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Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty One – Charge

Chapter Six Hundred and Thirty One – Charge

When the light of the sun started to peek above the horizon, the silent Great Peace City seemed to awaken from its slumber.

The silence was quickly broken by shouting. The unit commanders were shouting at the top of their lungs, and the drum of footsteps filled the Great Peace City. The expressions on people’s faces were quickly changing; from solemn silence to excitement and terror. Some people were trembling but every person gritted their teeth and entered the battle formations based on the short practice they had previously.

The unit commanders made their way back and forth as they tried to rouse the spirits of their soldiers.

Even though they had never practiced a battle formation before, this formation that was made of tens of thousand of people caused every person that was participating to feel excitement!

Even Zuo Mo had never directed so many people before. Tens of thousands of people were divided into formations that were arranged in one corner of Great Peace City.

Both Zuo Mo and Miao Jun knew that while they had lot of people, they could not withstand a charge from the enemy. All of their preparations were for these greenhorns that had never experienced such circumstances to require them to survive the first charge of the enemy.

If they managed to survive the first charge and not scatter, these greenhorns might get accustomed to the atmosphere of the battlefield, and their advantage in numbers would slowly be realized.

However, Zuo Mo grimaced when he looked at these people with terror on their faces. His heart filled with worry.

Taking these greenhorns into a battle to the death against the wolfish Ming Bandits was something that Zuo Mo considered the most unprofitable business he had conducted in his life.

But, Zuo Mo did not regret it.

Since he was going to fight anyway, he would make it a grand one!

Looking over, the little formations were so packed that Zuo Mo felt his scalp prickle .There seemed to be a bone-rattling hot flow in his body.

It wasn’t often that anyone would get to command a battle of such scale.

The water curtain was thinning at a visible rate. The noise started to died down. The moment the water curtain finally disappeared, all of Great Peace City became completely silent.

The water curtain shattered with a snap and a mist formed.

The murderous Ming Bandits appeared in people’s view. The crowd shifted, and their terrified expressions increased.

When the scenery of Great Peace City appeared in front of the Ming Bandits, the Ming Bandits stilled.

Along the edge of Great Peace City’s ruins, small and big battle of interlocking battle formations spread out like a dense patchwork that covered over half of Great Peace City.

“Oh, they are planning to fight back!” A vicious smile appeared on Ming Hui’s face. “But they want to fight back with such a group of rabble, it really is … …”

He shook his head as he spoke to himself, as though he did not know what to say. It caused his commanders to laugh around him.

“It’s good, it will provide amusement for us. Otherwise, it will be very dull,” one of the commanders said loudly, “I heard that there are many personages in there!”

He emphasized “personages” and desirous expression appeared on many people’s faces.

Those personages were usually high status and now they were about to cry and groan under the hooves of their steeds. An excitement they never had experienced before began to rise from within. Their expressions became uncontrollably savage.

“I heard that all three princesses are great beauties!” Another commander licked his slightly dry lips and said with a snicker, “How about it Boss? Give them to us!”

Ming Hui’s laughter suddenly stopped. He said in a deep voice, “Yes! Three princesses, will be given to the three with the most merit. It will be up to you to win yourself a beauty!”

Ming Yu Wei frowned slightly but didn’t speak.

The other commanders had savage gazes, heated desire and greed exposed without disguise.

“Boss! I will go first!” A man with a hard face jumped out.

He was Bao Xiong, one of the mid-ranked commanders among the Ming Bandits and a very strong individually. If it wasn’t that he lacked skill in command, he would definitely have become a gold battle general. However, while he had not become a gold battle general, based on his outstanding individual power, bravery, and bloodthirst, he liked to charge in the first wave. His subordinates were all battle-crazy, brave and vicious. They were one of the most powerful vanguards in the Ming Bandits.

Ming Hui nodded. “Alright! Charge and test them out! Also, Tie Lang, Da Hu, cover their flanks and shield Bao Xiong.”

Bao Xiong acknowledged the order with a vicious light flashing in his eyes. He was extremely excited. The other two battle generals also stood up with equal excitement on their faces.

In a few moments, the three battalions had finished their preparations.

There were one thousand people in each troop. Looking down at the densely packed mo below them, they were filled with fighting spirit.

Bao Xiong raised the large axe in his hand and shouted, “Kill!”

Without another word, he led the troop and dove down!

The other two troops were not willing to fall behind. They drew out two crescents as they headed to the two sides of the enormous wall of formations below them.


The Ming Bandits came thunderously, their ear-piercing howls like the wails of ghosts coming to take people’s spirits.

The air suddenly seemed to boil.

Bao Xiong Battalion continued to accelerate like a black storm cloud forming and suddenly arriving.

Zoom zoom zoom!

The high howl gradually became deeper. A shock that was hard to describe flashed across people’s minds!

Terror uncontrollably spread. The formations on the ground shifted. Most of them had never seen such a terrifying charge before.

“Do not panic! Do not panic!”

“Whoever flees will be killed!”

The unit commands yelled and tried to control the situation. But there were still people that lost control of their emotions, turned and tried to flee.

Pew pew pew!

A drop of water pierced through their chests. Qi Diao Yu who was nearby had a frosty expression and he did not even turn to look.

Anyone that turned to flee did not survive.

The other people immediately ended their own thoughts of escape.

At this moment, the shouts of the unit commanders rose in waves, “Prepare!” “Prepare!”

They seemed to wake up. Looking around as dots of light slowly lit up in the surroundings, they unconsciously followed, The light of the battalion continued to spread.


Bao Xiong enjoyed the feeling of a charge. He was immersed in an extreme excitement, his eyes were completely red as his mo skill continued to gather.

He could see the restlessness below, especially the idiots that turned to run. He couldn’t help but show disdain. They were really rabble!

When he neared, he saw the terror on the people’s faces, their trembling legs. This caused him to feel great pleasure which flowed through his entire body like lightning.

Truly a herd of white and tender lambs!

He suddenly raised the large axe in his hand. The black axe flickered with a cold light. The roiling black mist shrouded his body, and killing intent was like the light that rose in the dark night!

Almost at the same time, the combat mo behind him raised the mo weapons in their hands.

Balls of white light rose from the battle formations. They were like fish that smelt blood that gathered towards the black axe shrouded in black mist.

The large black axe seemed to have a long five-colored tail as it drew out a dazzling streak in the air!

The distance between the two sides was decreasing quickly!

Seeing the time had arrived, the axe in Bao Xiong’s hand suddenly chopped down as he shouted, “Kill!”


The people behind him howled angrily and struck down with the mo weapons in their hands.

The light suddenly increased!

Countless rays of light formed an enormous five-colored axe energy that was hundreds of zhang long. It came from the sky at the battalion below.

The moment the axe energy formed, hair-raising killing intent suddenly swept towards the ground like a twister!

Seeing the blood drain out of the faces of the people below, Bao Xiong felt unspeakably good.

Just as he was imagining all the people below being destroyed in this blow, the rising shouts interrupted his fantasies.



Bao Xiong’s snarl froze upon his face. His field of view was immediately taken over by a tide of energy!

There wasn’t any room to dodge!

A strong feeling of danger made him feel he had dropped into an icy crevasse. His burning blood instantly became icy cold!

Everything in front of him was white, and he could not see anything else. His mind was astounded, how was this possible … …

“Dodg- … …”

Before he could shout anymore, he was swallowed by this furious wave of light!

He did not have the time to wail before he lost consciousness.


When a battalion of thirty two thousand people attacked together, when over thirty thousand attacks merged together, the light that was created was as bright as the sun and had caused the entire sky to turn white!

Bao Xiong Battalion were like the dry branches struggling in the flood and was immediately swallowed.

The enormous axe that Bao Xiong Battalion had formed with all their power cut through the angry wave and crashed into the battalions on the ground!


An enormous explosion, rock flew everywhere, and an astounding shockwave of air rushed into the surroundings.

A pit that formed was astounding to see among the battle formation, it was like one piece had been erased!

Bao Xiong’s blow had struck five battle formations and a battle formation of two thousand people had been completely erased!

They had lost over three thousand people!

And almost at the same moment, the two battalions on the sides acted and the same attacks appeared.

Two enormous explosions!

Two enormous holes appeared on the ground but the two other Ming Bandit battalions were not as strong as Bao Xiong. The damage they caused was much smaller but even so, the wounds and deaths at both locations had reached more than four thousand!

Wails and cries rang out.

Those mo had never seen such a scene before, many panicked, especially the battle formations that were closest to the attacks!

Screams seemed to spread among the crowd like a plague. No matter how the unit commanders shouted, it was useless and the troops looked like they were about to break apart.

Zuo Mo was expressionless. A hit of sharpness flashed through his eyes as he waved his hand at the side.

He had predicted this situation before.

“Those that lower army morale, kill!”

“Those that lower army morale, kill!”

The loud shouts rang out over Great Peace City in unison.

In this moment, countless pillars of blood shot up in the battle formations. Hundreds of mo that had lost courage and fled were killed where they stood!

Such powerful and bloody tactics immediately stunned every person!

All of Great Peace City was silent, so silent the drop of a pin could be heard.

Many people had ashen faces but no one dared to move. They were quiet and silent.

Princess Xia and the others had their faces turn white, and their extremities felt cold. None of them had expected Xiao Mo Ge who was usually cheerful and smiling to have such a vicious decisiveness!

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