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Chapter 642: Mammoth Shield Rune

Chapter 642: Mammoth Shield Rune
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Benjamin was in the dumps.

The Queen’s voice, in a threatening tone, was unexpectedly heard from the wood piece, making him lose his nerves. More importantly, he was unsure what the situation was like at the academy.

The transmission wood piece in the hands of the Queen, what did this mean?

If she had only captured one or two mages and obtained the wood pieces from them, it would be an acceptable outcome. However, tens of minutes had passed, yet there was not even a shred of news coming from the academy. The issue seemed to have taken a darker turn.

Considering there were so many transmission wood pieces, even if one was somehow snatched away, those guarding the academy would still have been able to communicate the latest news, wouldn’t they?

On that basis, Benjamin ultimately delivered back a somewhat similar message.

"I advise you not to make any move. I have taken over the palace, including the mage guild. I hope you understand the consequences of crossing me."

Ending with that, he dragged the Prime Minister away for interrogation. However, he didn’t think that the Prime Minister was well aware of the Queen’s plan. He could not say anything of value to Benjamin, making him speechless.

He had no lead and hence returned once again to the hall.

The hall was as chaotic as he left it. The mages who drank the potion had yet to awaken, but the officials of the palace were scrambling about to get here. Unlike these mages, they were rich with political experiences and wouldn’t be easily bluffed. They were basically on the Prime Minister’s side.

Right at this moment, a group of people was found sitting in the corridors of the palace, protesting.

The guild master was busy regaining control over the situation.

"Could the situation be stabilized?" Benjamin came next to him and asked.

"Do not worry. They’re just a bunch of cowards," The guild master looked occupied. After giving out orders to a few mages, he turned to Benjamin, "There are a lot of temporary cells in the palace. I can lock these objecting officials in there. It’s best for you to take care of the magic academy first. Don’t worry about here."

Benjamin took a deep breath and nodded.

He was more trusting towards the guild master. Now that the overall situation in the palace was taken care of, he had no need remain here any longer. Rushing back to the magic academy would be the more pressing matter at the moment.

Even if the academy was conquered or destroyed… He should at least find out what was going on.

Benjamin quickened his pace as he across the dark skies.

After giving it much thought, Benjamin picked up the transmission wood piece once again.

"There’s something I need to warn you about. Icor just sent their troops out, and even the Queen Herself is around the magic academy. As for what the Queen may do… I believe you’re well aware?"

A weak magic oscillation then spread out and split into two waves, heading towards different directions.

He broadcasted this news to Fereldan and Carretas. The magic academy was situated in a sensitive position, the juncture between the three nations. If the Queen were to send Her troops here, then, regardless of her intention, the other two nations would have a reason to send troops as well.

At such a critical moment, Benjamin must make use of these possible allies.

And so, he blazed through the journey without sleep. He made it near the magic academy the afternoon of the next day.


Soaring above the skies, he saw flocks and flocks of base camps from afar surrounding the entire Town of Academy. The troops sent by the Queen were massive beyond imagination. The initially-developing little town was now in a chaotic state, a mess covered in billows of gunpowder and smoke.

The neighboring main junction had to flee migrants moving in like some rows of ants.

Benjamin’s heart sank in that instant.

Although there were only commoners in the town and an affiliated existence of the academy... This was the town that they laid bricks one by one on its foundation.

The citizens of the town had settled down here due to his reputation, but now they were caught between the cross-fire; the harms they suffered was unimaginable. The buildings were also in a wreck. Even if he could cast away the troops, rebuilding the town would require a major effort.


Benjamin shadowed himself with a cloud of mist, which he conjured from tiny water beads, to blur his figure as he flew nearer.

He let out a deep breath having seen the situation in the academy. It was fortunate that the academy, unlike the town, did not seem to be ruined. The floors of the carefully planned structure were still there.

Truth to be told, Benjamin realized that the troops had yet to invade the academy, on closer inspection.

…The Queen had yet to take the place down, hadn’t She?

Benjamin was pleasantly surprised, and, of course, puzzled. If indeed they were guarding against the Queen, then why was it that, apart from the first message, the academy did not send any more messages?

As he inched closer, the situation beneath was getting clearer. He saw the desolate streets; the troops that were set up in camps around the town stationing layer after layer outside the academy; and, near the gates of the academy, he even saw the few hundred Icor mages.

They gathered together, and flashes of continuous magic struck at the big gates. However, there was an unknown being blocking them, causing the magic the dissipate mid-air.

Benjamin was also dumbfounded at the sight.

This… When had a large-scale defense magic ever been installed in their academy?

The elements around the academy were unconventional. Benjamin was not very sure. As he flew on top of the academy, he suddenly felt a familiar sense coming from beneath.

…It was the runes.

More accurately, "defense" runes. The elements between the Heaven and Earth seemed to hear some bidding and spontaneously forged around the academy to form a natural shield, blocking out the attacks of the Icor mages.

Realizing this, Benjamin was in awe.

He knew it! The runes research team from before had attracted a few old hag mages over to the academy. Stationing there, how could the Queen take down the place easily?

It was just a false alarm… Although he did not know how the Queen obtained the transmission wood piece, the words she spoke were merely a bluff. Benjamin reckoned that the reason the news couldn’t be communicated out of the academy might have something to do the summoned ultimate shield by the "defense" runes. After all, runes were incredibly obnoxious to control.

Benjamin let out a huge sigh of relief once his thoughts reached here.

He didn’t think that this old geezer of mages would achieve some success in their research of the runes and even managed to summon such a huge barrier better than Benjamin could. He really didn’t know how they did it, but this thing… this thing was a strategic weapon!

At the very least, it could instantly protect the magic academy in the midst of a war zone.

And so, with his emotions simmering down, Benjamin was no longer on an edge. On the contrary, for the mages of Icor, Benjamin could sense the Queen’s anxiousness from their continuous attack.

If they could not take down the magic academy, then the Queen would not have a leverage with Benjamin, The Queen would be at the lower end of the bargain.

Hence, after thinking it through, Benjamin silently flew afar and landed.

He sneaked into the surrounding base camp and settled off an Icor soldier left alone. He disguised himself as one of the soldiers and ran into town.