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Chapter 641: Mage Guild Liberation

Chapter 641: Mage Guild Liberation
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Almost all the mages were shocked at hearing the words coming out of his mouth.

"Banish... Magic Potion?"

Of course they knew what the Guild Master meant. But when they drank the magic potion during their initiation, wasn’t it said that there was no cure? Among those people, not all were loyal to the Queen. A few of them has tried to secretly prevent that but in the end, there was no end to the means.

Hence, most of them did not even bother to think about finding a cure.

"No matter what he takes out, do not drink..." The Prime Minister was tortured to the point of dishevelment. He opened his mouth in urging but his voice was soon shadowed by the Guild Master’s magic amplified voice.

"Actually in the beginning, Her Majesty has given you a magic potion that has a cure." The Guild Master in all seriousness, "The Mage Guild is the lifeline of Icor. It is an irreplaceable existence. Drinking the magic potion is a representation of your determination. Her Majesty the Queen would not wish for your deaths in vain. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening, Her Majesty has long prepared the cure and secretly handed over to me."

At this critical moment, the identity of the Guild Master was authoritative. With his last minute impromptu reasoning, the mages could not find anything wrong in it.

There were even people in their eureka moment.

— That’s right, there should be a cure. Why wouldn’t Her Majesty prep for any unfortunate events?

This had everything to do with her own life, after all. These mages weren’t that naive. They weren’t stupid. The magic potion hinted on their Spiritual Energy that they were unable to defy any of the Queen’s orders but that didn’t mean that they would not harbor disloyalty.

If the Queen really fell into the hands of the Church, were they willing to die with her?

So under such circumstances, the sudden talk about a cure of the magic potion has placed everyone in high spirits. It was as if they discovered a cushioning rock beneath their feet as they hung by a thread on a cliff.

"Sir Guild Master! Quick! Who would know when Her Majesty the Queen might be harmed?" There was even one who pressed hurriedly.

The Guild Master exchanged glances with Benjamin and nodded.

... This moment has finally arrived.

"Everyone, do not panic. I will now bring over the cure that has been prepped." The Guild Master turned to gesture to a servant in a corner. This servant was one of theirs. He nodded and dashed towards one of the direction in the palace.

Soon, huge case after case were placed before the people.

The Guild Master chanted an incantation that violent winds gushed open the covers. There were brown color potions stacked densely against one another in the case. The mages that gathered around these potions hesitated for a while but it wasn’t long before one of them proactively walked up, picked up a bottle and drank.

— This was a favor that the Guild Master had long prepared.

The cure component only reacted to the Queen’s potion. Those who are already rid of the control would not have any other effect after drinking the potion so they could act freely. And the others under their influence, stripped off their hesitation as they were afraid the Queen may be killed at this very moment before they could drink the potion.

Under this circumstances, the Prime Minister and the guards in the palace could not do anything about it.

It seemed that in the operation to ambush the academy, the Queen has dispatched most of her trusted underlings so the palace was pretty empty and taken over by the Guild Master. There was no one left that could resist them.

After drinking the potion, the mages that were there suddenly gripped their heads and one by one they collapsed onto the ground.

"This..." There were mages that were confused.

"Do not worry. This is the reaction from the cure. They will soon recover."

The remaining mages that have yet to drink the potion were reluctant but after checking up on those who fainted and confirming their well-being, the rest of them took the plunge and drank their potions.

In the end, ten minutes had past and more than thousands of them collapsed in the hall with the only ones standing left were the Guild Master and the mages he brought over.

The Guild Master let out a sigh of relief.

... Success.

Years of preparation has finally taken effect on this day. The deal was done and the mages had regained their freedom. Even if the Queen rushed back, it wouldn’t change a thing.

Perhaps once these mages awakened, they would be angry from the lies, that would lead to the entire guild being disbanded. But….. so what? The Guild Master didn’t mind bearing the infamy and this supposed mage guild should have been disbanded a long time ago.

In conclusion, he did not know what would become of Icor. However, the debts that he owed from carelessly believing the Queen were now repaid.

"... You will regret it."

The surroundings returned to its quietness and the Prime Minister finally found his voice again. However at this moment, he looked at Benjamin with despair and after a minute of silence, he uttered these words.

Benjamin let out a cold snort.

"You’re the Queen’s underling so you should know of her ambushing plans at the academy, huh?" He looked down upon the Prime Minister, "How many people did she bring? What is the battle strategy? What secret weapon is there? You better tell me everything."

The Guild Master seemed surprised.

"... Her Majesty has brought people to ambush the magic academy?"

— After his Oscar-winning supporting role in Benjamin’s act, and he only found out what was really going on now.

Benjamin nodded.

"I see... After the King passed, she has become this way, always wanting to hold everything in her hands." The Guild Master sighed, "What’s the situation like? Do you need me to send some men to help you?"

Benjamin shook his head, "There’s no need for now. Let me interrogate this fella first."

His gaze returned to the Prime Minister.

As a trusted underling of the Queen, this fella surely would know a lot. Rather than rushing back, it would be better to obtain more information for a sure fire preparation.

"... Dream on." The Prime Minister spoke coldly, "Give it up. I do not know anything. You won’t learn anything new."

"Oh, really?"

Benjamin suddenly smiled.

Instantly, the Prime Minister couldn’t control his body from trembling.

Just as Benjamin was about to find a private room for interrogation, suddenly, the transmission wood piece in his pocket vibrated with magic oscillation. Benjamin was momentarily stunned. He walked to a corner and took the wood piece out.

As a result this time, the voice that transmitted through the wood piece was not one he expected.

"Benjamin Lithur? You’re still in Regina? You better not make any silly moves or I will make you pay — A very hefty price."

The Queen’s voice pierced through the wood piece so much like an evil witch that Benjamin couldn’t help but clench his fists.