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Chapter 626: The Strange Elemental Organisms

Chapter 626: The Strange Elemental Organisms
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After hearing this, Miles revealed a shocked expression, something that was rare for him.


Benjamin nodded.

Thinking back, while he was still in the Lithur family, he had unintentionally obtained a titleless map from a bandit chief in the Kingdom of Helius. After Michelle had appraised it, she confirmed that it was indeed map of the Abandoned Valley of Gods.

Although the map was no longer with him, the System had recorded it in its database. The moment they entered this valley, the System had pulled out the map in his mind.

"The similarities between the topography of the map and this place is very high." The System stated as they first entered the area.

Benjamin was pleasantly surprised. The map that he had obtained so long ago, which he had almost already dismissed as useless, had turned out to be of brilliant use. How unexpected.

Of course, this also proved that this place was very likely to be the real Abandoned Valley of Gods.

The dead and stagnant ground, the grey, overcast skies, the strange mental oscillations... Benjamin was unsure of where they were, but he was clear that they were no longer in the same world they had been in moments ago.

The halo of light that the bracelet had summoned had brought them to a completely different place.

However, the Holy Knights from earlier also appeared soon after. After seeing this, Benjamin immediately realized that the circle of light had not disappeared. It was like a teleportation circle, able to send people in continuously and without limit.

This was rather worrying.

The Church’s battalion would catch up very soon, and things would become even more troublesome. Not to mention... the location you would arrive at seemed to be basically random.

The position at which those Holy Knights had appeared at was a few hundred meters away from the location they had ported in at. Benjamin wasn’t even sure if it was only these few people that had entered. If there were more people coming in, where would they appear?

In just a moment, the quiet valley suddenly became infinitely more perilous.

"What are you waiting for? Get that map out!"

Miles looked really agitated and urged frantically. He was obviously not bothered about the Church at all, and the entirety of his attention was on the Abandoned Valley of Gods.

"The map is not with me, but I have memorized all of its contents." Benjamin shrugged, and turned around before beckoning, "Follow me."

On the map was a location marked with a cross. They could check that out first.

"Hey, wait for me!" Miles was startled and hurried up to catch up with Benjamin who was already walking off ahead.

"Be careful." Benjamin turned his head and spoke while walking, "Who knows what kind of damned things are around here? I will keep an eye on the movements around us. Keep your eyes peeled too."

Miles nodded, "I understand."

Benjamin had yet to discover anything under the sweep of the water elemental sensing technique, but... It was not as though things that could bypass the water elemental sensing had never appeared before.

After all, this was the legendary Abandoned Valley of Gods.

As they walked along the path that the System was guiding them through, the two men remained wary, paying attention to everything around them. The scenery before them had not changed much. The two faces of rugged mountain walls stretched forward, occasionally leading to forks in the road. However, there was no end in sight. Benjamin started to become nervous at the thought of it; just how big was this place?

Luckily, after half an hour, they finally encountered something.

"Are those... Elements?"

The two men peeked carefully out from behind a large rock and saw a few clusters of floating light. They looked at each other with doubtful expressions on their faces.

A few clusters of light about the size of a human head, some blue and some red, were floating in the middle of the narrow mountain trail. They seemed really strange. Benjamin’s water elemental sensing technique was completely unable to sense their presence; it was only after the System had performed an analysis, and informed them of the results did they realize that the objects floating in front of them were in fact, elements.

Those things were elements, it was just that in such huge amounts, they had become elemental masses.

"Elemental organisms, huh?" Miles pondered aloud, "I have come across similar things in some ruins, but... They usually take the form of wild beasts, nothing like this."

Benjamin took a deep breath.

Whatever the case may be, they needed to solve this problem before they could proceed. Because of this, he decided to act. He threw an "Elemental Order- Damage" over, intending to test if these unknown objects could be dealt with.

He was not expecting what happened next.

The runes began to roll around turbulently, but in the midst of the turbulence, the elemental light clusters were not affected in the slightest; they looked like they were just illusions being projected onto the area.

However, their reaction made it very clear that they were not just illusions.

Although the elemental turbulence had no effect on them, the light clusters were still startled. At that moment, their bodies suddenly shrunk like the pupils of a surprised cat.

Following this, these elemental masses seemed to spot the two men hiding behind the rock.

"Be careful, here they come!"

Miles held on tightly to the dagger in his hand and said in his gruff voice.

Benjamin was also uneasy.

These things…... Could it be that magic was ineffective against them?

Everything had happened so suddenly that before he had the time to think, the elemental organisms were rushing over to them. Benjamin had no choice but to open up the water elemental domain and fire dozens of ice blades at the light clusters. However, the ice blades, like the elemental turbulence before it, passed straight through the bodies of the light clusters – seemingly not able to interact with them at all.

By now, the elemental light clusters were only a few meters away from them.

Benjamin’s face darkened. He did not know what kind of trick this was, but he did not dare wait to see would happen if those light clusters got any closer to them.

"Let’s retreat, we might not be able to defeat them." Because of this, he took to the skies and shouted at Miles.

But when he looked down, he saw that Miles had no intention of backing off; instead, he walked slowly towards them.

Benjamin wanted to hold him back, but then he had a thought; Miles’ physique was very special, perhaps the elements would be repelled by his natural abilities. Perhaps... he could even overcome these strange elemental organisms.

And so, the clusters of light floated over with Miles walked towards them from the opposite directions; it was only a matter of seconds before the two clashed.

When he was less than a meter away from the light clusters, Miles suddenly raised his dagger, getting to ready to plunge it downward. But before he could, something else happened again.

The colorful light clusters suddenly stopped in their tracks.

"This is..."

They watched as the elemental light clusters, gathered around Miles, like some small, very human-like creatures. Then, their bodies shivered, as though they had just touched some extremely disgusting thing. They turned around and rushed off without a trace, leaving the two people behind, completely dumbfounded.

"They just… Ran?"

Benjamin was speechless for a moment, not knowing what to do.

Miles was also stunned, his dagger still raised awkwardly into the air. After this, he sniffed at his own clothes, turned his head and asked Benjamin, "Do I really smell that bad?"