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Chapter 634: The Internal Conflict of The Church

Chapter 634: The Internal Conflict of The Church
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This time, Benjamin really did not know what to say.

No wonder Miles was so into the legend about the holy sword, when a person only has three years left to live, no matter what, he will do everything possible to extend his lifespan.

However... that rusty broken sword seemed to be unable to fulfill his wish.

Benjamin shook his head, walked over there and picked up the broken sword.

He tried to infuse spiritual energy into it, but the spiritual energy contained in the blade itself seemed to be too large, so the energy he tried to infuse was like a cow entering the sea, and was instantly engulfed in it. Whereas the broken sword itself did not have any special reaction.

"Perhaps... this sword can remove the curse, but that is because of the strong spiritual energy contained in it, and a curse is a special type of way to utilize spiritual energy." He thought for a moment and he continued, "In your case, I think it is not exactly a curse, so this sword will not be of any use."

It may sound unkind to say it so straightforwardly, but... this was the truth that he needed to accept.

Miles heard this, laughed dryly and said: "Thank you, how inspiring."

"This sword is useless, but it does not mean that the others are useless." Benjamin sighed and said, "Although I do not know what is the principle behind the formation of your physique, but as long as you do not give up, there will always be hope."

Miles shook his head and did not speak again.

The atmosphere was silent, Benjamin walked over there, patted his shoulder, and stopped saying anything. After all, they were in God’s abandoned valley instead of a pub where they can chat casually.

After he leaves this place, he could go to the elder who was an expert in the study of potions and see if he could find a way to cure Miles. But now, he better focus with the concurring issue.

From other bodies, Benjamin found a total of four sheepskin scrolls, there were different information about runes written on the scrolls. He kept them nicely, turned around and patted Miles’s shoulder again.

"... Let's leave this place first."

Miles now looked less depressed, and even smiled casually like how he used to. However, Benjamin dared not continue his nonsense, he was afraid that it might trigger him, so that was all he said.

"Let's go." Miles nodded.

They looked around and found a fork in the road, then they hurriedly left the valley.

Benjamin took out the piece of ginkgo leaf.

God’s abandoned Valley had become an independent space, and a clear exit could not be seen. If they wanted to go back to their own world, they would need to rely on this piece of yellow leaf.

"So what? Did you detect any weak spots in this space?" Benjamin searched and asked in his heart.

"Since when did I say that I had such a function?" The System snapped impatiently. "If you want to look for it, look for it yourself with this piece of leaf. I'm sorry, my functions is limited and I cannot reach that level."


Benjamin shook his head helplessly.

It was like fishing a needle out of the sea!

According to his guess, something must have happened to God’s abandoned valley after the final battle of the brothers, which led the entire valley to be separated from the real world, and became an independent piece of broken space. In such a broken space, there must be a broken edge.

As long as they walk all the way towards the outermost area of the valley, they should be able to reach the edge and leave with the ginkgo leaf.

Of course, all this was just Benjamin's guess. It was still hard for him to give an exact definition about this independent space.

He will try this method first.

After roughly two hours of walking in the valley where he followed the map and walked towards the edge, he did not think that he would actually encounter another group of people on his way there.

"How big is God’s abandoned valley? After walking for so long, why did we still not find the bishop and his? Where exactly were they sent to?"

While hiding in a narrow path, Benjamin vaguely heard this coming from the other side of the wall.

Suddenly, he had an idea.

By using his sensing technique, he could see the two of them who were walking on the road on the other side of the wall. They were both wearing black robes with crosses in their hands. They moved forward carefully as they conversed, they were apparently priests sent by the church.

...There were only the two of them, were they separated from the rest?

Benjamin wanted to make a move and settle the two of them. But then, after faintly listening to their conversation at a distance, he stopped his right hand that was about to draw a rune.

"Can we really find the holy sword here?"

"I’m not sure, but this is an order from above. The holy sword is a treasure given by God, the fact that we lost it was already a great sin, and we must get it back."

"But I've heard that not all priests are in favor of recovering the holy sword."

"Wait... you mean..."

"Of course it’s him, other than him, who else would go against the bishop's will? He inherited the power of the Holy Light left by the pope, I have heard some rumors recently, I’m afraid that... ... he’s going to be the next pope. "

"How is that possible? The Pope is still meditating, would it make sense to establish a new Pope now?"

"It is said that the Pope is meditating, but ... ... it has been so long, have you not heard rumors? It is said that he was the one who spread news about the pope, and there are a lot of people who are siding with him, perhaps after a while, there will be great changes in the Church. "

"Changes? It can’t be that bad? He was a student trained personally by the bishop, if he took over the throne, the position of the bishop would still remain the same, why would there be changes?"

"No, Father Hans, you are being too naive. The matter about taking over the Pope’s throne, you have to be on my side..."

Just like this, the two priests whispered while they gradually walked towards the valley. Benjamin and Miles crouched at the side of the forked road until the priests were a few hundred meters away, but they still did not make a move."

"This... are we about to have a new Pope?"

Benjamin muttered to himself.

Of course, even though the two priests did not mention the name of the new Pope's candidate, but he already had an idea. What he did not expect was Grant came to this step so quickly.

Moreover, the internal conflict within the church was worse than he thought.

If the former Pope was not dead, the situation certainly will not develop into this mess, but... ... did the former Pope really die? Benjamin was still a little stunned, although the Pope was old, but during the fire execution, he exchanged glances with the pope, and it did not feel like he was an elderly who was about to die.

What happened?

Benjamin thought about it and shook his head.

Even these priests were unaware of the situation, it was probably difficult for him to understand it.

Either way, an internal conflict within the church was definitely an advantage to them. After leaving the God’s abandoned valley, he could continue sparking riots in the Kingdom of Helius, and as soon as the Queen's birthday comes, he will set the Mage Guild free.

During the process, the church should not have too much energy to deal with them.

Moreover... in case there was an accident during establishing a new Pope, Benjamin could take this opportunity to make a move and begin his plan to eradicate the church earlier.

Benjamin suddenly felt like their future became brighter. The church was not a metal drum, there also had their own internal conflict, and the so-called plan to overthrow the church will no longer be a joke that made people laugh.

They really do... have a chance.