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Chapter 601: The Effectiveness of An Antidote

Chapter 601: The Effectiveness of An Antidote

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And so, with the efforts of everyone at the academy, the public lesson day ended without a hitch.

The gates of the academy closed, and the mages who had come from the outside all returned to the town with joyful expressions. Today was not only an important day for the academy, but also for them because it had seemed to change their initial ideas of magic and opened up a whole new world for them.

Learning magic this way... was really amazing.

Perhaps it was because there was some reluctance to part in the heart of these people that they did not immediately leave Academy, but rather stayed in the town for a few days after. At one point they even formed an exchange meeting on their own initiative. These mages who had undergone the nurturing of the academy gathered in a diner and exchanged their experiences with magic, encouraging and strengthening each other.

After hearing about this, Benjamin stroked his chin, full of interest. The response was unexpected but very much welcome.

The midterm examination was only supposed to be propaganda for the academy, but looking back, the influence it created was bigger than he had expected. Who knows, they might choose to continue this event and turn it into some sort of a festival, or an annual magic exchange convention.

Whether for the academy or the mages, it would be extremely helpful - not to mention the businesses that had sprung up in the town.

The little town of Academy also belonged to him. Over the past few days, while the academy had been open to the public, the taxes collected by this small town had been six times the usual amount.

Perhaps, if they could continue the make the open day of the academy an annual thing, it would slowly become a cultural event. If that were to happen then mages from all over the land would gather here and discuss the learning of magic in this place, even without an invitation.

If that were to happen, then the Academy had the possibility to become the mages’ ideal holy land, and the town would expand.

Of course, these were all the idealistic imaginations of the future. Such things must not be hurried, and Benjamin only toyed with the idea for a while before quickly turning his attention to other matters at hand.

Following the departure of the visiting mages, the academy slowly quietened down. The students went to class as usual and diligently improved themselves. Soon, they should be able to go out and help repay Benjamin’s debts.

Benjamin strolled around the academy before entering the magic potion department.

"So, all they have to do is drink it, and the effects of the Queen’s magic potion will be dispelled so that the hypnotized mages will return to normal?"

In the laboratory, there was a bit of disgust on his face as he looked at the viscous liquid that looked like a mixture of mud and mire inside the bottle.

The old man standing at the side nodded.

"Although I have never tested it, it should have the expected effect." He answered slowly. "After confirming the components of the Queen’s potion, the medicinal properties of this potion is completely inhibitory of the Queen’s potion and possesses a very strong spiritual rush capability. Once the mages drink this, it should dispel the hypnotic state and they will once again have the intention to rebel against the Queen."

Benjamin frowned for a while before turning and asking him, "Then why don’t you try it?"

The old man was silent for a moment, "Because... There’s a certain risk to this potion… the potency of the ingredients means that there is a possibility of death after consumption. I need your permission to carry out the experiments."

Benjamin helplessly rubbed his temples.

"Can’t you do some research and come up with a milder antidote?"

"It would be very difficult." The old man said with a sigh, "The effects of the magic potion have penetrated deep into their brains and spiritual energy. We have to take some big risk to completely clear it out."

After hearing this, Benjamin thought for a while before finally nodding his head.

"Bring it for testing then."

To be honest, it was already very surprising to him that the old man could come up with the potion in just a few months’ time. Flaws in the potion was only natural.

The Queen’s potion was really strange; it would cause the mages to have the idea that they could not fight against the Queen, even convincing them that this was their own intent and not something others had forced into them. If these mages also had spaces of consciousness, they would probably be filled with smoke and fog from the magic potion.

The only solution to clear out such powerful effects would be to use an equally strong potion.

Furthermore, Benjamin was also mildly curious. If the antidote really was effective, then what behavior would those mages who had sworn allegiance to the Queen show? Would they suddenly wake up and realize the oppression the Queen had inflicted on them? Or would they return to the original, clear-headed consciousness, with some people choosing to rebel, and some continuing to be loyal to the Queen?

If it were the latter, then things would still be somewhat troublesome.

While thinking, Benjamin followed the old man into the underground room. The captive mages were still locked up here, and suddenly seeing quite a number of people swarming downstairs to visit them, they could not help but show expressions of panic and alarm.

"You… What do you guys want?"

With such a huge posse, the captives were aware that this time, the visit was not just for a sample of their blood.

"We are here to rescue you, so you can be free from the effects of that potion." Benjamin smiled and answered.

Before they could realize what was happening, the old man used a simple windblast pellet. The magic hit the body of the unprepared captive, and he was immediately knocked out.

After this, the old man walked forward and opened up his mouth before pouring the medicine in.

"You... Shouldn’t you have kept him awake so that you can observe his condition after drinking the potion?" Benjamin was momentarily lost for words.

"From an observational point of view, yes, that should have been done." The old man revealed an impatient expression and replied, "But this fellow has been very troublesome, I just wanted to hit him."


Regardless, the medicine had been administered and Benjamin was not in the mood to discuss ethics. The key to dealing with Icor was on the brink of being revealed. He took a deep breath, and carefully observed the movements of the captive mage.

The entire underground room descended into dead silence.

One minute… Two minutes…

"That... I think, he doesn’t seem to be responding.."

After watching in silence for an extended amount of time, Benjamin could not help but open his mouth and highlight his nervousness.

The old man seemed to be puzzled.

"It should not have. According to my predictions, he should at least would be vomiting out something…"

"So, with his current state being like this, could the magic potion be considered a successful breakthrough?"

The old man shook his head in response to the question, "I am not sure. Let us wake him up and see."

And so, after having been knocked out by a windblast pellet not long ago, the captive was hit yet again by a huge water ball to the face. He was knocked so hard that he almost flew. He woke up from his unconscious state with a start.

"I... This... I... Where am I?"

Benjamin carefully observed him before asking.

"Let me ask you a question - do you hate the Queen? Do you hate the Mages’ Organization? Will you still obey the Queen’s commands in the future? If you were to join a group of mages to topple the Queen from her throne, would you be willing?"

A string of questions flooded out from his mouth, causing the other party to be a bit stunned.

The captive looked at him with a blank face.

"... Who is the Queen?" After some silence, the captive scratched his head and spoke.