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Chapter 616: Leaked Whereabouts

Chapter 616: Leaked Whereabouts
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Benjamin smiled and responded, "I came over because I have some business to take care of."

He didn’t intend to explain it to these people. After all, they were not aware of the circumstances overseas, neither were they aware of the existence of Icor, Mage Guild or the Magic Academy. Explaining would be a pain in the butt.

Although he was curious as to how Elizabeth became a mage or how the tall and short mages escaped from the extinction of Academy of Silence, he was not in a rush to find out.

Eyeing this opportunity, it was better to take them abroad first.

It was not long later until these mages called over their companions downtown. Over ten mages gathered in this lonely corner. These people gazed curiously yet anticipatingly at Benjamin. Benjamin took them, leaving Town of Crewe quietly to a nearby mountain foot.

"Se-senior, are you really able to take us through the mountains?" Someone couldn’t believe their eyes, "I have yet to master the flight spell. If we encounter a large number of griffins, I’m afraid I might not be able to escape…"

Benjamin smiled as he chanted, activating the water element. He then used the water vapor to carry everyone.

"You need not worry about meeting a large number of griffins. You should worry if the bags you carry are large enough to fit the beasts' materials from the Griffins."

"Beasts' materials? That… What’s the use?"

Benjamin helplessly shook his head, "You’ll understand once you get out."

Just as he took these mages and was about to fly over the mountains, it wasn’t long into the flight when he senses a few suspicious figures in the onward mountain pathway. He stopped in his tracks.

"Senior, what’s going on?"

Benjamin wiped his smile. He scanned these mages with a face of solemnity.

"There’s an ambush from the Church up front. They know what you guys are planning to do. There is someone from the Church among you."

He could clearly detect using his water element sensing technique that in the corner of a far-off mountain range, laid in hiding close to a hundred priests. These priests formed an encirclement, waiting patiently for their arrival.

Realizing this, Benjamin was in a shock himself. After all, Elizabeth mentioned earlier that her instincts were uncanny and able to discern the spies of the Church.

In the end… It seemed it was not that sharp.

"So-someone snitched on us?"

Hearing Benjamin’s words, all the mages were surprised.

They were all on high alert. The originally exciting atmosphere quickly turned sour. The entire scene was like midsummer’s murder where one of the detectives would point his finger and exclaim, "There is a killer amongst us."

These mages sized up their companions around them, with an undeniable uneasiness, as if trying to seek out the traitor amongst them.

Benjamin was also found frowning.

The Church’s ambush up front meant that had sole them off, However, everyone had been scanned with his water element sensing technique several times yet there were no signs of betrayal.

… Was it a pro?

"That’s not right. Ever since you said that you were going to bring us over the mountains, we have all gathered here. No one left in the midst of this." Elizabeth thought back and spoke, "Even if there was a spy amongst us, he could not have the opportunity to report to the Church."

The rest of them were flabbergasted by this line of thought that was said.

That would seem to be the case…

Benjamin placed his hands on his chin, carefully recollecting what happened. It was true, the Church’s communication devices were not of a high technology. If someone was delivering a message, he should be able to tell.

From the Town of Crewe to the foot of the mountain, no one who knew what was going on had left.

"Wait a minute, could it be… could it be that you’re lying to us?"

At this highly delicate moment, a short mage first paused, then suddenly glanced at Benjamin and exclaimed. He started to look at Benjamin with a suspicious light.

Benjamin shook his head, "If I really want to do anything with you guys, I could just leave you here. Do you have any ability to resist?"

They seemed to forget that they were carried by a summoned water element water vapor.

"Oh right…. That’s right…"

The short mage scratched his head in discovery.

However, they were nowhere close to settling the issue at hand.

"I think that we have stayed in town for long. If there was someone who sold us out, the Church would have captured us a long time ago." One of the mage reluctantly spoke up, "We can trust one another. Could it be that the Church heard about it elsewhere?"

Elizabeth nodded as well. She believed in her instincts.

Benjamin gave it a thought and was about to say something when he sensed that the ambushing priests were moving, headed their way.

Instantly, Benjamin was struck by a thought.

The distance between them and the priests was pretty far off. There were also obstructed objects in-between. Unless the priests have learned about the water element sensing technique, they would not be able to know a group of mages halted their journey here.

Then… How did these fellows obtain their information?

"Let’s stop the discussion for now. Be careful, these people are approaching." Seeing these priests were nearing, Benjamin quickly warned.

The mages who were still heated in the argument were now in bewilderment.

"Just… How many are there?"

Benjamin shrugged. "Around seventy to eighty priests."

Right away, all the mages started to panic.

"Quick-quick! Let’s escape! Senior, we don’t want to die here!"

Benjamin smiled and held his tongue.

The priests who were approaching traveled at the speed of light. It wasn’t long until they emerged from the corner of the mountain range. They flew in the air, forming a large encirclement around the mages.

These mages were at a loss. They were carried by Benjamin mid-air without the ability to move. They couldn’t just make a run for it before the priests emerged.

"We-we’re doomed…"

Even Elizabeth, the calmest of them, stared at these priests with an intense nervousness.

"Senior, why didn’t you run away with us? Great, we escaped the first attack with much difficulty, only to die because of you now!" The tall mage wiped his face with despair.

These priests glared at the mages, with heavy murderous intent.

"If you were to stay in the Town of Crewe, you would have lived longer. We can only carry out the Lord’s will to punish you for your sins since you’re in such a hurry to leave."

Of all the people, only Benjamin seemed peaceful.

"… Could I just ask... Just how did you find us?" He looked at the priests and asked, seemingly nonchalantly.