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Chapter 606: A Surprising Name

Chapter 606: A Surprising Name
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Benjamin was actually quite resigned about the situation.

The sudden ambush by these unknown mages quickly forced these students into a corner. If he continued to stand by and do nothing, everyone would be captured by them. Thus, he had no choice but to activate the Water Elemental Field to build a water bubble to block the storm. He even used the Rune to neutralize the enemy’s High-Level Magic.

Even if he was still in disguise as a ‘middle-aged merchant’, his expression and behavior has allowed all of his students to recognize him as their Director.

"Director…. W-Why do you look like that?"

Benjamin shrugged. "I noticed some signs of a certain influence trying to do something to the Academy. Thus, I followed you to see if anything would happen."

The students stared at each other in bafflement, still too shocked to regain their composure.

The ‘rich merchant’ that was in their team was actually their Director? When they recalled what they have said to the merchant previously, some of the students were so embarrassed that they wished to dig a hole and bury themselves in it.

Seriously, how did they not recognize him?

Lara, on the other hand, shook her head as she stopped her incantation of her High-Level Magic. "Don’t blame me. I didn’t call you out, you’re the one who revealed yourself."

Benjamin nodded, very much done about this situation. He did not say anything.

His sight returned to the mages outside.

"Who are you?" The middle-aged mage glared at him. Similar questions has been asked repeatedly.

"I’m the Director of the Academy of Magic." Benjamin sneered as he crossed his arms before his chest. "You thought I wouldn’t appear? Too bad, I was here since the beginning of this fiasco."

The middle-aged mage immediately exchanged a look with his companions, looking very troubled by the turn of events.

"Director, I only wanted to invite these students to meet my master. I have no malicious intentions. As you can see, we did not use any magic that has high attacking power. We merely wanted to subdue them."

It was evident that they became timid after they knew of Benjamin’s presence. That was probably the advantages of fame.

Unfortunately, Benjamin was not exactly affable. He chuckled coldly, "Is that so? If I go over to slap you some, would you be able to laugh it off just because it was not threatening to your lives?"

"What would you wish to do then, sir?"

"Tell me where you come from, and I might spare your life."

"This…. We can’t do that."

"Don’t blame me for my tactlessness, then." Benjamin’s voice were laced with ice.

With a wave of his hand, the Defense Rune dissipated before Benjamin. The tornado that was summoned by the High-Level Magic disappeared long before this, and the pure barrier that was formed due to the condensation of the water elements also gradually dissipated.

After that, he pointed at the middle-aged mage, and lightly drew another Rune with his fingertips.

"Elemental Order - Damage."

Benjamin’s movement were smooth and uninterrupted, and the mysterious Rune flashed across the air with a soft glow. The face of every mages in the area changed when they sensed a violent force closing into them.

The Water Elements within the realm vibrated in excitement.

"What is this…."

In a blink of an eye, the water elements gathered around the middle-aged mage in the form of ice blades, streams... Different states of magic showed up and rushed towards the man, and immediately the blood drained out of his face. With the companions beside him, they chanted spells after spells to summon multiple layers of sturdy barriers in an effort to repel the attack.

Sadly, they underestimated the sheer tenacity of the elements.

As the elements slammed into the barriers in the form of spells, they quickly broke down and rejoined the elemental turbulence surrounding them. As more and more water elements came into place, the elemental turbulence formed an elemental storm that swallowed all of the opposing mages.

Deep within the turbulence, the mages could not see anything besides the rapidly appearing and disappearing water magic that surrounded them from all sides. They were plunged into a deep sense of danger, their hearts thundering in fear.

"W-What magic is this?"

"Oh God, my elemental sensing is weakening…. How could this happen?"

The barriers that were formed by dozens of mages were initially quite sturdy, but the turbulence that happened after the Rune were activated soon became too strong for it. Being the people trapped within the turbulence, they soon noticed that the elements that they could control became lesser with time. Soon, it was highly probable that they could not even execute a complete spell.

When the mages realized this horrific truth, their face were as white as a sheet. Their hearts sank as they stared at the magic that appeared out of thin air outside the barrier. Once the barrier is broken, they would be grinded into pieces under the sheer force of the storm!

Also, they were still very baffled by the situation.

The blinding speed of spell execution, the overwhelmingly strong power, and the unimaginable magical effect…. What kind of magic is this?

There were at least 50 of them here! Still, the youth could render them helpless without even breaking a sweat. This single attack threatened them immensely; was the Director of the Academy of Magic so powerful?

"Don’t… Don’t kill us! We’re acting under orders…." Alas, one mage decided that he could not take it anymore and shouted in fear.

"Whose orders?" Benjamin’s voice cut through the turbulence and landed in their ears.

"It’s…. It’s…."

Benjamin spoke immediately when he saw the reluctance in the mage’s behavior. "Tell me who you are, or else, I couldn’t promise that I’ll be able to fully control what happens in the middle of an elemental turbulence."

The middle-aged man seemed to finally break. With his eyes closed, he spoke, "We…. We’re mages from the Kingdom of Helius."

Benjamin’s heart seized at the answer.

"That’s nonsense. The mages in the Kingdom of Helius could never get past the inspection at the Crusader Gateways. Besides, why would you want to kidnap the people from our Academy if you’re from the Kingdom of Helius? Are you sent here by the church?"

Benjamin estimated that the mages could suffer for a little bit longer in the turbulence. Thus, he did not disperse the Rune; instead, he continued to pressure them as he pushed the conversation forward.

"No…. It’s him…. The official used his power to send us out…."

"Who is he? Tell me his name."

"It’s… It’s Sir Accius Fulner."

Benjamin frowned. After some thought, he dispersed the Damaging Rune, sparing the mages within the violent elemental turbulence.

Accius Fulner?

A noble of the Kingdom of Helius, the head of the Fulners, the fat, sly, and cunning businessman who did not go well with him when he was in the Kingdom….

Benjamin never imagined that he would hear this name again in this setting.

That person was half the reason why he was sent to the stake in the first place. That was not considering the event when he led Dick to the Lithurs in search for trouble with the chamber pot.

Hence, Benjamin did not smile even after he ended the elemental turbulence. Instead, he activated the water elemental domain and flew alone towards the middle-aged mage.

These mages who just escaped the pressure of the elemental turbulence was once again thrusted into Benjamin’s water elemental domain. They were enveloped in extreme humidity, and soon felt the vague mental coercion.

They had no time to even inhale much needed oxygen before they were suffocating once again.


Just as the middle-aged mage wanted to speak, Benjamin immediately interrupted him. "When did the Fulners start to raise mages again? Didn’t all the mages that they supported die in the theater last time?"