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Chapter 640: Situation under Control

Chapter 640: Situation under Control
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Benjamin’s heart sank.

Things have gotten out of hand...

They wouldn’t have thought that the Queen would bring mages to attack the magic academy at this precise moment. Where did she obtain the news from? Benjamin not being in the academy in recent days was no secret but judging by the situation in the ball, the Queen had already predicted he would be here.

Hence, she found a group of ordinary looking people to disguise as mages into the mix while at the same time, sending troops to ambush the international magic academy that crossed the borders of three nations.

As for the Queen herself, she wouldn’t appear at the ball this time. Perhaps she had already personally brought troops to surround the Town of Academy, granting soldiers permission to slaughter and kill at will.

The possible scenarios were running through Benjamin’s head, He clenched his fist tightly.

At that moment, he really wanted to scram and rush back at the fastest possible speed. But in the end, he had to force himself to calm down. The distance between these two places was too far. Once he reached that place, it would be the next day’s news. It wouldn’t change a thing.

Moreover... The Queen would hope that he wastes time in traveling, and lose everything in the end.

He couldn’t just leave.

He could only depend on the mages that kept watch at the academy and hope they were able to fend off Icor’s secret ambush or perhaps hold on a little further...

Taking a deep breath, Benjamin forced down the emerging anxiety. His gaze returned to before him. He could not rush back and Queen may have possibly left Regina. Icor without its head, wouldn’t that be the best opportunity they’ve got?

They must take control the situation here. If the Queen conquered the academy to negotiate, at least he would have some leverage.

And before him... This Prime Minister that couldn’t stand down from the Guild Master should be a pawn left by the queen. Benjamin had to swiftly take care of him.

Hence, after a brief silence, he suddenly ran out from the corner of the hall.

"Shit! Her Majesty the Queen has been kidnapped by the Church!" With a panic-stricken face, he crumbled out while yelling, "Guild Master, the Prime Minister allied with the Church to vanquish Icor!"

He was too much into acting that his voice was clear and crisp, every mages’ gaze turned to Benjamin. They were both startled and stunned. Coincidently, they turned and looked at the Prime Minister by the door.

"Is-is it true..."

The Guild Master was shocked himself. He turned to glance at Benjamin and quickly caught on and played his part in the act.

"Sir Ethan, I can’t believe you’ve actually done it!" He retreated a few steps and with a heavy heart, "You told me in private something about the Church not being nothing, I thought it was a joke, I didn’t think... I really didn’t think..."

"No... Wait, who is this? What nonsense is he talking about, Her Majesty is fine..."

Benjamin immediately cut him off, "If Her Majesty is really fine, why isn’t she here to greet us? The people outside has already been waiting for Her Majesty for almost an hour!"

"Her Majesty has her reasons..."

This time it was the Guild Master who cut him off, "What? Where is Her Majesty? You... You really kidnapped Her Majesty?"

The both of them took turns to speak and gain complete control over the situation. The surrounding mages were misled to the point of confusion. The Prime Minister could not rebut. His face sank and both his fists clenched onto that cane.

The sounds of discussion of mages around gravely added more pressure.

"What’s going on? Her Majesty the Queen has yet to appear. Where is Her Majesty? Wh-What should we do?"

From a standpoint, Benjamin and the Guild Master were mages. Naturally it was easy to obtain trust from fellow mages. Moreover, since the Queen had yet to make an appearance, hence no matter how the Prime Minister refuted, it was futile.

Not to mention, he had just defended the impostors dressed as mages. This attitude was already peculiar to begin with and the Prime Minister did not explain clearly. With these two matters at hand, it seemed more suspicious.

"Please calm down, everyone! Her Majesty is not in any danger! This person is Mage Benjamin. He has come to create chaos! Please do not believe a word he says!"

In the midst of the chaos, the Prime Minister finally found an opportunity to shout.

"What nonsense are you talking about? My name is John. If you’re trying to muddle the truth, best find a better excuse." Benjamin quickly responded with such righteousness.

His disguise today was perfection. The Prime Minister could call his bluff could be a tip-off by the queen. It was a shame that the words coming out of the Prime Minister’s mouth were no longer convincing.

"Where have you kidnapped Her Majesty? Speak now!" The mages on site questioned.

They were fairly impatient. They thought the effect of the magic potion bound their lives together. If the queen was indeed kidnapped the Church then with a snap of the Church’s finger, the mage guild of the entire Icor would instantly crumble.

— They would all die.

Therefore, under the threats of death, these mages could simply not keep their cool.

Benjamin realized that none of the mages on site was diehard fans of the Queen so nobody was clear on the actual situation. They just followed the lead of Benjamin and the Guild Master. As for diehard fans of the queen... Naturally they were all summoned to the magic academy, why would they be here?

— The surprise attack of the Queen was a huge gamble.

Of course, the mages brought by the Guild Master that fueled the flames was a huge help.

And so, in the blink of an eye, the entire hall was in the heat of an argument. These servants did not know what was going on and could only scramble to be dismissed. The guards at the corridors were headless chickens. The entire palace seemed to be at the verge of spinning out of control.

Ambushing the magic academy was a secret move so the servants here didn’t seem to know where the Queen was. There were several guards that were aware of the situation and wanted to speak for the Prime Minister but they were seen as accomplices of the Prime Minister and were together surrounded with the Prime Minister by the anxious mages.

Each time the Prime Minister tried to inform all about the Queen leading troops to ambush, Benjamin was quick to cut him off with a louder voice, misleading these mages even further.

"Hand over Her Majesty immediately! Or else you, too are doomed!"

No, Her Majesty she..."

"Don’t try to talk your way out of this! You took sides to the Church. How can you face the high regard Her Majesty thought of you? How can you face the people of Icor? Don’t think that just because you're the Prime Minister, you can do anything you want!"

It was soon when a hot blooded mage chanted an incantation. First was a binding spell to position the Prime Minister as well as the knowing guards in place. Next to come were other torturing spells.

Violent wind, ice blades, high temperature...

Through this entire process, the Prime Minister could do nothing.

— This group of mages drank the potion that came from the Queen so the spiritual hints came from the Queen. It had nothing to do with the Prime Minister.

After suffering such torture, his speech started take its toll, making it harder to explain.

In the midst of the chaos, Benjamin and the Guild Master exchange glances.

"It’s time for the potion." Benjamin mouthed the words and the Guild Master understood immediately.

Hence, as the only person who could take control of this situation, the Guild Master suddenly clapped his hands and using magic enhancement, he spoke with a loud voice, "Everyone, please calm down. We are still alive, which means Her Majesty is well. Please do not panic."

"Guild Master? What should we do?" Someone quickly asked.

He was the Guild Master of the Mages Guild after all and a capable old mage. Even if his authority was mostly usurped by the Queen but publicly, he still held a say.

With the absence of the Queen, the mages here could only look up to him.

The Guild Master nodded and continued, "We must save Her Majesty! However, if the Church gains the upper hand before that happens, then we will all be dead. Therefore, we must first banish the effect of the magic potion!"