to every mage guilds. Ever so stagnant in power, these guilds had always been begrudging towards him. It’s no surprise that none of them declined his invitation. Filled with vigor and high spirits, they all set forth to investigate the Mage School.

Of course, ill-intended bunch aside, there were many who were immensely curious, holding high expectations toward the school. As some missed their first enrollments, others contemplated whether to send their children to the school… Previously, the Mage School used to be closed off. Now that it’s open to visitors, along with some classes for public listening, it certainly caught the interests of a fair number of mages.

And so, little by little, the once quiet Academia suddenly bustled into life.

"Good, good! Midterm exams!"

As he counted the clinking-and-clanking coins in his purse, a hotel managed exclaimed, "Why does the headmaster not host more of these events? How is it enough with only one exam in a few months? He should make it once every week!"

Fortunately, none of the students could overhear this kind of conversations. Otherwise, they would most certainly be in shock.

About a few days before the exam, Benjamin trod along the school grounds, it became clear that no longer could anyone stay and have merry chat with him. Everyone’s faces were as grey as gravestones, gazes of dead fishes, bags formed beneath their eyes and they paced around like corpses. Upon seeing Benjamin, they could only muster a slight nod before rushing to their next destination.

Benjamin observed the situation and nodded in approval.

He felt that he had not let the quality education he experienced in the past down. He instead continued this practice, passing on this harsh love in a corner of another world.

A sense of fulfillment washed over him.

"...Are you trying to tire them to death?" The System could not help but ask.

"They will be given two days of break before the exam to rest, mentally preparing themselves for what’s to come."

Benjamin continued, "Besides, this is nothing. You clearly underestimate human potential."

His assistant kept silent in agreement.

And so, the last few days had passed, and the first midterm exam of the Mage School had officially begun.

In the city of Academia, the long-awaited crowd shuffled into the school grounds.

"So this is the Mage School? I heard they spent a lot of money assembling a huge crew to construct this place for so long. It’s as if they built a prestigious school!"

Fafnir[3] was the leader of a mage guild. He previously planned with a few other mage guilds to cause a ruckus at the school gates by hiring random people. Now, as he walked in the school grounds whilst taking in his surroundings, he couldn’t resist whisper discussions with his companion.

"Keep it down, don’t let them hear us." His companion quickly reminded him.

Fafnir nodded, "I’m already as soft as I can be, how would they hear us?"

When they were done talking, they headed deeper in. The school grounds’ wide paths and various sorts of buildings caught their attention. They blended in with the crowd, looked around while whispering comments about what they saw.

"This place is certainly huge. I wonder why the king of Kereydes would give such massive piece of land away?"

"What are those buildings for? How odd it is to have so many rooms. Do they really have THAT many students?"

"The crowd seemed to be small over there. Let’s go have a look, there might be hidden treasures."

After scouting around casually without spotting any treasures, they both distanced themselves from the crowd. Ever since Benjamin’s mighty achievements reached their ears, they were confident the young mage had some secrets to his success, perhaps hidden in this very school.

They couldn’t resist themselves from the idea of obtaining something valuable from here.

"My apologies, no one is allowed to pass through here."

Instead, with only a few steps in, they encountered what looked like guards around the area. The guards halted them, preventing them from exploring much quieter parts of the school.

"We’re not allowed through here? Wasn’t this place completely open to the public? What is the meaning of this?"

The guard replied, "In the education building beyond here, some of our students are undergoing writing examinations. They require a quiet environment, and this particular exam is not suitable for public viewing. Both of you may observe the other groups of students which are undergoing a sparring exam in the field to your left."

Fafnir felt blurred upon hearing this.

Writing exams and sparring exams… How complicated. Wasn’t this a school for teaching magic? What’s the point of conducting all of this mess?

The more someone was in his way, the more he wanted to take a glimpse. Only the person was directly in front of them, they couldn’t possibly throw away their pride and force their way in.

After exchanging glances with his companion, they turned around and headed toward the school field.

As they walked far away from ears reach, they continued.

"How suspicious. I wonder what’s there to keep it from everyone, should we investigate?" The companion mage whispered in irritation.

"...Forget about it, we would have definitely been found out."

Fafnir shook his head, "Isn’t there a sparring exam of sorts? Already holding a sparring exam after only a little time of learning magic. Does he take those visiting mages for fools?"

"Indeed. Within only a few months of magic training, these students are not worth taking note of, let alone a sparring examination…"

"Let us head over there and observe."

The accompanying mage nodded.

Following the crowd, they kept moving forward. Although irritated, they were paranoid from their past wrongdoings. Feared of being found out, they didn’t dare do anything flashy.

Soon enough, they reached the field.