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Updates:bonus chapter: in which he is let out of the cage

●Sometimes your knight is in shining armor...and sometimes, he just happens to be in an orange jumpsuit that really brings out the color of his hazel eyes...● “What does it mean when a man you don“t particularly want or need in your life says he“s indebted to you for the rest of HIS life, whether you like it or not? It means your bills being paid behind your back, and your hair being held back while your stomach declines all the body shots you took at the club. It means your boyfriend getting assaulted for forgetting your birthday. It means unsolicited advice at 3AM involving how to get yourself off - and how to make epic risotto. It means suffocation, claustrophobia and general difficulty in breathing. It means hell on earth. It means dancing with the idea of getting this man sent back to jail.“
《jake the panty-ripper》 Text
one: in which she tries (and fails) to return to sender
two: in which she emphasizes safety
three: in which she is a wreck at the wreck
four: in which she can't make her mind up
five: in which she hears a ghost
six: in which she skates on very thin ice
seven: in which she isn't april's fool
eight: in which she has a moment of clarity
nine: in which she sleeps on it
ten: in which she takes betsy for a ride (among other things)
eleven: in which she gets a revelation
twelve: in which she kind of just goes with it
thirteen: in which she's not alone
fourteen: in which she'd like to keep her fingers, thank you very much
fifteen: in which she doesn't shoot the messenger
sixteen: in which she labels it with an imaginary sticky tag
seventeen: in which she saves face
eighteen: in which she pokes a bear
nineteen: in which she chokes on kindness
twenty: in which she bed-hops
twenty-one: in which she makes a new home
twenty-two: in which she asks and receives
twenty-three: in which she stops the violence
twenty-four: in which she gets an unwelcome memory
twenty-five: in which she plays nurse
twenty-six: in which she almost thinks she's dreaming
twenty-seven: in which she edges closer to the darkness
twenty-eight: in which she finds the thin line between madness and sanity
twenty-nine: in which she numbs the pain with pain
thirty: in which HE sees ripper for what ripper is
thirty-one: in which she wants to break the cycle
thirty-two: in which she will wait, too
thirty-three: in which she struggles with his conscience
thirty-four: in which she rides the future (kind of hard)
thirty-five: in which she meets the mcnallys
thirty-six: in which THEY lose their crap
thirty-seven: in which she gets the feels (or not)
thirty-eight: in which she's dying to be saved
thirty-nine: in which she gets a debt repaid
forty: in which she asks the wrong questions
forty-one: in which she has an eye-opener
forty-two: in which she leaves
forty-three: in which she can't go back the way she came
forty-four: in which she makes peace with some truths
forty-five: in which she closes a chapter
bonus chapter: in which he claims one piece of silver
bonus chapter: in which he knocks her up
bonus chapter: in which he is let out of the cage